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@prinport  Experimental Post Hardcore from the 204 Self titled EP coming soon First single Shipments out now ⬇

12 hours ago

Hey everyone, we would like to officially announce that @dillie_dabs has joined Prinport as our vocalist/frontman. We are super excited for what this will bring for us as a band in the future. Show announcement coming soon 📸 : @carlyboomer at Social Kids

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1 day ago

Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night, it was a great time. More shows coming soon!! 📸: @carlyboomer at The Park Theatre

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2 months ago

Prinport blissfully returns to performing with Canada's greatest boy bands at the Park Theatre on April 23rd. Tickets are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. There will be ravioli. There will be merch. There will be a choreographed dance number. Why the fuck would you sleep on this. at The Park Theatre

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4 months ago

Ya bois have got the SHIRTS #ganggang

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4 months ago

Merry Christmas Prinporters , thanks for a great year. See you fuckers in 2019 #christmas #prinport #band

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5 months ago

We’ve had an amazing year of shows with you guys, tomorrow we’re playing our last show of 2018. Here’s the lyrics to the chorus of shipments, if you felt so inclined to sing it with us to help make this night truly special, we’d love that. See you soon

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5 months ago

WE LIED AGAIN, we decided to come back to play one more show this year with our homies in @whoisdaphnebleue and @agrizzlyfate . Come party!!!

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7 months ago

Happy friday, just a reminder that the Prinport boys will always be here to fight for your right to party. Announcement coming on Sunday so be prepared

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8 months ago

Last nights show was by far the best we’ve ever had, the crowd was so amazing, we really appreciate how hard y’all went for us. Special fucking shouts to @weenuk1 for going so hard he busted his ankle, he was our #moshpitravioli winner this time around. This was the last one for a while so thanks everyone, see you all in a couple months! ❤️❤️❤️

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8 months ago

This is tonight at the merch in selkirk! Come on down, have a beer and listen to some great tunes!! at Merchants Hotel

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8 months ago

This is gonna be our last big show before we take a break to finish our ep, we're also gonna be filming a music video during our set and you get to be in it. We need everybody to come out and support us and all our homies on the bill.We have presale tickets for 10 bucks so hit up any one of us and we can deliver to you !!! at Windsor Hotel

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9 months ago

Tomorrow night! Come get funky with us at the Windsor. It's gonna be a great time all around, @connor_prinport will buy you a drink

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9 months ago

What's up guys, our next show is gonna be this Wednesday at 9pm at the windsor hotel. We are giving away another #moshpitravioli as well selling our first line of shirts! Please come on down at Windsor Hotel

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9 months ago

Despite numerous technical difficulties for all the bands, last night was one of fortune. This guy won the #moshpitravioli , we don't know his name, he was really drunk, he gave the can to a homeless guy. Our next show is Wednesday the 8th at the Windsor hotel, come on down for a good time! at Windsor Hotel

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9 months ago

We are going to be giving away this can of alphagetti at the show tomorrow to who ever shows us the best effort. Swipe for details on the show at Windsor Hotel

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9 months ago

If you missed the show last night don't worry, we have another super great show coming up this Thursday. We will be giving away ANOTHER can of ravioli to whoever shows us the best energy in the crowd. This one's gonna be a total banger so you won't wanna miss it at Windsor Hotel

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9 months ago

We had an amazing time throwing down with you guys last night, thanks so much to everyone who came down. A very special thank you to @yung.grandpa of @officialramskull for giving it his all and winning the first ever moshpit ravioli. at The New Club St B

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