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5 days ago

Here’s a short edit of Elizabeth I. Thanks to @reddigitalcinema for having me share. I hope you’ve enjoyed being behind the scenes with our talented team. Music: 'Swallow' by @miracalix_ [Post 8/8 by @brendan_mcginty]

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5 days ago

I have always loved the use of a handheld camera, particularly for the freedom it gives actors in dialogue scenes. But it is equally suited to moments when the energy of the camera operating needs to match that of the onscreen action. For our Artem smoke-filled battle scenes we shot simply and kinetically, armed only with the stripped down documentary tools of an @easyrig and operator focus. 2 & 3] For gimbal work across the series, I used a DJI Ronin together with an @easyrig and both @flowcine’s ‘Serene Arm’ and ‘Puppeteer’… effectively giving us 6 axis of stabilization. Typically I would run the stripped down body with a 20mm Ultraprime for moving through our striking locations and exploring their space in the round with our cast. [Post 7/8 by @brendan_mcginty. Gear by @16ozstudio]

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5 days ago

The lovely Lily Cole [@lilycole] as Elizabeth I. Lily was aged for these heavily made up scenes of the middle aged queen. This scene was played into a mirror, which allowed us the liberty of Lily’s steely gaze into the lens. This shot was one of the key publicity stills, all of which were derived from the WEAPON’s 6K footage. 2] We lit through heavily diffused windows and HMI lamps outside. Running the daylight cooler at around 4500Kelvin really suited Lily’s porcelain complexion. The shallow focus of an 85mm at T1.9 is evident in these close ups. 3] On the eve of Elizabeth I’s battle, her famously rousing ‘Tilbury’ speech in this scene called for some dramatic lighting. Here it was provided by harder ‘moonlight’, lots of candles and a sea of haze. The reflections of the candelabra in the woodwork was a constant joy in the lighting [Post 6/8 by @brendan_mcginty]

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5 days ago

Charlie Clements [@charlie_clements] as the Earl of Essex, rousing his troops. This scene was lit, as most were, by a single source... an uncorrected Tungsten 2000watt lamp through a soft box. These tungsten sources were run through flicker generators for a sense of firelight. [Post 5/8 by @brendan_mcginty]

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5 days ago

The execution of Mary Queen of Scots [@audreylebrellec]. This scene was with HMI lamps through the windows and plenty of haze... nothing else. To augment the mood I ran the daylight far cooler… setting the camera at around 4000 Kelvin. 2] This scene, shot @gwydircastle, was lit with soft daylight through the windows [diffused HMIs] and haze. [Post 4/8 by @brendan_mcginty]

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5 days ago

A low tracking shot into the defeated Earl of Essex, played by @charlie_clements, @gwydircastle, using a Hollywood Microdolly. The scene was lit purely with hard light through the windows, creating shafts in the haze, no fill. [Post 3/8 by @brendan_mcginty. Gear by @16ozstudio]

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5 days ago

This scene was actually lit purely with candles and haze, with the camera performing beautifully at 1000ISO. I’m shooting on an @easyrig at Houghton Tower in Preston. Here I'm impressed by the candlelight a little more as AC Dan Di Martino [@dan_dimartino] is with the stop, with it being T1.9 across the series. In the monitor we see Felicity Dean [@deanfelicity] as the elder Queen Elizabeth. [Post 2/8 by @brendan_mcginty. Gear by @16ozstudio]

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5 days ago

I’m @brendan_mcginty taking over @REDDigitalCinema’s Instagram sharing more about the cinematography & lighting behind the ‘Elizabeth I’ series. Starring: @lilycole, @audreylebrellec, @charlie_clements, @deanfelicity Cinematographer: @brendan_mcginty Director: Chris Holt @christopher_holty Equipment: RED WEAPON 6K, @kippertie OLPF, ArriZeiss UltraPrimes, Gear provided by @16ozstudio • This is me in the foreground with director Chris Holt [@christopher_holty] approaching. On AC Dan Di Martino’s [@dan_dimartino] monitor you can see the set-up, the incarceration of Mary Queen of Scots played by Audrey L’Ebrellec [@audreylebrellec].We were shooting at the @gwydircastle in Wales in winter and it was freezing. In most of the scenes you can see mist emerging from the actor’s mouths as a result of the cold, which Chris embraced. Here I am lighting with HMI’s through the windows and using candles for warmer accents within the scene. T1.9 and haze on everything. [Post 1/8 by @brendan_mcginty]

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13 days ago

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