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14 days ago

Neph πŸ’› #freddy

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1 month ago

Until 2 days ago I didn’t think that I could love my country any more than I already did. Yet somehow I do. My love has grown a thousand fold. I have, in fact, learnt that it is limitless. And, as I know that it is for most of us, this love is also limitlessly inclusive. Who ever has come here to build a better life and to be part of us all building a better New Zealand, no matter race, nationality, religion or colour, you are welcome here. You are us...and we are you πŸ’™ I’m so sorry that the overwhelming burden of this terrible act has fallen upon our Muslim communities to bear. I am so proud that we stand together, all of us, against ignorance and hate. Me te aroha nui ❀️ #youareus #weareyou #lovealwayswins

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