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@pamelabug  I am a wife to Scott 💏 (April 2, 2011) and a mama to Luke 👱🏻(July 15, 2012), Morrison 👱🏻‍♂️(December 10, 2014) and Abel 👦🏼(August 15, 2016).

3 days ago

Yesterday this guy was upset that I kept him in pajamas. Today, he was mad that I changed him. Being 4 has brought out a lot of frustrations in Morrison. But look at that perfect face with those piercing (although squinty) blue eyes!!! Love this Moon man of mine. Day 45. #morrisonmatthew #morrisonmatthewmoon #hunterfamily2019🤗

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5 days ago

Mama didn’t want to wake up today. This gloomy weather is depressing for me. Needless to say, this boy’s spirit changes my mood nearly instantly. He gets me excited for the day. Day 43. #luke #lukewilliam #hunterfamily2019🤗

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5 days ago

I wish my sister lived here. I miss her like crazy. Video chats are a must lately. Day 42. #hunterfamily2019🤗

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10 days ago

Super pumped to have Grandma and Pa join me and his brothers at Pastries for Parents and Positive Influences at school. Day 38. #luke #lukewilliam #hunterfamily2019🤗

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12 days ago

Sometimes, @ryantiscareno doesn’t remember we have photos together. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏼‍♀️ I still love him all the same!

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12 days ago

For some reason, this photo of me inspired another artist on sketchy. Artist is oamyoamy. Day 36. #hunterfamily2019🤗

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12 days ago

Proud of this guy who has jumped up multiple reading levels this past week! He’s doing so well. Now, let’s keep working on that math!!! Day 35. #luke #lukewilliam #hunterfamily2019🤗

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16 days ago

Can you tell we cleaned the playroom?! 🙄 Day 33. #hunterfamily2019🤗

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16 days ago

At this point, just capturing a photo is special in and of itself. Face mask while watching Ant-Man and Wasp. Day 32. #pamelott #hunterfamily2019🤗

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