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“Baker’s other protagonists are quarantined by glass cages and surface reflections in spaces that evoke a displaced stage. The comfortably dressed duo of “A Transaction” remains strangely undisturbed by the spectacle provided by the monumental image of an LA Clippers game in the neighboring Staples Center, while the homeless man at the water fountain seems to be at odds with both the leftovers party supplies and the construction site of the new US Courthouse. Baker’s title, ‘Building for the People of the United States of America (Quality You Can Taste)’, merges the slogans of the General Services Administration, the custodian of the courthouse project, and the California based In-N-Out Burger chain whose logo appears on the man’s T-shirt. The picture is an assemblage of words and images that bring to play ciphers of bureaucratic control, governmental responsibility, and extreme inequality at the center of Los Angeles.” from a text on my recent work by Agnes Berecz up now at Der Greif. Link in Bio @der_greif #DerGreif #currenttreatment #AgnesBerecz

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Truly humbled & thrilled to have my work currently featured @der_greif with a shrewd & generous text by Agnes Berecz. Thank you to @gcvi for this wonderful collaboration. Link in bio & an excerpt from the text below. . . . “In a film set, like the ruins of the New York street from Steven Spielberg’s ‘War of the Worlds’ that Baker shot on the backlot of Universal Studios in Hollywood. A straight picture of a simulated crash site, ‘Untitled (War of the Worlds, New York)’ Los Angeles, documents a fake destruction staged by the entertainment industry, while ‘Untitled (The Da Vinci)’ records the remnants of the real devastation of the faux Mediterranean apartment complex in downtown LA. Built by the notorious developer, Geoffrey H. Palmer and burnt down by Dawud Abdulwali in 2014, the Da Vinci, still under construction at the time of the blaze, is now leasing apartments that are equipped with frost-free refrigerators and advanced life safety devices promising resort style living near the freeways that includes gardens, pools, a closed circuit security system, and free tanning sessions.” #currenttreatment #dergreif

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Paris, 1932 by Gyula Halasz, better known as Brassaï. This has always been among my favorite photographs, but was unclear about different versions of it, as the following image is a cropped version of the same picture that is often exhibited and published. Last night at @sfmoma I saw both versions side by side, with wall text explaining that the original negative is actually horizontal, but Brassaï was not interested in the couple on the left side of the frame, so he cropped them out, and then made another print cropped deeper in where the hand becomes detached, like Thing. I love the Brassaï bar pictures, a house of mirrors, where characters appear like separate selves in the same space, which becomes even more disorienting as the same characters occasionally show up in multiple pictures. A paradox in photography that I continue to find both thrilling & unnerving is that the person mirrored both is and isn’t the person in the booth, who both is and isn’t the actual person who sat there in front of Brassai’s lens that night in the secret Paris of the 1930’s. #brassai #petergalassi at SFMOMA San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

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Emo rap cover pic. Early Purchase daze 📸 @jerseywalz #fbf 2002

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I posted this with a text for @the_give_and_take and wanted to share it here as well. Merry Christmas. . . Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Hartford, 1978, Fujicolor Crystal Archive Print. Merry Christmas everyone! The gifts around a Christmas tree, the art, the furniture, the steps along the wall, a bowl of fruit & no family in sight. Is that you PL placing the presents perfectly for the picture, facing the Lord & Taylor box with its red rose toward camera? The tree in the corner holds as much weight as it can handle, no room for an angel to top it off. There it is, a readymade staged tableau and yet all too real- it wasn’t a stylist who wrapped those presents but a relative! This early diCorcia picture seems a prescient indicator of what would come in his work, dramatizing the real through some subtle intervention, usually light. I ran into my friend PL in Greenwich Village a few days ago, he had a bag of dried fish for the Feast of the Seven Fishes, an Italian Christmas tradition, which I imagine someone behind the scenes in the kitchen of this home in Hartford in 1978 is preparing. This is @peterbaker42 enjoying playing @the_give_and_take & wishing you all a Merry Christmas & Peaceful New Year. Back to you Audrey! #philiplorcadicorcia

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Hare Krishna Tree, Tompkins Sq Park at Lucy’s

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I have been here now in every season, convinced that Spring was the ideal time to see the splendor of this region. But I now concede that Henry Miller was right in 1956 when he wrote that November is the best month in Big Sur- “the air fresh and invigorating, the skies clear, the sun still warm enough to take a sun bath.” #bigsur #HenryMiller #pbbigsur #highway1 #centralcoast #California at Big Sur, California

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“And who can say when this region will once again be covered by the waters of the deep? Geologically speaking, it is not so long ago that it rose from the sea. It’s mountain slopes are almost as treacherous as the icy sea in which, by the way, one scarcely ever sees a sailboat or a hardy swimmer, though one does occasionally spot a seal, an otter or a sperm whale. The sea, which looks so near and so tempting, is often difficult to reach. We know that the Conquistadores were unable to make their way along the coast, neither could they cut through the brush which covers the mountain slopes. An inviting land but hard to conquer. It seeks to remain unspoiled, uninhabited by man.” - Henry Miller, Big Sur 1956 #bigsur #henrymiller #pbbigsur #highway1 #centralcoast #california at Henry Miller Library

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