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...makes Jack a dull boy. It's FRIDAY! ❤ Remember that in order to work hard, you need to take time to play, clear your mind, relax and refresh. That's what the weekends are for 😏 Have a good one RAW fam! 💡@brooklyn619 . #rawartists #supportlocalart #friyay

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We hope you are continuing to spread love like wildfire. ❤🔥 As we've mentioned, appreciating and loving doesn't end with Valetine's Day. You should love yourself and appreciate your art for what it is every day, because there is beauty in growth as well as the now. 💃@the_singing_seamstress . 📸Mehmet Demirci • Lead Photographer Julie Timmermann • Assistant Photographer . #rawartists #valentinesday #valentines2019 at Los Angeles, California

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Valentine's RAW Story Time Part 2: . Martin: We met in 2010 at the RAW Showcase in Huntington Beach, CA. It was honestly love at first site. We became best friends because of RAW and a year after that RAW event she finally became my girlfriend. Trust me, I tried. That was 9 years ago and now coming up on our 3 year wedding anniversary. . Ahhh. If this picture and story doesn't make your heart melt, we don't know what will❤ . Amber: @ambershiah Martin: @martinshiah . #rawartists #valentinesday #valentines2019"

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Valentine's RAW Story Time Part 1: We are excited to bring you a story of a beautiful friendship that formed through a RAW Showcase! ❤ . Josh: So I met Vienna back when I showcased in Nashville. We connected pretty quickly because of our love for jazz and music. It was like we were friends for a long time and had just seen each other again, but I just met her. We kept in touch for a while. . My grandfather had been struggling with Alzheimer’s for about 9 years. I was so compelled to do a film about it and tell the story of my grandparent’s forgotten relationship through his struggle with Alzheimer’s. I don’t know what it was about Vienna but for some reason, I KNEW she would be perfect for that role. . Anyhow, we made the film and I think even higher of her now than I did before and I really value my friendship with Vienna. I would never have met her if I hadn’t showcased at RAW. It took me going outside of my bubble and speaking in front of a large group of people to meet someone who would help me create a film that would change the course of my life forever. . Thanks RAW for that opportunity and most importantly thanks to Vienna for such a wonderful friendship. . Josh - @joshatiqflicks Vienna - @viennadohler . #rawartists #valentinesday #valentines2019 at Los Angeles, California

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'If you head over to YouTube and look for “makeup tutorials” you’ll be inundated with how-tos for everything from a five-minute morning routine to a Prom-worthy smoky eye. But you’ll be hard pressed to find anything like what makeup artist Angy Boss does...' 💄 . New blog post up featuring: @artisticcreationsbyangyart Link in bio. . #rawartists #rawsacramento #blogger

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