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@olympicgods  Angelina

2 days ago

. « But time can't be turned back, happiness is blind I see her two splinters of the sky And words lose there sense Blue of the sky, blue, blue... My heaven of promise Why are you quiet again, as skies beckon? My heaven of promise It's not easy to face you, so hear me! »

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3 days ago

losing my head... you're dangerous... I'm loving it

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5 days ago

I often want to shout so much about feelings for this person. But something always stops me... I will give an example: I'm standing in the dark and 3-4 meters from me Susan, I cannot speak, too quiet and dark, all that is in my power... I whisper: «I love you, Susan!» She looks at me, she hears it, but I'm lost in the crowd.. This place is like a subway. A rather strange comparison, but this is exactly how I see it, from the point of view of the artist. This is definitely related to some things, let's call it that. My advice — you should always set yourself up for the best, be sure to believe. For example, «I will definitely meet Susan and tell her about all the feelings that have accumulated inside me!» let it look something impossible or stupid, but you need to believe and strive, this is how I defeated the tumor. I told myself: «girl, you have never been to St. Petersburg, and u have not met with your sister Sue! Are you going to get sick? No, Angelina!» Yes it was. Ahahah We are the creators of our own destiny, so go ahead to your dreams and goals, go go!

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6 days ago

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8 days ago

It is enough just to say that this woman from America is the sweetest, most beautiful, wonderful and most feminine of all women! at New York, New York

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9 days ago

I watch this film for the second time and understand what Susan is wonderful & awesome woman. There are so many unique things in this person and of course, she is incredibly beautiful. Infinitely love @susanlovesjack

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10 days ago

turned out better than I expected 👏🏻

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27 days ago

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28 days ago

It must be remembered that each of us and all of us together must multiply the good, honor and preserve traditions, know and respect the native history and the history of all mankind. Arts, literature, music, architecture, urban planning and natural landscapes, created by nature alone or nature in alliance with human — all this is not the merit of any one country, but the cultural heritage and values ​​of the whole people. This is all that unites the world. It’s a pity that politicians and the media tune people against each other. I am grateful to many people that they retain their humanity no matter what. I respect those who love art, classical music, old cinema, architecture and nature. And of course, those who do not forget about theaters, museums and charity. Thank you for being! at Chelyabinsk, Russia

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28 days ago

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1 month ago

I will find you where fog blooms

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2 months ago

🌎🎄🎊 Our planet Earth has made a full turn. Already 2019! And we are still alive! Many of us do not respect the gifts of nature and daily destroy it. Thanks to the Earth for tolerated for many centuries. But one day, we will all drown in plastic 😂 I hope 2019 will be very productive in all areas of human activity. And I hope, in 2019 we will do without wars. This is the main thing! 2018 was a very difficult year and intense. Thanks to all those who were with me and supported. Special thanks to @susanlovesjack You are the most unusual and interesting people whom I have met. It's great that we all gathered here and became one big family. I wish that in the new year you will achieve all your goals and undertakings, be healthy and happy, good luck, strength and more patience - this is the guarantee of all great life achievements. Just believe that everything will be fine and it will be so. I promise! I hope that one day I will see you all and we just smile and give each other hugs 😂💕 Amen 🙏🏻🤞🏻& I love u! Yes u ♥️♥️♥️

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2 months ago

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2 months ago

“I never believed in love at first sight.” I remember that when I saw the photo of Susan, I was impressed. I did not know who she was, I did not know her name, for me it was is the most ordinary woman. I then thought: what a beautiful human. She was beautiful, like the palaces In Peterhof in St. Petersburg. She really bewitched me. Until now, I cannot believe that this happened: I love an unfamiliar woman. Perhaps this is nonsense. But... I love a woman named Susan from America. And for me, it is comparable to the high art of Russian artists in the museums of St. Petersburg — As something valuable, important and expensive for the heart

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2 months ago

@adrenoxin laughs Merry Christmas to all!!! I love you all so much! 🌨❄️💨 On the street-34C — I look at the city lights, waiting for the heat at Chelyabinsk, Russia

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