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Yes, you heard right. We're looking for an expert to join our fabulous Communications team as a Social Media Engagement Specialist! Help us elevate the Great Bear Rainforest and its wildlife by using your expertise to support our campaigns with unlimited access to our incredible media library. And yes, that does mean you can pair our beautiful bear pictures with cheesy text, if it helps (on occasion). Learn more and apply online at the link in our bio - Your first test is finding it. We look forward to meeting you! 📸 @iantmcallister #jobposting #conservation #ExploreBC #GreatBearRainforest at British Columbia

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Want to dive deeper into the Great Bear Rainforest? Join us for a very special evening on February 21st with Director Ian McAllister and experts from the field for a special presentation of the #GreatBearIMAX. This is an opportunity to ask questions about the issues facing the Great Bear--and about how that "one shot" was really captured. Ian and co-author Alex Van Tol will be doing a book signing of the Great Bear Rainforest Behind-the-Scenes book, by @orcabook, after the screening. Link in bio under "Join Us at the #GreatBearIMAX with Ian McAllister". All proceeds will go towards our conservation efforts in the Great Bear Rainforest. Looking forward to seeing you there! @macfreefilms #GreatBearRainforest #BTS #R3D #gearporn #wildernessculture #filmmakersworld #exploreBC #pnwexplorations at IMAX VICTORIA

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3 days ago

All along the Pacific Coast, life has relied on herring for thousands of years. Archaeological records from up to 10,700 years ago show incredible abundances, and herring bones have been found consistently in ancient village sites from Puget Sound to Alaska. At the beginning of next month, @fisheriesoceanscan is allowing over 20,000 tons of herring to be removed from the Salish Sea - that's approximately 130 million herring. This number could feed 100 humpback whales all summer, or up to 900,000 10lb Chinook for a year. If DFO is trying to save Southern Residents, how can they allow this amount of Chinook prey to be removed to feed farmed fish, aquariums, and livestock? If fisheries management is so good, why is there only one viable commercial herring fishery left? Let's not let Jonathan Wilkinson and Fisheries and Oceans allow herring to suffer the same fate as Atlantic cod, which "sustainably managed" to virtual extinction. Sign the petition to suspend the Georgia Strait fishery at the link in our bio under "Speak Up for Pacific Herring - Petition". And look out for more actions to take for this #BIGLittleFish next week. Happy #WorldWhaleDay. 📽 @sealegacy #BIGLittleFish #TurningtheTide #fisheries #forthewildones #SRKW #ig_discover_wildlife #exploreBC #herring at British Columbia

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4 days ago

It's finally here. Experience the Great Bear Rainforest on the giant screen today at the @royalbcmuseum, @scienceworldca, @sciencenorth, and the @ontariosciencecentre in Canada, as well as the @modsftl, @golfhalloffame, and the @whitakercenter in the US, and will continue to roll out internationally over the coming months. For more theatre listings, and to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to see the Great Bear Rainforest in person through Spirit Bear Lodge and Mothership Adventures, go to For a special behind-the-scenes peek at filming the rich underwater world with director @iantmcallister, check out our Facebook page! Links in our bio. @macfreefilms @hellobc #GreatBearRainforest #GreatBearIMAX #wildernessculture #ExploreBC #ig_discover_wildlife #naturalhistory #pnwonderland at Great Bear Rainforest

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5 days ago

We #lovethecoast and all the life it supports. The #GreatBearIMAX is an ode to the lands and waters of a very special part of it and the Nations who have stewarded it for millennia. The Great Bear Rainforest film opens TOMORROW, starting at @royalbcmuseum @scienceworldca @sciencenorth @ontariosciencecentre. This #ValentinesDay, show your love for the coast by finding a way that you can help protect it. There are so many ways to show your support, through our campaigns (links in bio) or through the initiatives of the Nations who have made this film, and this place, what it is. Please check them out: @heiltsukcouncil @spiritbearbc @spiritbearresearch @gitgaatspirit . . . #GreatBearRainforest @hellobc @iantmcallister #BleedingFingersMusic 📽 #GreatBearIMAX @macfreefilms #wildernessculture #exploreBC #lovethewild at Great Bear Rainforest

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6 days ago

Meet our very sleepy star of the #GreatBearRainforest film, a spirit bear named Mox. Very excited to have the cast and crew of the Great Bear Rainforest in Victoria this evening for the @royalbcmuseum premiere event! Catch Mox in the #GreatBearIMAX in theatres starting this Friday. See where you can watch it at Link in our bio for that and for an inspiring perspective of the film and the Great Bear straight from our narrator, @vancityreynolds, in @usatoday. @heiltsukcouncil @spiritbearbc @spiritbearresearch @gitgaatspirit @macfreefilms @hellobc @hanszimmer @anze.rozman @seaspanulc at Great Bear Rainforest

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8 days ago

One of the most magical things that happened during the #GreatBearIMAX shoot was during our day filming the Kitasoo/Xai'Xais grizzly bear researchers and their work on grizzly mark trails and rub trees. During the shoot, we got a very unexpected, very special visit. Looking forward to having members from the Kitasoo/Xai'Xais Nation, the Gitga'at Nation, and the Heiltsuk Nation in Vancouver tonight for the premiere of the Great Bear Rainforest film! 4 days until release. #GreatBearRainforest #GreatBearIMAX 📽 #GreatBearIMAX edit Armen Evrensel at Great Bear Rainforest

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Textures of the Great Bear Sea: British Columbia has approximately seven thousand known marine species. The lion’s share of these, about 95 percent, are invertebrates, including sixty-eight species of starfish, seventy-five species of sea anemones, nearly five hundred species of polychaete sea worms, and over a hundred species of nudibranchs, a type of mollusk. The number of the much more celebrated vertebrate species of marine mammals, birds, and fish hasn’t yet topped six hundred. On Mondays for the next few months we’ll be sharing some curious underwater sights and sounds that you may or may not be able to identify, and we’d love for you to participate in a Great Bear guessing game. Can you guess what this one is? #MarineMondays 📸 @iantmcallister at Great Bear Rainforest

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9 days ago

We're excited to announce the opportunity of a lifetime - a chance to see the #GreatBearRainforest for yourself. Our friends at Mothership Adventures and Kitasoo/Xai'Xais-owned Spirit Bear Lodge have generously donated two amazing trips to the Great Bear Rainforest as grand prizes for our #GreatBearIMAX sweepstakes. All you have to do is fill in your info at, where you can find full details about the contest. Enter between now and May 9th. Link in our bio. Thank you @spiritbearbc and Mothership for your incredible generosity. 📽 @macfreefilms and footage from #GreatBearIMAX #sweepstakes #ig_discover_wildlife #wildlifephotography #ExploreBC at Great Bear Rainforest

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11 days ago

We recently caught a sneak peak at the very first roll of #GreatBearRainforest in 70mm film - and what a treat! Thanks to the @ontariosciencecentre for making this happen right in your incredible @imax dome theatre in Toronto. Looking forward to inspiring your audiences over the coming months. Catch the #GreatBearIMAX at the OSC and many more theatres starting February 15th. Keep checking theatre listings near you at See the link in our bio. 📽 @d.leowinata #wildernessculture #exploreBC #BTS at Ontario Science Centre

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11 days ago

Today Fisheries and Oceans Canada allocated 11,472 tons of herring to the gill net boats, and 8,311 tons to the seine boats in the Georgia Strait for next month's commercial fishery. We find it inconceivable that the Canadian government is allowing 20% of the herring in the Salish sea to be harvested for fish farm pellets, pet food and for sushi markets in Japan. The Trudeau Liberals have allocated $167 million to supposedly protect endangered whales in Canadian waters with $61 million allocated to saving Southern Resident Killer Whales. These whales need Chinook salmon, and Chinook need herring. Watch Grant Scott of Conservancy Hornby Island speak to the government's decision. Tell Minister Wilkinson that a 20% quota is 20% too much. This is the last of five herring fisheries left on our coast. The Salish Sea needs these fish. 604-775-6333 Have you signed the petition? See the link in our bio - "Speak Up for Pacific Herring". Read the Times Colonist article there too. #BIGLittleFish. 📽 @d.leowinata #herring #exploreBC #bcpoli #SRKW #whales #forthewildones at British Columbia

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A win for BC's wild Pacific salmon. This week a federal court ruled that @fisheriesoceanscan must change their farmed salmon policy to ensure that smolts are free of Piscine Reovirus (PRV), which is recognized as a threat to wild salmon, before entering open-net marine salmon farms. @jonathanwnv has four months to enact this change in policy. Congratulations to the 'Namgis Nation, @alexmorton4salmon, @ecojustice_ca, @cleansingourwaters and others who have fought long and hard for this. A hard-won step forward. Let's keep this momentum going - have you given your voice to wild salmon yet? #fishfarmsgetout #wildsalmon #fisheries #explorebc 📸 @iantmcallister at British Columbia

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