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10 days ago

back from vacation and wishing my house were as tidy and welcoming as this little corner from @heather_lootens. currently sitting here sipping coffee and listening to the kids destroy the upstairs, trying to summon the motivation to get things done. wednesday-mondays are weird 🙃 . . wild flower banners are in the shop in an array of colors, including this most popular #mustardyellow one 💛

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19 days ago

we’re about to go on a family trip, so the shop is in vacation mode 🙌 i’m hoping to come back with some much needed creative energy and get some things in the shop that i’ve been dragging my feet on. these personalized wooden embroidery kits are at the top of my list! also the abc kits, traveling tangram sets, and maybe even a new clock (so many ideas!!). what’s something you’d like to see??

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22 days ago

eloise was up and ready to face the world at 5:30 this morning and margot followed her shortly thereafter. since our morning activity plan is to go to the library, which doesn’t open until 10, they’re currently destroying the house while i drink all of the coffee 😳 at least it’s friday though. any fun plans? . . this sage-y, herby colored wild flower banner is up in the shop now! the perfect garden neutral.

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29 days ago

happy friday folks! this weekend i’m looking forward to finishing painting the bathroom, having a steak date with the hubs, and doing some sewing! but first, i need to figure out what’s for dinner and go to the store...what’s your favorite easy and fun family movie night meal? . . i wish instead of going to walmart i was going to @shopsweetlulu fabulous store! i spy a rainbow wall hanging and a wild flower banner in this dreamy space! 🧡💛🧡

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1 month ago

i love when customers request customizations, and this fabulous color coordinated pair is no exception! keep the requests coming, because they bring me so much joy! . . rich ochre goodness coming to the shop soon—probably for both the #wildflower and #growmighty signs, because i can’t resist.

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1 month ago

these colors make me super happy right now. probably because they make me feel calm—which is the opposite of a five and almost two year old who are slowly making me crazy... what colors are you finding yourself being repeatedly drawn to right now? . . new rainbow colorway up now in the shop 🙌🙌 now to find a corner where i can permanently recreate this little scene, because i definitely just taped them to a wall in the corner of my office for this picture 🤦‍♀️

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1 month ago

because who can say no to a giant rainbow? ridiculous faced five year old shown for scale 😆 i’m having so much fun with these custom requests guys. my favorite thing to make is new things, so keep them coming 🙌🙌 . . this large rainbow is up in my etsy shop as a made to order item. if you’re interested in custom colors, just send me a message!

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2 months ago

since april started, margot asks me every day how many days until easter, and this lovey peg display by @doro.em has me wanting to step up my #easterbasket game this year. we’ll be making a little road trip, so let me know in the comments what you favorite travel friendly easter basket fill is...or just your favorite road trip distraction! . . our rainbow stitching kit would make the perfect road trip distraction for the bigger kids in your life...or you! i know i always travel with at least one or seven crafts 😆

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2 months ago

the weather took a turn for the chilly, but it’s still sunny, the bulbs are blooming and it’s supposed to be back to seventy by wednesday 🙌 🙌 so we’ve got all of the spring feels over here, and this new rainbow colored rainbow that’s up in the shop and hanging in our play room now has us feeling all the spring. what things do you like to change around your house to get you in spring mode?

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2 months ago

so much spring in one picture, folks! and it’s sunny and in the sixties outside and i’m trying to convince the hubs to play hooky tomorrow so that we can adventure! what are you favorite ways to get out and enjoy the spring? . . gorgeous space by the lovely @wilkinsonnest. pop on over to her post to snag yourself a coupon code and make your own spring corner!

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2 months ago

i don’t have anything interesting to say, so here’s a pretty rainbow! i’ve got a craft market this weekend that i’m woefully underprepared for, thanks to a streak of gorgeous weather and too much outside time, so here’s to hoping for a productive thursday! . . this colorway isn’t in the shop yet, but if you want one, shoot me a message 🙌

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2 months ago

i keep telling myself i’m going to decorate my girls shared bedroom, but their walls continue to be bare and i continue to daydream about all of your beautiful rooms. any advice for a relentless procrastinator? . . amazing room by @doro.em, featuring so many goodies—including my stitch your own rainbow and a personalized ornament 😁 available in the shop 🙌

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3 months ago

fridays always give me dreams of pancakes, thrift stores and movie nights, while reality brings laundry and missed naps 🙄 but let’s stay hopeful, eh? what are your lofty weekend goals? . . NEW coral wildflower signs in the shop. because it’s almost spring, and i’m currently crushing on this color.

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3 months ago

hooray for today! and for slowly cracking away at my to do list 🙌 this cake topper is now listed in my shop. perfect for birthdays, baby showers, and any occasion that warrants cake—like making it through thursday #amiright? what other designs would you like to see?

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3 months ago

happy friday folks! just a friendly reminder that my giveaway with @nicoleshiffler ends today! so head back a couple of posts to enter.

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3 months ago

hoping this lovely calm will be my kiddos this afternoon after our library trip to replenish their stock 🤞 any kids or grown up book recommendations? i really should read more... . lovely photo/home/little by @shandy1206. rainbow wall hanging in golden hour available in the shop (my current favorite). annnnd, if you haven’t entered, check out my last post for an awesome giveaway!

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3 months ago

C L O S E D! thanks you all for entering! ⋒ motherhood is beautiful ⋒ GIVEAWAY! _ i’m so very pleased to be partnering with the lovely mama @nicoleshiffler for a giveaway for you guys! and this one’s my biggest one yet, a $50 credit to my shop! _ to ENTER: ➕like this post ➕follow @nicoleshiffler + @oh.little.wren ➕comment below ➕tag friends for more entries—each friend in a separate comment ➕for 5 MORE entries, visit @nicoleshiffler’s stories today and comment on your favorite item _ giveaway ends midnight 2/22. ⋒

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3 months ago

today is rainy and cold, so i’m making chicken soup to bring on the cozy. because it’s #thelittlethings that get us through these winter days, like these mini rainbows. what are your go to rainy winter day activities? . beautiful photo by the amazing @nicoleshiffler. mini rainbows and large ones, in all the colors, available in the shop.

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