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5 days ago

Hey! It’s @thinklumi again, wrapping up the week! If you’ve been following my work, you know that I love triangles. They are the simplest geometric form, and I love the visceral effect they can have on a viewer. This piece is about the feeling of being connected to the infinite. It also features night and nature imagery, two things I absolutely adore. • Create your own beautiful artwork featuring all things that glow and tag it with #Ps_Glow for a chance to be featured on the Photoshop Instagram page. Also, check our Instagram Stories to see a tap to edit of this piece.

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8 days ago

Hi everyone, @thinklumi here. Since I was a small child, I have always been enthralled by the universe. For this piece, I wanted to create my take on experiencing the wonders of the cosmos and getting lost in space. Do you like the rainbow glow?

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9 days ago

@thinklumi here. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by what lies beyond Earth in space. As an adult, I never lost that sense of wonder and awe for the cosmos. I often explore space-related themes in my Photoshop work. To me, astronauts are a symbol of exploration, both of the unknown worlds and the worlds within ourselves. I find them very inspiring in my endless pursuit of understanding. • Visit our Instagram Stories for a short tap-to-edit journey showing the creation of this piece.

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10 days ago

Hey there, it’s @thinklumi! Throughout school (and beyond), I learned about classical philosophy and art, which has been a huge source of inspiration for me. For this piece, I asked myself what a 21st century take on a classical statue might look like and how I might combine my classical influences with my current taste. This image was the result. • Swipe left for a short video of how this piece was made and watch our Instagram Stories for a tap to edit.

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11 days ago

Greetings! @thinklumi here. I love combining nature imagery with elements of light and surrealism. You’ll find a kind of luminous glow permeates my work. That’s why I call myself Lumi. I composite my work in Photoshop because it enables me to easily combine the best parts of many different images into one. This image combines my love for night scenes with Icelandic imagery. • Check out our Instagram Stories for a behind-the-scenes peek at my process.

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12 days ago

Here there, I’m @thinklumi, and I’ll be taking over the Photoshop Instagram this week. • When I was in college, I began to develop an interest in geometry and geometric forms. Something about the way they were simple, yet powerful, really enthralled me. To this day, I often explore geometric forms in my work. One thing a lot of people don’t realize about creating a convincing glow is that what really sells it is not the powerful outer glow of an object, but the way the glow affects everything around it. It changes the appearances of other objects in the scene. • Check out our Instagram Stories for a tap to edit version of this piece.

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15 days ago

Eye sea what @timhelou did here.

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