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@oneoceanconservation  #SaveTheOcean #SaveSharks 🌎🦈 Advocating for ocean and shark conservation! STAY TUNED for info on our next monthly beach cleanup in October!

17 hours ago

Save sharks, stop the cull! 🛑 #Repost @mermaid_kayleigh ・・・ Four tiger sharks have been killed recently in response to shark attacks in the Whitsundays. Guess what... they have no idea if these tigers are responsible for any of the attacks. Likely, they are not the same sharks as this species is known to move around quite far quite fast. In the past culling sharks has been proven ineffective as the sharks responsible for bites move on and new sharks come in to these areas. While it is incredibly sad and terrifying for the people involved, killing sharks when they injure humans is not the answer. These animals aren’t purposely targeting humans as a food source. The opposite is actually true. When they realize the human isn’t the food source they sought after, they typically leave. Sharks are just doing their jobs in the food web. We need predators to keep the trophic levels below them healthy and functioning. Australia, you’re destroying your natural resources out of fear. Shark nets and drum lines are killing your sharks and countless more marine life indiscriminately. You could be profiting off your live, healthy sharks by running eco-tours, benefitting the local economy and educating the public. Check out the last two thoughtful posts by @thelifeofrileynz on how that money should be spent, researching and learning more about sharks in this area to prevent adverse human interactions. This is exactly why we need more shark conservationists out there, standing together, on the same team (instead of wasting time bashing one another purely from an ego standpoint). More people loving sharks, swimming with sharks, and speaking up for them. This is why I’ll never stop taking anyone I’m able to diving with sharks @oneoceandiving. The fight will never be over for these incredible and misunderstood creatures. ✊🏼 #savesharks #sharkIDNikki @oneoceansharks photo taken on my @axisgo at Queensland

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We’re not a fan of microplastics and you shouldn’t be either 🤢 Plastic doesn’t break down. Just breaks apart. Into smaller and smaller pieces. Plastic at its full size is deadly because it can entangle or strangle marine life, but microplastic is just as deadly...possibly even more so. The smaller the plastics become, the easier it is for marine life to accidentally mistake it for food, ingest it, and then die from the toxins microplastic contains. And it’s much more difficult and tedious to remove microplastic from the beach and ocean compared to the bigger pieces. Beach cleanups are great because we can remove a portion of the debris off the beach and raise tons of awareness on this rising issue, but the bottom line is that we need to not use so much plastic in the first place! Whatever step you can take today, whether it’s pledging to ditch single-use plastic water bottles, or refuse a straw, or limiting your seafood intake, take that step, so we can all work together to preserve and protect the body of water that we all rely on so immensely. #savetheocean #plastic #plasticpollution #microplastic #gogreen #reduce #reducewaste #oceanconservation @kennaaloha

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One of our One Ocean Conservation leads had the opportunity to join @theplasticsproject at the Waikiki Fall Festival last Saturday to help educate the public (kids and adults alike) on plastic pollution and shark conservation! The Plastics Project is a kid-run organization, one of the founders being a fellow @oneoceanglobal ambassador, 10 year-old @ryleebrooke_official! Check out their profile (@theplasticsproject) to see how you can join their efforts! You can also check out @oneoceanglobal if you’re interested in becoming an ambassador! It’s inspiring to see all of the dedicated kids here in Hawaii and all around the rest of the world using their powerful voices to create change! Never let anyone look down on you because you are young :) Keep fighting to protect the planet! Thank you for all of your hard work! ❤️ #changemakers #plasticpollution #reduce #plastickills #plasticfree #takeaction #oneoceanglobal @kennaaloha

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10 days ago

Today is #WorldCleanupDay and so here’s a throwback to last weekend’s cleanup at Bellows! Thank you again to all of the amazing volunteers who helped us! Your dedication and assistance is so encouraging to us here at One Ocean Conservation! 💙 And thanks to our sponsors for donating some goodies! We can all make a difference if we work together to create positive change! We’ll announce our next cleanup event shortly! Have a great weekend ☀️ // Special thanks to @oakley @4ocean @7seasrope @knektusa @shells4sharks @clarklittleclothing and many others! 🙏🏽

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We’re devastated to report that another beautiful southern resident orca has passed. With now only 74 Salish sea orcas remaining, we all need to use our voices and help these suffering animals! Find out how YOU can help below! 💔 #Repost @keiko_conservation ・・・ Heartbreaking news today from @salishseaorcas. Original image Clint Rivers.⠀ "It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of J50 or 'Scarlet'. Only 74 Salish Sea orcas remain.⠀ RIP Scarlet⠀ #JoinThePod"⠀ 🌊⠀ The Southern Resident Orcas are starving to death. It's now or never.⠀ HOW CAN YOU HELP?⠀ The #SouthernResidentOrca population in the #PacificNorthwest is endangered and on the brink of extinction due primarily to their main source of food, the #ChinookSalmon, also being endangered. The main cause of this is the #SnakeRiverDams which prevents many of these salmon from swimming up the #SnakeRiver to spawn and return to sea every year. These dams could be replaced with alternatives that already exist, the use of them has dramatically decreased, and they're unnecessarily costing taxpayers millions in expensive maintenance costs. ⠀ YOU can help by calling @govinslee (1-360-902-4111 if in the USA) and asking him to "Breach The 4 Snake River Dams In 2018!” Speak up for orcas and call EVERY DAY.⠀ Tweet: @govinslee because #NoFishNoBlackfish! You can also share this info on social media and ask your friends and family to do the same!⠀ You can learn more from our friends and partners at @pnwprotectors or go to⠀ #orca #killerwhale #salmondinner #pnwprotectors #keikoconservation #damsense #sealegacy #pugetsound #salishsea #savethewhales #orcanetwork #whatsyourbycatch #srkw #pnw #freethesnake #damnation #Jpod #Kpod #Lpod #savetheorcasdamit

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Plastic Pollution 👎🏽👎🏽 #Repost @waterinspired & @girlmeetsshark ・・・ Note the word “reusable” on this bag. I took it with me when I left the water. .🌊🌊🌊. I was in awe of this beautiful creature, but saddened by the amount of debris I collected on this dive. Many of my favorite animal encounters are tempered with reminders of the issues facing our oceans and planet. Entanglement, marine debris, prop scars. We can do better! I can do better and I’m looking at ways to use less myself. Be the change you want to see. 🤙🏻 Small change = change 🌏 Human Impact... Much of it is negative, but with simple changes, we can make it positive🌎 // Second caption by @waterinspired: Such an absolutely magnificent manta ray photographed by @girlmeetsshark, but unfortunately it is adorned with a fishing hook/line and pictured alongside a plastic bag with the word “reusable” written on it. #PlasticIsTheRealKiller Our oceans desperately deserve for us to be aware of our human impacts on this planet and its inhabitants! ♻️💙 #BeAware #BeTheChange #SaveMantas #MantaRay . . . Check out our website at to learn more. Want to become a #waterinspired conservationist? Visit for ways to help #savesharks or sign up for a #sharkdive in #Hawaii with @oneoceandiving! Tag #waterinspired to be featured. Post/Repost by: @nani.moana

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18 days ago

☀️ TOMORROW! ☀️ We would love for you to join us at our beach cleanup tomorrow afternoon to help us raise awareness, remove some debris, and work to #savetheocean! Details from one of our previous posts➡️ // BEACH CLEANUP INFO: Saturday’s cleanup. It’s from 12:00-3:00 (you can stay as long or as little as you want between that time! ☺️) located at Bellows, the section open to the public, NOT the part of the beach that you need a military ID to be let in. 😉 As always, we recommend bringing a filled reusable water bottle, reef-safe sunscreen such as @allgoodbrand, & a bag or bucket from home (we’ll have some extra you can borrow if you need). ☀️ Thank you to everyone who has joined us at our cleanups in the past and we hope to see you again this month! Thank you for working with us to #SaveTheOcean and #SaveThePlanet 🌊🌎 // Huge THANK YOU to our partners @keiko_conservation and @waterinspired! Along with our sponsors @allgoodbrand @oakley @clarklittleclothing @4ocean @7seasrope @oneoceandesigns for the small selection of giveaways we’ll have and @knektusa for donating 2 of their poles as prizes! 🙏🏽 Very grateful for the love and support on our mission to spread ocean conservation. #beachcleanup #plastic #plasticpollution #saveourseas #nobluenogreen #hawaii #oahu #takeaction #environment #conservation #oneoceandiving @kennaaloha at Bellows Field Beach Park

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We’re learning more and more on sharks and the role they play in the environment. As top predators in the ocean, they help keep lower-trophic level populations under control (i.e. fish, squid, turtles, mammals, etc.), along with keeping them healthy and free of disease. They primarily pick off only the weak, sick, injured, and dead animals, allowing the strongest and healthiest to thrive! However, sharks are at the risk of extinction. It’s estimated that around 90% of their populations have declined! The more we learn about sharks’ role on this planet, the more we come to the realization that we need to work to save them before it’s too late. As a consumer, help save sharks by NOT purchasing shark products, such as teeth (unless they’re fossilized), jaws, fins, cartilage, and meat. You can also refuse to support industrial fisheries, which have been shown to use unsustainable fishing practices that result in the killing of hundreds of sharks, along with killing other untargeted animals. Another great way to help save sharks is by ✨using your voice✨, whether by influencing legislation to better protect sharks or by educating the public on their importance 🦈 Don’t shy away from learning more, speaking up, and helping solve these rising problems. :) Let’s work together to save sharks and take our next steps towards positive change 🦈💙| Photo from @oneoceandiving #savesharks saynoto #sharkfishing saynoto #sharkfinsoup #savetheocean #saveourseas #shark #conservation #environment #awareness #oneoceandiving #haleiwa #oahu #hawaii #sharkconservation @kennaaloha

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20 days ago

In a few days, we’ll be cleaning up Bellows and we’d love for you to join us! BEACH CLEANUP INFO: If you missed our previous post on this Saturday’s Beach Cleanup, it’s from 12:00-3:00 (you can stay as long or as little as you want between that time! ☺️) located at Bellows, the section open to the public, NOT the part of the beach that you need a military ID to be let in. 😉 As always, we recommend bringing a filled reusable water bottle, reef-safe sunscreen such as @allgoodbrand, & a bag or bucket from home (we’ll have some extra you can borrow if you need). ☀️ Thank you to everyone who has joined us at our cleanups in the past and we hope to see you again this month! Thank you for working with us to #SaveTheOcean and #SaveThePlanet 🌊🌎 // Huge THANK YOU to our partners @keiko_conservation and @waterinspired! Along with our sponsors @allgoodbrand @oakley @clarklittleclothing @4ocean @7seasrope @oneoceandesigns for the small selection of giveaways we’ll have and @knektusa for donating 2 of their poles as prizes! 🙏🏽 Very grateful for the love and support on our mission to spread ocean conservation. #beachcleanup #plastic #plasticpollution #saveourseas #nobluenogreen #hawaii #oahu #takeaction #environment #conservation #oneoceandiving @kennaaloha at Oahu Life

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Plastic pollution is a growing issue threatening the planet and the life that relies on it. Learn more about plastic and how you can help fix this problem below! 🌊 #Repost from our friends at @oneoceanresearch ・・・ Plastic pollution is a major environmental issue, and we are only beginning to understand how it impacts the marine environment. There is growing level of global awareness regarding how destructive our collective consumption of single use plastics truly is, as plastic never goes away but breaks into smaller pieces that are present in every marine environment (Sebille et al. 2015). Plastic is also known to absorb toxins and pollutants that promote endocrine-disrupting effects on fish (Rochman et al. 2014). A recent publication in association with @marinemegafaua (Elitza et al. 2018) took a deeper look at this issue and how it could impact charismatic filter feeding megafauna like whale sharks, manta/mobulid rays, and baleen whales. They identified 3 high priority areas with high microplastic:plankton ratios with a high probability of #microplastic ingestion- the #GulfOfMexico, the #BayOfBengal downstream of the #GangesRiver, and the #CoralTriangle which is located in close proximity to the world’s largest emitters of plastic pollution. Ingestion could result in blocking the digestive tract and inadequate nutrient absorption, bio accumulation of toxins that could disrupt biological process including reproduction, and even transfer of these toxins to their young with impacts for generations to come. Long term monitoring is needed to determine long term impacts and safeguard these iconic species as well as the other life forms that could be impacted throughout the large habitat range they inhabit. You can help by reducing your consumption of single use plastics, voting for policies that help reduce plastic from entering the ocean, and supporting corporate responsibility to advocate for extended producer responsibility in countries where the infrastructure for waste management and recycling does not exist. Photo by @wakeupand.dive via @marinemegafauna. Caption @blakethompsonphoto

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Thanks to everyone over at @oneoceaneducation for your educational outreaches and teaching the younger/current generations on the importance of sharks and the ocean! Spreading knowledge plays a very important role in ocean conservation, so, everyone, please continue use your voices to make a change! 🌊🦈❤️ Find our how you can get involved below! :) #Repost @oneoceandiving ・・・ Knowledge is power — education is key! So much love for events like this, mahalo nui loa to @tracyann_saltygirl for making this happen on Friday and @oneoceaneducation for putting on yet another successful educational outreach event and helping to teach our youth the truth and importance of sharks! If you’re interested in being a part of this amazing program to bring awareness to schools around the world, find out how to apply for our @oneoceanglobal ambassador program and get the support from our @oneoceaneducation team as you set up your own outreach events! Want to learn more? Check us out at & JOIN US in the water  in #Hawaii on #Oahu’s #NorthShore to #SwimWithSharks and #DiveWithSharksInHawaii with a @OneOceanDiving trained #MarineBiologist / #SharkSafetyDiver #HelpSaveSharks #savesharks #itstheirocean #apexpredatornotmonster #finbannow #stopfinning Check out our #Shark and #MarineResearch @OneOceanResearch and our #Education outreach program @OneOceanEducation #LearnAboutSharks and our Non-Profit @WaterInspired conservation group and Founders: @Juansharks and @oceanramsey Want to join the team? Become a @OneOceanGlobal Ambassador Looking to support in other ways? Check out our not-for-profit marine conservation awareness apparel and gifts @OneOceanDesigns or at Mahalo and Thank you for Supporting #InternationalSharkProject #HawaiiSharkCount #SharkResearch #Ocean #OneOcean #SaveTheOcean #SaveSharks #HelpSaveSharks #OceanConservation #SharkConservation #ApexPredatorNotMonster

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SAVE THE DATE! Our September Beach Cleanup with @keiko_conservation and @waterinspired is right around the corner, so please join us NEXT SATURDAY from anytime between 12:00-3:00 at BELLOWS to help protect the ocean! 🌊 We recommend bringing your own bags or buckets from home to use to collect trash, but we will have a select amount available for you to borrow if you like :) Huge thanks to @oakley for donating some pairs of sunglasses for giveaways! Also thanks to our other sponsors such as @oneoceandesigns @7seasrope @4ocean @clarklittleclothing for donating! Thank you, too, @allgoodbrand, for partnering with us to help supply everyone with reef-safe sunscreen! We hope to see you there!! #savetheocean #beach #cleanup #plastic #plasticpollution #oahu #hawaii #conservation at Bellows Field Beach Park

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Young and passionate conservationist, Zoë, is working hard in Oregon to help save the planet and motivate others to take action, too! 🙌🏽💙 Thank you for using your voice! #Repost @sharksareourfriend ・・・ Portland Oregon, I used to think you were beautiful but this is disgusting. This is just a small part of the trash I have seen while visiting. Trash is EVERYWHERE! And Portland has one of the biggest waterways to the ocean. Don’t people care about their town? Don’t people care about the ocean? Don’t they want to keep Portland pretty and the oceans safe? I don’t understand. I walked 9 blocks with this trash and not ONE trash can. That might be a good start. I think it’s time to write a letter. #ugly #portland #oregon #pdx #trash #carefortheearth #conservationist #carefortheocean #helpsavesharks #sharksareourfriends #disappointed #starbucks #straws #plastic #everywhere #willamette #columbia #rivers #willametteriver #columbiariver #savetheplanet #savetheocean #conservation

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CALL TO ACTION! 🐳‼️Help protect and save beautiful and important whales Iceland! ❤️ #Repost @shawnheinrichs ・・・ URGENT - Folks we really need your help. Iceland is continuing to hunt and ruthlessly slaughter endangered Fin Whales in flagrant violation of the IWC International Moratorium on Commercial Whaling, one of the most significant conservation agreements of our time. Please go to the LINK in my bio (@shawnheinrichs), sign the petition, share it on all your social media feeds, and contact 10 people directly to sign and share the petition🙏🏻🐳❤️ #stopicelandwhaling @sea_legacy @bluespherefoundation

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1 month ago

We hope you’ll join us TODAY at Kahana Bay for our monthly beach cleanup! 12:00-3:00! We can expect tons of macro and micro plastic alike, and so we’re looking forward to removing some of it from the shore 🌊🏝 Judging from today’s weather forecast around that area, we recommend bringing a jacket or hoodie 😉🌧 Also consider bringing your filled reusable water bottle, reef-safe sun protection, and buckets/bags/sifters to pick up trash (although we will have some to provide :)). See you soon! 🤙🏽 #savetheocean #saveourseas #plastickills Video from our cohost @keiko_conservation via @nenedeean at Kahana Bay

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1 month ago

This Saturday, please join us for our beach cleanup!! One, you can help #savetheocean by picking up trash such as #microplastic and Two, spend a day at the beach and Three, you may be lucky enough to give @rooneythegianthamsterdog belly rubs in between your cleanup seasons 😍🐾 Details below! ⤵️ ・・・ Our next reef and beach cleanup is August 18th at Kahana Bay from 12-3pm! Come and help us rid the beach of microplastics (in between sessions of petting my belly)! at Kahana Bay

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2 months ago

BEACH CLEANUP ANNOUNCEMENT ✨ Join us on Saturday, August 18th (not this Saturday, but the next ;)) at this month’s cleanup location, Kahana Bay!! 12:00-3:00pm. There’s always a ton of trash, especially microplastic, so we could use all the help we can get! :( If you have your own sifters/colanders and reusable bags to pick up trash, please bring your own with you! But we will still have a limited amount of bags, gloves, a few colanders, and scissors for you to borrow if you like. :) As usual, we recommend bringing your filled reusable water bottle to stay hydrated and reef-safe sun protection such as @allgoodbrand 💙🌊 We have a small selection of prizes from our generous sponsors such as @4ocean @7seasrope @watersoulfoundation @ecoceanic @oneoceandesigns and more. We hope to see you there! To stay updated on possible new information or changes, follow us @oneoceanconservation/@oneoceandiving, along with our cohosts @keiko_conservation @waterinspired. #SaveTheOcean #plastic #beachcleanup #oahu #hawaii at Oahu Life

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