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6 days ago

The only natural occurring lake in Orange County, Barbara’s Lake is looking beautiful right now! You can access it via a very short hike in Laguna Coast Wilderness, you can even see it while driving on Hwy 133 at Barbara's Lake

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16 days ago

A pod of at least 50 false killer whales showed up today for the second time this year! First spotted by Captain Tommy of @danawharf, this makes the second sighting of then here in the last 3 years. These giant dolphin can get up to 4,000 pounds and have been documented eating other dolphin and sea lions but each pod seems to specialize in different food sources, these ones were eating white sea bass here, last seen this evening off Huntington Beach traveling North, they are a tropical species and will head South likely this weekend so it’s possible they will be spotted again. Photo taken while aboard @newportcoastaladventure at Newport Coastal Adventure

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17 days ago

Bobcat strolling around. Bobcats are active day and night although hunt more often at night for squirrels, rabbits, and other small game at Silverado Canyon

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18 days ago

A rare sighting last Sunday aboard @newportcoastaladventure of a Guadalupe Fur Seal! In this photo you can see their unique pose called jughandling which is how they thermoregulate their body temperature unlike the California sea lions that hold their flippers straight up. These pinnipeds were once hunted for their fur so much that they almost went extinct with only a few dozen remaining. Luckily with the marine mammal protection act and protections in Mexican waters, they have been able to recover. There have been a few other sightings along the coast recently, if you happen to see one stranded, please remember to give it space and call @pacificmmc who currently has 1 that they rescued recently at Newport Beach, California

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23 days ago

That’s no gray whale! This blue whale showed up yesterday right off the coast of Newport Beach much to the surprise of many whale watchers. Photos by Captain @taylor.the.whaler and Captain who was first on scene to identify this majestic beauty at Newport Coastal Adventure

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26 days ago

Just a coyote roaming the hills, living amongst us as we go about our daily lives. Obviously they play a vital role in the local ecosystem by keeping the rabbit and squirrel population in check as well as scavenging. They do inhabit pretty much every city in Orange County and it's wise to be educated about living among them

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1 month ago

“Look Mom, I can do a headstand!” Very playful humpback calf alongside its mother off the coast of Newport Beach, this calf even approached a boat and pushed it about 10 feet. It’s been incredible whale watching off Orange County lately with sightings of gray, fin, minke, and humpback whales. Filmed on Sunday aboard @newportcoastaladventure, the ultimate whale watch experience! at Newport Coastal Adventure

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1 month ago

Do you get out to enjoy the moon rising? @savannahmiichelle does! Let’s see your moon shots the next couple days, the actual full moon is Wednesday

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1 month ago

What a cool photo today by Capt Ryan with @pacificoffshore of a blue shark feasting on a gray whale carcass floating offshore. You can see it’s nictitating membrane covering part of its eye, many animals have this membrane which allows them moisten their eye while still retaining their vision, eagles, hawks, owls, and some land mammals also have this feature at Catalina Island

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1 month ago

Believe it or not, this is 1 of 6 wild bald eagles in Orange County, this female hatched on Santa Rosa Island in 2013 and has been seen hunting for fish in the Yorba Linda area for a few years now. Bald eagles are no longer on the endangered species list but are still federally protected, since they are a sensitive species for us here, the location will remain undisclosed

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