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@rexgunderman  Dps player for @revitalizeesports. Go check out @kinetix.gaming and @revitalizeesports some awesome players and gameplay moments.

10 days ago

Who says you need good ping to carry? Just give me my bad prowler aim and some chaos.

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10 days ago

One hp and a dream, but don’t worry, sometimes you just gotta open that third eye. @ughbabeuwu

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10 days ago

This isn’t slowed down, this was full speed gameplay from the Apex tournament hosted by @cgl_apex the game decided to tell us to chill for a round, but that didn’t stop me

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13 days ago

Didn’t everyone love goats meta, it was so exhilarating

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13 days ago

Use everything at your disposal to kill them, even if that’s just your vape

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20 days ago


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1 month ago

It had been a little while since I played and had to get back the 100sr I lost, still have the touch tho.

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1 month ago

Got two wins back to back with full random squads.

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1 month ago

Sometimes you outplay the enemies with your brain🤯 Got this play with my boys @m0nk3y235 and @haseo_da_pkk

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2 months ago

I still play Overwatch, just mainly scrims now. But I still pull off plays.

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2 months ago

Me and @m0nk3y235 kinda highkey carried a game last night, once again duos are too OP

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2 months ago

My highest kill game from a week ago, almost threw at the end but golden knockdown shield is a lifesaver. Here are the only clips I had from that game. Sometime you gotta carry duo games. Music: Point Blank Musician: Not The King.👑

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2 months ago

New Top 500 Bot coming at you. To think that I placed 3600, and was 3200 2-3 weeks ago. Felt like climbing 🤷🏻‍♂️

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2 months ago

Full squad wipe, clutch or kick. Playing Apex with the one and only @haseo_da_pkk .

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2 months ago

I’m not the worst Rein in the world, this was when I was about 2 games away from GM. @dizzywhitelaw how’d I do?

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3 months ago

A small quickly thrown together montage of me showing people why they shouldn’t focus me when I’m Ashe. Might make a full flex montage showing my plays on every hero. Music: Wanna Musician: @iksonofficial

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3 months ago

So I was playing with my friend @fallenarbiter and we rolled so hard this happened.

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