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3 months ago

Three months after Paris' Notre Dame caught fire, French officials say it is still in a precarious state. The future of the cathedral rest in the skilled hands of France’s stone carvers who will now be in high demand as plans for reconstruction begin. "With stone carving, we give life to an edifice and perpetuate history. We're also creating a link with the past and transmitting values that are important to conserve in society." NPR reported on the students who will become the next generations of stone masons to help carry on the tradition of stone carving and preserve France’s cultural heritage. It’s always great to see fellow stone carvers getting recognition for their craft. Read this fascinating article via the link in our bio. Photo and article cutesy of @npr and Eleanor Beardsley #stone #stonemasonry #architecture #npr #notredame

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3 months ago

Every slab of marble is distinct, some more subtly grained while others are vividly expressive. No matter your preference, book-matched marble - the use of two mirror-image marble slabs, set side by side like the pages of an open book - is the material at its most statement-making. The slabs have to be carefully chosen and rendered to ensure that once the slabs are installed, their veining is precisely aligned. Book-matched marble is one of the truest ways to showcase the natural beauty of the stone and can become a true piece of art. #stone #naturalstone #architecture #design #fabrication

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3 months ago

The remarkable colors in this Onice Bella Rosa Onyx is what makes this material so special. The remarkable talent and precision that went into fabricating the continuous veining in this sink is what makes what we do so special. Swipe through to see the transformation from slab to sink. #luxurydesign #architecture #bathroomdesign #bathroominspiration

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4 months ago

The weather is hot and all we can think about is spending the day lounging pool side with friends and family. We hope your day is as cool as this pool deck fabricated from sandblasted Wenge sandstone pavers. Have a fantastic Fourth of July everyone! 🇺🇸 - Another beautifully executed project from our team and @hollander_design. Photos curtesy of Hollander Design and Charles Mayer

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4 months ago

The Four Seasons Hotel has a new location in Philadelphia set to open later this summer. For those checking in, be sure to check out this beautiful feature wall fabricated from Bianco Onyx backlit with large format LED panels. This was the product of months of hard work from our team and especially the Project Manager, Max Tibett. Great Job, Max! How did we do it? Swipe through for a behind the scenes look at the fabrication and installation of the panels. #architecture #luxuryhotel #design #philadelphia at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center

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4 months ago

Marble from the Carrara quarries has been used to create some of history’s greatest monuments from the construction of Rome’s Pantheon to Michelangelo’s David to the atrium of the new World Trade Center. Here’s a look inside the quarry and the origin of the material of the masters @businessinsider #marble #carrara #businessinsider #industy #stone

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4 months ago

A digital model of a 4 flight staircase that is in the process of being developed by our design engineering team. This complex undertaking utilizes many facets of modern technology to digitally realize the project in full scale with every detail before a stone is ever touched. The process starts with a 3D scan of the existing metal sub-structure which allows our design engineers to accurately develop 3D models of the over 500 individual interlocking pieces. These individual piece models are then reproduced in stone using CNC technology to certify that the tight tolerances are being met. Spatial references are also captured during the scanning process which our expert installers utilize to ensure the project can move seamlessly between digital space and reality. #staircase #digitalart #digitalfabrication #architecture #stone #interiordesign

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5 months ago

Tomorrow, Thursday May 30th, is the opening of IBEJI, a collaborative project with Cooper Union School of Architecture students, the North American Sculpture Center, and Precision Stone. The installation is an exploration on materiality, form, and fabrication technology. Please join us tomorrow from 6 -8 pm at Die Firma Gallery 32A Cooper Square, New York #art #architecture #design #form #material #sculpture #exhibition

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5 months ago

Always inspiring, @jago.artist met with students from @prattinstitute today for a private tour of his exhibition to talk about his work, his process, and what it means to be an artist today. at Highline Stages

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6 months ago

Thank you to all who came to the VIP reception of Italian artist Jago’s latest work, Veiled Son. This exhibition has been organized give Veiled Son an audience in the US for the first and only time before its relocation to Naples where it will be permanently installed in a private chapel in the city's historic center. The exhibition features several other major works from Jago's oeuvre including his monumental work Venus (2017) and his latest work Self (2019). We are so happy to be able to support @jago.artist in all of his work. - May 7-9th, by appointment May 10th, open to the public 441 W14th Street, New York, NY A special thank you to @abcstone for making this event happen along with @highlinestages at Highline Stages

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