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@parktheatre  Winnipeg's most diverse venue, with over 300 events a year, spanning music, comedy, film & theatre. Located in sunny South Osborne.

6 days ago

New look, coming along.

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1 month ago

Our view from one of our (soon to be) windows. Construction is still underway, but we are getting closer everyday. πŸ”¨ at Winnipeg, Manitoba

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2 months ago

The Park Theatre was a much different place on May 21, 1981. A little "Adults Only" Double Feature... πŸ‘€ This was, of course, under past ownership. Just great music, comedy, and, more respectable, movies for us now. at Winnipeg, Manitoba

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2 months ago

Another great shot from the show last week. @crowbarmusic tore the roof off the place. Hope they come back soon. πŸ‘‰ photo by @dwaynelarson

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3 months ago

Two packed shows with the incredible @chantymarostica last night. They are such an amazing talent and love when they play our stage. We would also like to thank all the performers who took to the stage last and entertained everyone during both shows. Looking forward to next time! πŸ“· by @dwaynelarson at The Park Theatre

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