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@paulineanghh  Start the day well with a good breakfast. Live the life well with lesser processed food. Photos taken using iPhone. 📧

17 hours ago

He is craving for Thai food. So here we come. Pineapple fried rice, nicely plated. at Mata Thai

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2 days ago

Made crab cakes and tartar sauce on this Sunday morning. Per multiple requests, the recipe for the crab cakes is lazily typed out. ** Crab meat (fresh or 1 packet of frozen crab meat) 1 Potato (make into mashed potato) Spring onion 1 Egg Salt Pepper Cayenne pepper/paprika Flour *** Mix the above. Make into cake shapes and rest for a while in the fridge. Sprinkle flour before pan fry them with oil. #crabcake at The Silver Chef Bistro

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3 days ago

Ling cod fish and chips with addictive tartar sauce. at d' Good Café

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3 days ago

Wagyu beef noodles. So much noodles. Can only manage to finish half of it. at LeNu 樂牛

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3 days ago

Pretty good gyoza. at Bariuma

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4 days ago

Juicy BBQ spring chicken. Have been seeing this stall for years and this is the first time we try this. First time but won’t be last. at Golden Rooster

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4 days ago

The happiest thing on V-day yesterday was the news from the surgeon and urologist that mum is recovering well. She has started to make ang ku kueh. at The Silver Chef Bistro

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5 days ago

Thai chicken rice. Not very impressed. Chicken is de-boned but chalky and bland. The rice and soup have more taste than the chicken. Soup is overly salty. The omelette is good though. at Go-Ang Chicken Rice Singapore

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5 days ago

Didn’t plan to have any special Valentine’s Day meal this year. But since taking leave for mum’s hospital visit, a last minute decision to come here for lunch with my valentine. 3-course lunch with Western Australian Marron cooked with konbu butter and peas; grilled striploin with asparagus and black garlic; apple and pear crumble with salted caramel ice cream. at Flutes

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5 days ago

❤️Happy Valentine's Day❤️ Double-heart latte art 💕 On leave today to fetch mum to hospital for follow-up. at d' Good Café

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6 days ago

Like bee hoon but not when it's that oily. at Bishan

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6 days ago

My fav. Enjoying the cold marble floor and wagging her tail. And almost blend in with the floor. at Singapore

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