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1 month ago

Can’t believe my little princess turned 4 today!! 😍🌟 Time flies! #quest

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2 months ago

One of my fav places in Baltimore! 🌴🌡🌴 Built in 1888, the Rawlings Conservatory is the second oldest Steel Frame-and-Glass Building still in use in the US! #quest #baltimore #rawlingsconservatory

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3 months ago

There are only a few select perks to getting out of bed earlyβ€” Seeing the sunriseβ€”getting more out of the dayβ€”and getting to see places without hordes of humans! #quest #lights #blue

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3 months ago

The Transamerica Pyramid!! πŸŒ‡It’s awesome design was implemented to allow sunlight to spill into the streets below. Despite its iconic status in today’s world, it was widely frowned upon during its construction in the 70s. It gives off a different vibe on each side and I could have stared at it all day!! #quest #Transamericapyramid #skyscraper

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3 months ago

The SalesForce Tower is just a baby! It was just completed earlier this year and is the tallest building in SF! At night the top of it lights up with a beautiful display of lights πŸ™πŸ’πŸ™ #quest #salesforcetower #skyscraper

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