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Yay @asthegardengrows! Thanks for sharing. ・・・ 📸According to the lack of photographable variety, not much is happening on the farm. But these little green garlic tips remind me that in time, like most things, it will all come together and we will be in the thick hustle and bustle soon enough. 🥦Today we got about half the materials we need for our high tunnel hoop house. We will gather the rest of the pieces over the next week or two and start building! We're very excited about it. We also inoculated our asparagus patch with mushrooms and covered in a deep mulch layer of maple leaves. 🍁 A happy and productive Saturday indeed.

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This got sent our way to be passed along and we wanted to say wow oh wow - thanks to all of you who share bits of your story with us #queerswhofarm

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Thanks to everyone who has reached out about being a part of our #queerfarmerfeature posts for 2019! We’re excited to be in touch more with all of you, and hoping to hear from more of you! . . . We want to acknowledge the whitewashing of “farming” on a lot of social media. In addition to continuing to repost from the amazing diversity of folks who tag us, we want to prioritize sharing more stories of BIPOC farmers in our monthly features. (Look at posts with #queerfarmerfeature to see what that looks like) So if you’re interested in being a featured farmer, please email us! We will be finalizing the features list for 2019 to be able to start posting in March! . . . As always, thanks for being this amazing internet community. We look forward to continuing to learn more about you (and hearing feedback about what you want from us!)

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@countryqueers has a patreon! Visit the link & sign up to support their future podcast (!!!) and other amazing work ・・・ 4 more days to get this cute sticker in the mail when you sign up to support Country Queers on Patreon at $5/mo! Can’t send you cute ducks or delicious eggs, unfortunately, but there WILL be duck & other animal sounds in the upcoming podcast!!! And stories of rural queer life told & produced by those living it daily. Link in bio. Thank you!!!

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Queer farmer/herbalist/badass @foxandelder is putting out a podcast! . . ・・・ First episode is live! You should be able to find it wherever you listen to podcasts. If you have any trouble, shoot me a message. Please give it a listen and share with anyone else you think would enjoy it! Regular episodes will be the first and third Wednesday of each month, so there will be a new episode next week. #TendingSeedsPodcast #homesteading #herbalism #herbalstudies #makemedia #veganhomesteading #homesteadlife #podcastlife #podcasters #plantmagic #podcastersofinstagram #podcasting #tennessee

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A few more days for this @greenmountaincrossroads Gift for your Gay opportunity! Give a gift to a queer love or ally through supporting rural LGBTQ+ organization Green Mountain Crossroads! See their page for more info, order by Feb 8!

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Happy Wednesday :) thanks @seedshed . . ・・・ Illuminating the Colors of Seeds. Why does corn have so many possible colors? There are biological explanations for how color is formed in kernels and why there can be so many colors on one ear. But why is there color at all? It's hard to resist playing with the rainbow of colors of Glass Gem Corn from @hudsonvalleyseedco . And corn is one of the domesticated plants that can't survive without its relationship with people. Maybe corn colors are meant to attract us like bees and inspire humans to touch the seeds, share them with others, and help corn survive. What do you think? #sharingthewonderofseeds #corn #glassgemcorn #rainbow #🌈

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@rodgersgreensandroots in GA is hiring! Haven’t met them personally, but farmer @farmherashley seems like a rad, hard working queer to work with. Whoop #queerswhofarm! . . . ・・・ We are hiring! You can find our job listings on Good Food Jobs and ATTRA. We will be hiring full time farm hands and apprentices as well as part time farm hands and part time farmers market sales team members. Please read the full job descriptions online and follow the instructions to apply. If the job listing is still up, we are still taking applications. We work hard and love what we do. We are a fun team. We look forward to your applications. #Youngfarmers #organicfarming #WomenWhoFarm #femalefarmers #weloveATL #farmers #4H #USDA #GeorgiaGrown #loveyourmother #georgiaorganics #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers #organic #farmlife #georgia #douglascountysentinel

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Yes @sweethollowfarm! Always great to share from these folks. Thanks for sharing! Tag @queerswhofarm to share where you’re at with your season! ・・・ . . ❤ Cheers to Sweet Hollow Farm's 2019 season! 🙌🏽 First field day of the year has us setting up fencing for a brief pig rotation in the coming month 🐖🐖 We'll be hosting two pigs to help us with reed canary/buttercup elimination, soil fertility, and tilling as we get the field on track for reducing the amount of tillage we need going forward. Thanks to our neighbor Shawn over at @tukmukfarm for lending us some big old hogs and farmer genius! #sweethollowfarm #hogheaven #stuckboot #freshstart #smallfarm #sustainableagriculture #freakswhofarm #queerswhofarm #tiredpeoplewhofarm

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What does it mean to support queer farmers? To be out, in often rural communities? To be in what is generally assumed to be a cis-heteronormative world of farming and land work? . . We’re holding these questions (and many more), and we want to figure out ways to use this page as a way of discussing them. It’s been so exciting and nourishing to hear of other groups - @greenmountaincrossroads, the new/forming Northeast Queer Farmer Alliance, Queer Farmer Network with @queerdirt, future Queer Farmer Podcast, and even more- doing important work and gathering in so many forms. . . . What are some ways we can use this page to work towards connection, support, resource sharing, celebration? . . . The things we are aiming to do consistently this year are monthly queer farmer features & a sort of needs/offers board through posts in our stories. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas! . . Now, though, a little celebration! We got to collab with another amazing queer artist, Raisa @dumptruck.jpg on this sticker reading “Support Queer Farmers.” Because pride in the work of queer farmers, land stewards, food & climate justice workers, is something we all need to celebrate. Link in bio for $4 early bird pricing all February xo #queerswhofarm #queerfarmers

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A room full of queer farm & food folks plus special treat @juliavancartier performance! . . 80 folks from New Orleans to Maine showed up. We shared, listened, dreamed - keep an eye out for information on Facebook via RockSteady to be in touch about the growth of this NorthEast alliance . . Many thanks to the hosts of the Triangle - WildSeed, @rocksteadyfarm and @linkefligl - for welcoming so many of us! . . A lot of themes came up in sharing about ourselves & our intentions for this gathering and alliance, more to come on some of those :)

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thanks @queersinparadise (late repost) ・・・ Yesterday was Trans Day of Remembrance. We spent it buying fruit trees so that future queers can come feel safe and enjoy them on our farm 🍒🍏🍋🍐🍑 _ _ _ [Image description: mipsie is crouching down and hugging a pile of 20 or so baby fruit trees, leaning against the back of the caravan. The trees are about 1.5 meters tall and have their roots in yellow bags. In the background is the low stone wall of a terrace and green grass.] _ _ _ #queerswhofarm #queercaravanclub #queerfarmers #queersonafarm #queersinparadise #fruittrees #afterthefire #growyourown #transfarmers #transdayofremembrance #safespaces

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We need to think about reparations, not just today, every day. But in honor of the work and life of MLKJr and all of the folx working for civil rights and sovereignty of BIPOC then and now, here and everywhere, we can think & feel & act more today . . First pic is screenshot of Reparations Map for Black Indigenous Farmers from @soulfirefarm (link in profile) - check it out, read about the projects (many created & led by queer folx) and send some reparations. . . Second screen shot is of Atlantic cover with Ta-Nehisi Coates’s article The Case for Reparations - an important resource . . “The food system was built on the stolen land and stolen labor of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and people of color. Members of the Northeast Farmers of Color Network are claiming our sovereignty and calling for reparations of land and resources so that we can grow nourishing food and distribute it in our communities.” @soulfirefarm . . @queerswhofarm was started by queer white farmers. There is so much tension and pain in the truth that the land we love, tend, inhabit was stolen, through both labor and lives. And SO much exploitation, compounded over generations for many, is involved still in our modern food system. So we will continue to learn, to lean into the discomfort, to support BIPOC led work for sovereignty for individuals and communities . List of other Black led farming organizations from SoulFire’s website in comments.

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We want to take a moment to shout out for Mary Oliver, who has moved on to other worlds. Often she could articulate the things in us, in our bones - the love and humility and wonder - with poems that have spoken to many of us farmers during her life. And now beyond her life. Thank you, Mary #queersinnature #queerpoets #lesbianpoets . . . Art by @jaefr1e

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