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@oodles.of.coodles  Moravian Falls, NC At 5 Arrows Farm we like to call our chickens "coodles". So I guess you could say we have "oodles of coodles".

10 hours ago

Love this funny flock 😍 The emu eggs are in the incubator!! And I must say, I’m pretty nervous. This is going to be the most stressful 50 days of my life 😂 I’m just ready for them to hatch! @whitehouseonthehill’s emu videos get me through the day

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1 day ago

The next big thing!! Emus will be the newest addition to 5 Arrows Farm in 50ish short days! I purchased 3 hatching eggs from a breeder in Texas. I picked them up from the post office this morning and they’ll go into the incubator tomorrow. Emus take anywhere from 50-60 days to hatch, so it’s a long journey. I won’t even know if they’re developing until at least day 40. You can whistle to them then, and they’ll whistle back! I’m so excited!! I’ll definitely keep everyone updated on our little dinosaur’s journey 🦕

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2 days ago

The chick tree 🌱 I have some very exciting news to announce! But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow 😉 Stay tuned!!

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3 days ago

Happy Valentine’s Day from these two love birds 🐥💛

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4 days ago

Giving treats to the birdies is never peaceful. They’re like a bunch of monsters 👹 I finally dealt with all of those eggs I had from when I wormed both of the flocks. I can’t stand to waste the eggs these hens work so hard on, so I feed them back to the birds. I know that sounds weird, but it’s really good for them and they absolutely love it!!

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5 days ago

Mr. Walter White watching over his ladies 💜 I really wasn’t planning on keeping him, but he sort of grew on me. He didn’t go through that horrible teenage stage that most roosters go through. He seemed to treat the hens with respect right from the beginning. As long as he continues to respect our handicapped roo, Sylvester, he can stick around. Sylvester isn’t able to mate, so I’m glad that my silkie and Turkens are with a fertile rooster. Makes it convenient to hatch more chicks that I don’t need 😂

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6 days ago

These broodies are driving me crazy 😖 The fake spring triggered two broody hens. Even though it is cold again, they’re sticking with it. I’m not ready for them to hatch babies and it’s too cold to raise chicks safely. But that doesn’t stop them. I do love the noise they make when they’re broody, but I could do without giant broody poops.

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7 days ago

Although I only post about the birds of 5 Arrows Farm, we do have many other animals. We have pigs, donkeys, and cows along with the chickens, guineas and turkeys. If you’d like to see a more variety of animals, go check out our farm Instagram @5arrowsfarm!! 🐖🐄🦃

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8 days ago

Sweet Frankie with her very full beard 🧔🏻 This morning I let the chickens out and then went into the coop to feed them. Frankie was the only one still asleep. While everyone was out eating, she was asleep on the roost with her head tucked into her feathers. She eventually woke up and squawked a bunch. She’s probably one of our favorites ❤️

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9 days ago

Rainbow eggs🌈 Collecting eggs is probably one of my favorite “chores” to do every evening. You would think that I’d be over it by now. But it’s still very exciting for me. I love seeing the different sizes, shapes and colors we receive every day. I also feel very proud to sell my eggs to a customer. You can’t buy these in a grocery store 😍

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10 days ago

This little lady decided to go broody today. The 70 degree weather has the chickens fooled. It’s going to go back to 20 degrees 😳

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11 days ago

I know a lot of people have been experiencing the “polar vortex”, but in North Carolina it has been 70 degrees for the last few days. So everyone has been drinking lots of water and enjoying the sun. I’ve been complaining about how cold it’s been. But yesterday I was complaining because it was too hot. I guess I can never be satisfied 😂

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13 days ago

Rehoming a few of our hens tomorrow. I will miss them dearly, but I know they will be loved and pampered in their new home. Decided to downsize the flock to make room for a new member (or members) of 5 Arrows Farm. Stay tuned! I’ll announce them as soon as they arrive!! 🦒🦚🦔🐐

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14 days ago

Harold is growing up to be quite the handsome boy 😍 He started strutting this weekend and did his first gobble today! I’m so excited to have a turkey tom around again. Sharing this for @5rfarmoregon’s #turkeysnoodsunday 🦃

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15 days ago

Just another typical day at 5 Arrows Farm 🐖🐕🐓

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16 days ago

Sylvester in action 🕺🏼 This sweet boy is the last of our original four chickens, and none of us expected that to be the case. He has a bad case of wry neck that won’t go away. It’s something he struggles with every single day. Drinking water is especially difficult for him. I’ve noticed that he seems a lot better when he gets the chance to free range. So I try to give Sylvester that opportunity as often as possible. EDIT: I just realized I basically shared all of this information in the last post I made about Sylvester. And I’m too lazy to change it. Sorry 😂

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17 days ago

Throwback to the beautiful spring weather 😫 But look at the chicken mama with her turkey babies!! I must say, I am so ready for spring. I’m ready for the grass to come back. I’m ready for it to be warm again. And I’m very ready to have 17 broody chickens that want to raise chicks. I know I’ll regret saying that when I actually have 17 broody hens 😂

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18 days ago

Emus are my current obsession 😍 I never really considered getting some until recently. I’ve discovered over the last 2 years that I’m a bird person. I’ve spent way too much money on chickens and turkeys, and I think it’s time to add another bird. I’m working on convincing the rest of the family. We will see 😬 (These are not my pictures)

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