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@oneoceanconservation  #SaveTheOcean #SaveSharks 🌎🦈 Stay tuned for info on our monthly “Second Saturday” beach cleanups all around Oahu, Hawaii!

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Happy Earth Day! 🎉 We’re so grateful to have collaborated with @sustainablecoastlineshawaii @808cleanups today to raise awareness on the trash/plastic problem we have in our environment! Mahalo to all of the volunteers and participants who joined us over at Makai Research Pier! As always, we are devastated with the amount of debris we pull from both the beach and reef! Let’s all do our part in saving the ocean by reducing the amount of plastic we use. 🤙🏽 Thank you so much again for everyone who helped here and all over the world. Make every day an Earth Day 🌍 // Mahalo to our sponsors @oneoceandesigns @clarklittleclothing @ecoceanic @7seasrope @guayaki and more for the amazing support. Stay tuned for information on our upcoming cleanups. :) #savetheocean #earthday #plastic #hawaii #reduce #makeadifference

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Please help save the critically endangered Goliath grouper by signing the petition in @ellasavestheocean’s bio. Mahalo nui loa!! ・・・ 🌟LINK IN BIO‼️🌟 ‼️PLEASE SHARE‼️ Urgent Call to Action! Please Please Please speak up for the Critically Endangered Goliath Grouper in Ft. Lauderdale FWC meeting April 25th & 26th. Place: Marriott Fort Lauderdale North 6650 North Andrews Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 If i was to tell you that an entity was going tho KILL CRITICALLY ENDANGERED ANIMALS in the name of would have thought it was the Japanese killing whales! If I was to tell you an entity was going to sell tickets so you could KILL CRITCALLY ENDANGERED would have thought it was like Cecil the trophy killing lion hunters! But this is right here in United States of America and the Entity is the FWC, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Yes the same one that killed many of our black bears! We cannot allow this to happen! The fish is poisonous with mercury so it's against the law to sell it and obviously you shouldn't eat or even feed it to your pets. Our oceans need ecological engineers like this to sustain even more life than without them! They bring millions of tourism dollars in by divers that just want to see them! Here's what you can do to help! Please sign and share the petition below to your followers! Repost any of my Goliath Grouper posts, but with the new schedule and location. Please contact me to get the science facts and find out what else you can do. Thank you so much for all many of you have already done and continue to do! Save the Goliath Grouper! @jim_abernethy #saveprotectedanimals #savegoliathgrouper #bethevoice #overfishing #needlessslaughter #Bethechangetheworldneeds

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TOMORROW! Join us, @sustainablecoastlineshawaii, and many other wonderful organizations for Earth Day! The entire event is from 9:00am-1:30pm, but the cleanup portion starts at 9:00 and ends around 11:30. :) There will be a big cleanup at Waimanalo Beach Park, but our team, One Ocean Conservation, will be co-hosting a smaller reef and beach cleanup down at Makai Research Pier! There will be a shuttle running from Waimanalo to the pier, so feel free to park at Waimanalo (many more parking spaces). We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the incredible planet we live on. ❤️🌏 #Repost @sustainablecoastlineshawaii More information on the cleanup and the event in general: @sustainablecoastlineshawaii ・・・ Spent the sunrise on the beach where we are hosting our cleanup on Sunday. The rains flushed tons of trash out into the ocean and the winds brought it back to land along with remnants from the gyre like conglomerates (mixed nets/ropes) and plastic pollution. Thanks to @kimeona_kane for continual work on this zone and this net. We’ll do our best to get it fully removed on Sunday if it’s still there. Check in 9am. Clean 9:30-11:30. Music from @theurchinz and @sashamonhi plus games from 12-1:30. Thanks to @firstinshi for sponsoring and @vans for the shirts. #earthdaynalo #earthdayiseveryday #waimanalo #malama #landbaseddebris #marinedebris #plasticpollution #plastic #cleanup #cleanyobeach #drbeach #sunrise #waimanalosunrise

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#Repost join us and @sustainablecoastlineshawaii this Earth Day to give back to our planet that does so much for us! Details below! 🙏🏻🌎 ・・・ If you are on Oahu this weekend please consider coming out to Waimanalo beach park to celebrate Earth day! We will be joining @sustainablecoastlineshawaii supporting their Earth Fest event and hope to see some of you there! The main event will be held at Waimanalo beach park and we will be a few minutes down the road at Makai research pier cleaning up the coastline as well as debris/fishing line along the reef as long as conditions permit. There will be a shuttle running from the beach park to Makai pier as parking is limited. Check out and stay tuned to @sustainablecoastlineshawaii for more information and updates. ______________ #Repost @sustainablecoastlineshawaii ・・・ Tag a brand or business that should join us! In 1 month we attempt to host our largest cleanup of the year. EARTH DAY FESTIVAL!!! Link in profile. Mahalo to and @firstinshi for sponsoring. #earthdaycleanup #everydayisearthday #plasticpollution #himarinedebris #marinedebrisprogram #malamaikekai #trending #saturday #sashamon 👨🏾‍🎨: @aaroncharart

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Despite their reputation, sharks are not the mindless, killing-machines we’ve portrayed them to be. Although they are still apex predators and wild animals (and deserve the deepest respect and awareness around them), there is a much bigger threat to humans and the planet than sharks: PLASTIC. It may seem silly to think that this material is one of the biggest threats to the ocean, but it is. Unfortunately, plastic never truly goes away (at least for a LONG period of time), only breaking down into smaller pieces, often consumed by animals by mistake. Plastic is contributing to the downfall of our planet. And it’s because of us. People. :( Instead of having a negative impact on the environment, how about creating a positive one? ❤️ We must take action! Please join us in reducing the amount of plastic humans use. Cutting out single-use plastic such as straws, bags, utensils, and cups from your lifestyle is a great start. :) Let’s work together to make a difference and help #savetheocean. Footage from @oceanramsey Video edit by @kennaaloha. All footage was filmed on a @oneoceandiving pelagic shark dive. (Can you hear the humpback whale singing in this video? :D)

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Even though these pieces of plastic are small, they still cause harm to the ocean, animals, and humans. Everyone has the power to impact the life around us, positive or negative. By cutting back on your plastic use, you’ll help save many important species & help prevent the ultimate destruction of our ocean. We have to take action now while we still have the chance to restore Earth’s ecosystems. ❤️ // ATTENTION: SATURDAYS CLEANUP IS CANCELLED. #savetheocean #savetheplanet #plastic #pollution #environment #conservation #oahu #hawaii

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#Repost from our friends at @keiko_conservation regarding the bill, SB 2498, that would ban polystyrene foam here in Hawaii! We need YOUR help and your voice! ・・・ Although the most recent hearing went great and the bill (SB 2498) continues to move forward it still needs help! There were over 500 written testimonies sent in to support SB 2498 and only a few in opposition, mostly from the restaurant industry and polystyrene manufacturers, but paid lobbyists for those two industries are making the voice of the opposition much stronger! It is more important than ever to send e-mails (A LOT of e-mails) to Hawaii's Representatives to voice your SUPPORT for SB 2498. You can write them a simple "Please support SB 2498" or pages on the reasons why you want a ban on polystyrene foam, every e-mail counts! You can easily copy and paste the e-mails below on our website (linked in @keiko_conservation bio): ; #keikoconservation #oneoceandiving @mattgeophotography @oneoceanconservation @louhelpsyousavesharks @oceanicpreservationsociety @waterinspired @surfrideroahu @sustainablecoastlineshawaii @wildhawaii #nerdsagainstnurdles #take3forthesea #banthebag #startwith1thing

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Please use your voice to help save sharks! ⚠️💔🦈 Sign the petition in @inkedqueen87’s bio. It takes only a few minutes. ・・・ 🌟Link in Bio🌟 I need everyone to repost this and help me get more signatures for my petition. It is crucial that we stop shark fin importation in Canada and you can help me make this happen. Canada being the 2nd biggest importer of shark fins outside of Asia by importing 100 TONS of shark fins per year, this needs to stop immediately! The government told me during my inquiry about their import, they tried justifying their actions by saying it is sustainable. It is NOT! Please sign and share!! #savesharks #care2 #petition #ocean #conservation #racingextinction #robstewart #finfree #Repost @finalliance (@get_repost) ・・・ This petition from Canada needs your help! Bill S-238 in Canada is close to banning all trade of shark fins in the country and this petition supports that effort! 🦈 “Our oceans are facing many issues but shark finning is one that we cannot afford to ignore any longer, our sharks are disappearing and 1/3 of open water sharks are facing extinction. Shark Finning has been illegal in Canada since 1994 but the shark fin trade is still ongoing and we must stop the importation in our country, and in the city of Montreal to practice sustainability and allow our ecosystems to regenerate.” 🦈 Link to petition is on our fb #canada #stopsharkfinning #sharks #sharks #savesharks #helpsavesharks #sharkconservation #sharklife #sharkadvocate

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⚠️CANCELLED⚠️ Oahu friends, please join us next month for our monthly #SecondSaturday Reef and Beach Cleanup on *APRIL 14th*! We’re going to try again at hosting a cleanup at ✨Electric Beach✨. Depending on the swell, we may change the location to **Kokololio Beach Park** on the east side of the island. We will let you know a week ahead of the event if we decide switch locations. Just please keep all of this in mind :) Either way, we will still host the cleanup between **12:00 and 3:00 pm** on that day. We hope to have you! 🤙🏽 More information will be shared shortly via @oneoceanconservation. #SaveTheOcean Our partners: @oneoceandiving @keiko_conservation @waterinspired. {Sponsors to be listed soon} Photo by @tahenley

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We’ll be there at the #hawaii state capitol building tomorrow morning at 9:00am to testify in support of banning styrofoam, hope you can make it! #Repost @keiko_conservation ・・・ We have a little less than 12 hours left to help speak up for Hawaii’s wildlife by telling legislators we want a ban on polystyrene foam (styrofoam) in the state of Hawaii! Email with the subject line as I Support SB 2498 and tell them why you think Hawaii should ban styrofoam! A huge thank you to @mattgeophotography for the imagery showing what these animals face everyday! If you’re on Oahu come to the hearing at the capitol building in Honolulu at 9AM this Friday! Spread the word and encourage your friends and family to submit written testimony too :)! #keikoconservation #oneoceandiving #surfrider #sustainablecoastlineshawaii #banfoam #styrofoam #take3forthesea #nerdsagainstnurdles.

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The ocean is a beautiful place with such beautiful animals. Please help us save the ocean. #Repost @oceanramsey (turn the volume up!! So beautiful! 🐳) ・・・ TURN THE VOLUME UP!!! 😍🐋💙🐋💙 I just want to say that this was instant good karma. I swam down to get a piece of debris, a plastic bag (one of two that unfortunately drifted through this mornings @oneoceandiving @oneoceanresearch dive) & a whale swam right towards us and down and stayed in place just singing his heart out! It was bone rattling, my heart was racing with joy, it was so beautiful to be surrounded by his symphony reverberating through everything. I cannot express how grateful I am for moments like this. I’m not a fan of the necessity of paperwork in life but moments like this really put life and work in perspective 💙🐋💙🌊 I freaking love the #ocean #nature #whales #sharks #dolphins #work #fieldwork #respectTheocean #savewhales #savetheocean CHECK OUT @juansharks OTHER VID FOR MORE 🎼🐋🎼🐋💙🌊💙🌊 It’s whale season in #Hawaii and while we don’t put people in the water with Whales we are very fortunate that several times each season they swim up to us when we are already in the water with the sharks. The sharks don’t care about the whales or pay them any attention unless they are injured or dead. WIN THIS @xcelwetsuits #WaterInspired wetsuit & a @mauidiversjewelry ring & these @cressi1946 #FreediveFins and @oakley #Sunglasses. LINK IN MY BIO 😊💙🌊

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Jawsome news for sharks and rays in Hawaii today! #Repost @kennaaloha ・・・ SB 2079, a bill that will further protect sharks and rays in Hawaiian waters, has passed this next round! No opposition, too! We’re so close to getting this bill passed into law! Thank you to everyone who submitted a written testimony and/or spoke in person. It was amazing to hear so many people speak up for sharks and rays. Your voice matters ❤️ 🦈 #savetheocean #savesharks

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BIG WIN in our plight to #SaveSharks here in #Hawaii today with the vote to pass Bill SB 2079! Mahalo nui loa to everyone who submitted written testimony and showed up at the capitol building to speak up for #sharks and #rays we are one step closer to making it illegal to fish an kill these beautiful and ecologically crucial marine animals! #OneOcean #OneOceanConservation #OneOceanDiving #OneOceanReaearch #OneOceabGlobal #HelpSaveSharks #Shark #WaterInspired #OceanRamsey #HammerheadShark

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CALL TO ACTION. 🦈 DEADLINE MONDAY 9:45am (local time) The time to use your voice has come again. Help protect Hawaii’s sharks and rays by submitting your support for SB 2079! Please help by emailing “” with the subject line "Attn: Chair Ing In Support of SB 2079" and tell them why you believe Hawaii should further protect sharks and rays! It can be a few words or a few pages, whatever you'd like! Even if you’ve submitted one before, please submit again so the bill can pass this next step! Any submitted testimonies from you will help! We need to get as many written testimonies sent in soon before the hearing on Tuesday! After submitting your testimony, please encourage your friends and family to do the same. For more information on the bill and how to submit a testimony, click the link in our bio. (Info and link from our friends at @keiko_conservation. :)) Thank you to anyone who decides to help sharks and rays in Hawaii. #SaveSharks #SaveRays #HelpSaveSharks #hawaii

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THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our March beach and reef cleanup! It’s both sad and amazing to see so much trash collected & removed away from the ocean. As those of you there saw, despite us collecting recyclables too, a LARGE majority of what we found was trash and could only be thrown “away”. Please join us in reducing our plastic use and joining us for future cleanups to help the ocean. Our next cleanup will be on April 14th (we host cleanups on the #SecondSaturday of every month). Location yet to be determined. // Mahalo to all of our amazing sponsors @oneoceandesigns @ecoceanic @guayaki @clarklittleclothing @albabotanica @watersoulfoundation @stillsane @yogakaihawaii @corepoweryoga @reallifemermaidshop @thessalonikecollection @naturezwayofficial and many more! Stay tuned for future cleanups with @oneoceanconservation @waterinspired and @keiko_conservation. Again, thank you all for joining us today. Aloha! #SaveTheOcean #plastic #debris #beach #ocean #cleanup #oahu #hawaii

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#Repost @waterinspired amazing news regarding our bill to better protect the sharks and rays of Hawaii! 🙏🏻💙🦈 ・・・ #GoodNews from @oneoceandiving x @waterinspired x @keiko_conservation 💙 #forthemano 🦈 ・・・ We are happy to report more great news to our shark ohana! Our bill SB 2079 for banning the purposeful killing of sharks and rays PASSED THE SENATE and is now going to the house for a vote! Mahalo x10 to all of your continued support in #SavingTheSharks and stay connected to @oneoceanconservation for more information on the bill and what you can do to help💙🦈 Post by: @myahbaeza Photo by: @juansharks

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THIS SATURDAY, March 10th, we would love for you to join us for our monthly #SecondSaturday beach and reef cleanup. This month, it will take place at Makai Research Pier over in Waimanalo! Come by anytime from 12:00-3:00pm to help clean up either the beach or the reef! We recommend you bring your own filled reusable water bottle, reef-safe sun protection, snacks, and any supplies (gloves, scissors, reusable bags) you have from home. However, cleanup supplies will be provided if you would like to borrow ours instead. :) As always, there will also be some giveaways from @oneoceandesigns and others such as @ecoceanic @albabotanica @clarklittleclothing @xcelwetsuits @capeclasp @7seasrope @yogakaihawaii @shells4sharks @stillsane @thessalonikecollection and others! (Swipe to see a few more). We hope to see you! Let’s work together to #SaveTheOcean // #beach #reef #cleanup #hawaii #oahu #plastic #styrofoam

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