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Johan Avila grew up surrounded by art by his family and his talent for drawing was evident since early age. He has been in the industry for 22 years, becoming a self-taught tattoo artist in Venezuela. Some years later he moved to Miami Beach where he currently works. His favorite styles are Realism and Black & Gray. He is the founder of Ink for the Soul. #InkLegends #RadiantColorsInk @johanavila_art @inkforthesoul_

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Well-known for her fine art, fashion and beauty imagery, Marta Syrko began working professionally as a photographer at the age of 16. Gorgeous lighting, motion, and colors are traits in her refined work. From dancers posing in flowered shapes to a photo shoot with a model submerging in water but afraid of it (see above), she elevates each series with the models, subject matter, and uniqueness of composition and framing. (Adriana de Barros: Grace and Survival)

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