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@r_sipes  Christian. Dad to Ava, Jack, and Claire. Married to @hollysipes @redbull Athlete Moto, off-road, Flat Track...let’s ride. Flaherty, KY

8 days ago

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10 days ago

I’m taking over @officialleatt Instagram today as we get ready for the Hawaiian SX. There’s a lot that goes into doing a race like this...follow along with me to check it out👍🏻👍🏻🏄‍♂️🌴

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11 days ago

Not my finest moment, but necessary nonetheless... Hard Enduro 101, by @codywebb2 😠 Man I had a blast yesterday! This kind of riding is SO much different than SX/MX, Flat Track, etc. Tough, super frustrating, but oddly rewarding also. There were sections I felt like I was beating my head against a wall, pushing and dog paddling the whole way, only to make the top, turn around and think...that was kinda cool. That’s gnarly and I just went up that! Bring on the next section! Big thanks to Cody for giving me an idea of what I’m up against at Erzberg. And also a few pointers👍🏻🤜🏻🤛🏻 #teamredbull Now I’m on to Oahu for the Hawaiian Supercross this weekend. Ready to have some fun👍🏻 #switchgears #rideeverything #whynotright #bringiton @redbull @officialleatt @ktmusa @ridedunlop @maximausa @rekluse_motorsports @renthal_moto @fmflild @stevehatchracing @acerbisusa @tmdesignworks @coastalracing @twisteddevelopmentracing @decalworks @worksconnection @xcgear17 @motionpro @ridetrailtech @guts_racing_inc @motool_inc @superbbatteries @imsproducts @dt1filtersusa @ctikneebraces @motomasterbrakes @gbankzx @rk_excel @hammernutrition #Airgroup #workitoutmassage

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13 days ago

Hawaiian SX this Saturday, but on my way out... gonna stop in to ride/film with this guy 👆🏻 - You better get your head straight @codywebb2. I’m bringing the fire ✊🏻 - (In reality, he’s gonna make me look like a complete beginner. But I ain’t no punk *) - Looking forward to learning something new. And what better way to get ready for SX than riding hard enduro, right? #duh #raceeverything @redbull at Louisville International Airport - SDF

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21 days ago

Whew...that was a little scary! The @americanflattrack Arizona Super TT was a different type of track than I’ve ever ridden. Super fast and super slick. I was way off the start the day but got better every time we went out. Almost won the heat race, led all but one lap in the semi, then was running sixth in the main before wadding myself up pretty good with one lap to go. Third gear wide open high sides aren’t fun! #ouch Thankful to be healthy after that one and happy with the way I rode. On to the next✊🏻 @redbull @officialleatt @ktmusa @ridedunlop @maximausa @rekluse_motorsports @renthal_moto @fmflild @stevehatchracing @acerbisusa @tmdesignworks @coastalracing @twisteddevelopmentracing @decalworks @worksconnection @xcgear17 @motionpro @ridetrailtech @guts_racing_inc @motool_inc @superbbatteries @imsproducts @dt1filtersusa @ctikneebraces @motomasterbrakes @gbankzx @rk_excel @hammernutrition #Airgroup #workitoutmassage

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28 days ago

It’s Monday...let’s break the throttle cables, yea? @americanflattrack Arizona Super TT is this weekend! I’m pumped👍🏻👍🏻 at Kentucky

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1 month ago

You can’t have a good bike without good parts! @worksconnection makes a great holeshot device (a must for good starts) and a trick three piece axle conversion kit that frees up the rear end feel on my KTM’s. I use both on all my bikes. Check em out👍🏻

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1 month ago

You still use a cord to charge your phone? So lame. Do like I did and cordless with @gbankzx. You’ll never go back ✌🏻

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1 month ago

Nashville SX...what a weekend! When we saw Nashville on the schedule I knew I had to do it. I put in a ton of work leading up to this race and I felt good. After a 14th at Daytona, my goal was to get inside the top ten. I qualified P-9 in practice, got a good start in the heat, and got 2nd behind my buddy @chasesexton which was fun! Definitely didn’t ride like I wanted to in the main. The whoops were tough! SX is a war zone, hard to explain how gnarly it is out there. But I survived for an 8th so I can’t be mad about it. Huge thanks to @redbull for making this crazy schedule possible! I’ve had to push past my comfort zone but it has been well worth it. It’s good to see the sacrifices pay off. That feeling of being right on the edge, scaring myself a little...I live for that stuff 😁 Next up is the Chandler, AZ @americanflattrack Super TT and then Springfield TT. Time to switch it up and get comfortable sliding again✊🏻👌🏻 Thanks to EVERYONE in my corner. @redbull @officialleatt @ktmusa @ridedunlop @maximausa @rekluse_motorsports @renthal_moto @fmflild @stevehatchracing @acerbisusa @tmdesignworks @coastalracing @twisteddevelopmentracing @decalworks @worksconnection @xcgear17 @motionpro @ridetrailtech @guts_racing_inc @motool_inc @superbbatteries @imsproducts @dt1filtersusa @ctikneebraces @motomasterbrakes @gbankzx @rk_excel @hammernutrition #Airgroup #workitoutmassage Photos: @octopi.media

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