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@our_gem_ruby  Hello, friends! My name is Ruby. I’m a mini golden doodle (an F2b, actually ☺️) born 4/2018. I love chewing, running in the grass & cuddling. 🐶❤️🐶

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When your mom asks the groomer for a “summery cut” and you see your long legs for the first time. 😳😍

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7 days ago

We have a concerned pup. This morning she realized that she has to share her beloved patio with a pair of mourning doves who nest in the evergreen outside my kitchen window: Gerdy and Wallace (I named them last year😂) The pair of doves sit together under a chair on the patio every morning as Ruby looks on...maybe jealous? It’s hard to see the birds since they blend in so well to the pavers, but they’re there; like an old couple sitting after breakfast. I don’t blame Ruby for being jealous. I’m ready to sit outside on the patio too, girl. 💕🐶 🐦 #readyforspring #mourningdoves #GerdyandWallace #fluffer #puppy #minigoldendoodle #instadoodle

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20 days ago

Isaac loves his girl so much. ❤️

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26 days ago

Conversions get deep here. 😂❤️

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