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@pandanational  PANDA’s National Helpline provides info & support to anyone affected by anxiety & depression during pregnancy & after childbirth.

25 days ago

To whoever needs to hear this today -- you might feel like you need to be a perfect superhero to be a good parent. But the truth is, doing your best is enough 💜⁣ ⁣ Illustrated for PANDA by @melissavallenceillustrations

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Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your child. Illustration by mum Jamina @mommingwithtruth

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2 months ago

Most people know little, if anything about postnatal psychosis so when one experiences it, it comes as a shock. It can often happen ‘out of the blue’ to women without any previous history of mental illness. Changes in behaviour and thinking are often sudden and dramatic. Postnatal psychosis can cause a loss of contact with reality, and behaviour that seems out of character. Fortunately postnatal psychosis is temporary and treatable. Women generally experience a full recovery with time and appropriate treatment and go on to mother their children as they expected to. Learn more:

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And there's a whole lot of other stuff to fit into that last 10% 😂😂😂

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2 months ago

Today, the people of New Zealand are coming together to mourn a hate-filled attack on peaceful worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch. We know this tragedy has caused many in our community to feel anxious and fearful – especially people of Muslim faith. Everyone has the right to be safe and feel safe in our community. Yet racism and Islamophobia means that for many this is not the case. To any expecting and new parents from ALL backgrounds and faiths who are struggling at this difficult time, please know that PANDA’s National Helpline is a safe place to call and talk 1300 726 306 (M – F 9am – 7.30pm AEST/AEDT) Illustration @rubyalicerose

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3 months ago

Australian musician @KateMillerHeidke has shared how emerging from a two-year battle with post-natal depression after the birth of her son Ernie inspired her Eurovision song contest entry 'Zero Gravity'. Wouldn't it be incredible if she won and took her song to the Eurovision stage?! We'll share info on how to vote for her entry soon! "Zero Gravity is about emerging from depression into balance again. It tries to capture the sensation of colour returning to your life, of feeling strong, joyful and relieved. Like so many women, the aftermath of childbirth left my world shaken. The birth of my son Ernie, was lengthy and traumatic (we joke that Ernie had the biggest head circumference in the history of the hospital). There was a period afterwards when I couldn’t remember who I was - my old self seemed so ill-equipped to handle the overwhelming task of protecting and nurturing this helpless, little creature. I was also grieving for the loss of my old identity, and this came with a powerful layer of guilt for my own selfishness. I remember my first show after the birth, when Ernie was about 8 weeks old. I genuinely didn’t know if I could do it. I thought, ‘But I’m not ME anymore. How can I sing these songs?’ Any parent knows the relentlessness of having an infant - the sleep deprivation, the mental fog, the physical weakness, the sensation of somebody trying to suck your nipples off 28 times a day (some babies have actually succeeded in doing this - why not treat yourself to a googling session while snacking on some strawberry chews?) After Ernie turned two, I woke up one day and felt somehow... better. The fog had lifted. Stronger. I had the energy to see friends. It was a feeling of transcendence. I felt like I had been given a golden ticket. It was like how getting back to normal after explosive food poisoning feels like a treat. The lyrics of Zero Gravity talk to depression personified, as if it were an awful lover or terrible friend, and expresses the relief at finally getting them out of your life. Zero Gravity is about leaving seriousness behind, something I feel resonates with the essence of the Eurovision Song Contest!"

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4 months ago

"I became a PANDA Community Champion because I want to help break the stigma around PND. When I reached out to friends during my PND struggle I was amazed at how many had gone through it themselves. PND is nothing to be ashamed of and I want to help raise awareness of the support that is out there." Natasha, PANDA Community Champion. If you or your partner have recovered from perinatal anxiety and depression or postnatal psychosis and would like to join a passionate and friendly volunteer team, maybe you should apply to become a PANDA Community Champion! Applications are open now. Follow the link in our bio for more information.

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4 months ago

As a new parent, having mixed emotions and experiencing complex changes is normal. However, it can also be confusing and scary. Being open to talking about feelings and facing them head on can help you navigate new parenthood. Illustration by Lucy Knisley ✨

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5 months ago

A beautiful letter by @spiritysol to new mums. “Dearest new mama- You are sore and leaky and more tired than you could have ever imagined. Everything is soaked in breast milk and tears. Everything hurts. Your body has literally stretched to its breaking point, or perhaps was cut open to make space for the miracle of life. Your heart aches with a love so huge it feels as though going to break you in half and sometimes you can’t breathe because it all feels too big. They told you about the waves of birth but no one told you about the intense waves of postpartum- the euphoria and joy that lifts you up, and the heavy weight that drops you suddenly and leaves you sobbing into receiving blankets. You look back across the sea and the journey you’ve made- and in the distance you see the maiden you once were. So much has changed in so little time and you wonder if you’ll ever find your way back to that self. You wouldn’t change this love for the world, but something inside you aches for familiar ground and the woman you once were. This is all so new and raw. But you will find your way, sweet mama. You have not left yourself behind, you’ve simply grown new wings. The maiden you with her carefree ways and wild spirit is still inside you, and always will be. Follow the compass of your heart. Allow the tears to fall. You will find your way, and your self will be waiting for you with open arms when you do.”

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5 months ago

A few things to keep in mind for NYE

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5 months ago

If you would like to talk through some strategies for managing your mental health during the holidays, call PANDA’s National Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Helpline. 1300 726 306 9am – 7.30pm Mon – Fri (AEST/AEDT) excluding public holidays 🌱

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PANDA supports thousands of expecting and new parents every year, and coming up to the festive season we really need your help. Please donate this December to support expecting and new mums and dads affected by perinatal anxiety and depression and postnatal psychosis and to help us raise awareness about this common and serious illness. Your generosity today can make a real difference in the lives of expecting and new parents – and could even save lives. Follow the link in our bio to donate now 😊

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Quote from author Linda Wooten

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