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12 days ago

Please be my val. I am coming out to announce now that I am open for valentine. Please, I don't do dry valentine o, you must buy gift(s). People have started planning for this valentine seriously o, come and shoot your shot before am taken, okay? Those of you already taken, I rejoice with you in advance especially those ones whose partner's birthday falls on valentine's day. Chai! Killing two birds with one stone is my hubby. Come let me help you plan it well. #oluwrites #fashiondesigneroflife #abujacity #federalcapitalterritory #fct #Lagos #Portharcourt #Valentine #Red #Pink #Blue #Love #Babies #pregnancy #makelove #patternmaker #fashionillustration #fashionacademy #fashiontraining #stitches #bemyval #willyoubemyval

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3 months ago

Throw pillows really add flair to your living space. A colourful throw pillow could be all you need to turn your couch from #drab to #fab. @throw__pillows is in the business of spicing up your space with their one-of-a-kind throw pillows I'm in a contest guys. Help me win by liking a repost of this post on their page. God knows I need those throw_pillows, they're so pretty. Oya hellep your sister. Thank you. Follow @throw__pillows now and like the repost. #bumblebee #bumblebeez #throw__pillows #bumblebeezgallerygiveaway #drabtofab at Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

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3 months ago

It's still vivid! Heck I still cringe when I remember! I was on my way to Regbota's at Bannex plaza: that's the fashion designer I was learning from at the time(I've learnt at many places but that's story for another day). It was a sunny day and I was in the premises already, didn't know that "omo araye ti ridi mi" Do you know what's worse, I was catwalking the living daylights out of my outfit, feeling fly in my Adire mermaid skirt and black top with my scarf facing front like that of @ZolaNene. A car horn blared and I increased the sway. It caught up with me and I thought "what does this one want." Then the bombshell, "Hello sis, your zipper is undone." I wanted to just dieeee. Peeps, I didn't have an underskirt on, only a ...!!!!!!! If I can just erase that day or moment from my life ehn, even for a token, I don't mynd. Share your wardrobe malfunction day with me. I'm dying to hear it #olu #laerryblue #laerrybluelikes at Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

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12 months ago

How I added an #industrialsewingmachine to my #arsenal It was #2015 had been #savingup for it plus a #serger and felt ready. I went scouting for them and got the surprise of my life...prices had gone up about 20%. I had put in for a refresher course in freehand sewing with a teacher at the time (only God knows how many teachers I've had to date). I knew I just had to have the straightstictch machine soon or I would miss that year. I talked to my teacher and he promised to put out feelers on my behalf, even if a used one was all I'd get. Some weeks later, a fashion house was relocating and selling off assets and I got in on the sellout. I not only bought a straightstitch industrial machine in top condition, I got a free pressing iron, stool, wooden board and soft gum: even a new machine wouldn't have all those things attached. I couldn't get the #serger though, someone else got it before me. Story for another day. This pic was taken when my newly acquired possession was still doing me gazzgazz. The excitement still has some gazzzz therein. LOL. #abujabrand #abujabrands #okebjo #olumadeit #fashiondesigner #dressmaker #patternmaker #allofmylife #thefashionacademyabuja #thefashionacademy #imadeit #slayers #buddingfashiondesigner #abujafashion

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1 year ago

About a year ago, @mz_hifeh came visiting for a few days. And insisted I made an outfit for her No matter how simple. Great shocker is, she gat no fabric. So she went through my stash and picked this. I almost always have fabric leftovers though I doubt this much fabric can be called a leftover. LOL. Friday came and she announced that she would wear whatever I came up with to church on Sunday. And she did follow up. She can be a pain in the neck LOL. I made it o. Finished it on Saturday after much prodding. @thempresscouture #empresscouture #theempresscouture #empresscoutureng #yourwishourstitch #fashiondesign #abujabrand #abujabrands #okebjo #olumadeit #fashiondesigner #dressmaker #patternmaker #allofmylife #thefashionacademyabuja #thefashionacademy #imadeit #slayers #ankarafashion #fashiondesigner #abujafashion #yourwishourstitch

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