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7 hours ago

Afternoon beer at the quaint Easter market in the town square of Meissen Germany. at Meißen

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9 hours ago

Night walk through Torgau at Torgau

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14 hours ago

Easter morning, cruising on the Elba River in Germany.

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1 day ago

Enjoying a Highland Park single malt Scotch in the Viking Lounge. It's what we call, the good life 😁 at Viking Astrild

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1 day ago

Enjoying the golden hour with my morning coffee. at Wittenberg

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1 day ago

Sunrise on the Czech Flag, Viking Astrild "baby" longship. at Wittenberg

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1 day ago

Morning walk through Wittenberg, colorful flower shop display. at Wittenberg

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2 days ago

Good morning from the Viking Astrild. First night on board, good night sleep, up for sunrise. #myvikingstory at Wittenberg

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3 days ago

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3 days ago

The local specialty at Berlin

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3 days ago

White Asparagus season, yum. at Marlene Bar

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