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Wow!! Grateful is an understatement! Thank you @voyagelamag for featuring me in your “Inspiring Stories” series 🙏🏾. I rep my small village proudly. Cassopolis, Michigan. One stoplight. Population of barely 6,000 people....maybe. This one for the ✌🏾6️⃣9️⃣ ‼️‼️ You made me. #OnlyOneEleaze • • • • • #onlyoneeleaze #voyagela #losangeles #inspiring #stories #rnb #artist #music #article #cassopolis #michigan #village #boy #ya #diiiiiig at Los Angeles, California

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What’s cracking? I’m Eleaze and I write dope ass R&B music. I also occasionally sing this music in front of others for entertainment. Okay, good talk 😌. #OnlyOneEleaze 📸: @vsvpzaibatsu at THE POCKET LA

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My parents flew in from Texas and surprised me at what ended up being my first performance at a sold out LA show. I love doing what I do on stage but it’s moments like this when I leave the stage that make me grateful to be able to share the gift God gave me. So to all my supporters, fam and friends who make it possible, thank you ❤️. See you tomorrow at @thepocketla at 9pm for another one 🤙🏾🤙🏾 #OnlyOneEleaze at THE POCKET LA

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“Cowboy hat from Gucci, Wrangler on my booty Can’t nobody tell me nothiiiiiin” 🤠😏 #OnlyOneEleaze at Vasquez Rocks

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Take away all the facial hair, add a liiiiil mo chocolate and ain’t much changed. Still Pooda Pooh! 😌

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“They say that if you really love someone you would set them free, Well then I guess I truly hate you cuz I wanna keep you all for me. Ain’t nothing noble bout accepting that another man could be... Kissing and loving what’s mine. Don’t let me find out where the wedding is or I’ll be there objecting it, claiming my bride”. •• •• Last week was the first time I ever performed this song live. For the longest I chose not to because I hadn’t actually dealt with the pain I felt when I wrote this song and didn’t want to keep reliving it. Fast forward to now and I can appreciate it for the art it is. I’ve never wrote a more vulnerable song in my life and getting to share it the way I should’ve when I first released it feels good. Wrecking Homes out everywhere now. 🙌🏾 #OnlyOneEleaze #DoItForChuck #WreckingHomes #realspill #oldtownroad

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I got a lil sumn sumn planned for this show 😌. Air will be grabbed 🤛🏾 and panties shall be thrown 🤽🏽‍♀️ . It’s that type of R&B night 😏. Tap the link in my bio to get your tickets today! 🎟🎟 #OnlyOneEleaze at Bar Lubitsch

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YOOOOOO!! Now anybody who knows me KNOWS how much love I have for this guy as an artist and writer. I’m talking REAL INSPIRATION. Like I told you my guy, we’ll be working together in the near future. Eleaze & @danielcaesar “Passion Casserole” Part 2?? What y’all think? 😌🤔 at LAX

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A series of looks I give Cinnabon when I’m walking up to the counter ready to get in them buns cuz the smell hit me from the parking lot like aye daddy come get this I know you been waiting all week to lick my drizzle, taste my loving, feel my warmth straight out the oven....YES. You damn right you flaky, frosty, fire freak you! Come to Daddy 😈🤗 #IfCinnabonWereAWoman #FreakyFriday #ThisCaptionIsActuallyWayMoreSexualThanIPlannedForItToBe #IJustWantedToShowYallTheseDopePics #OhWell #WhoComingToGetCinnabonWithMeToday #OnlyOneEleaze • 📸: @aracelisphotography at Downtown LA

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WHEN I GET THAT FEELING.. I NEED!!!! 😆😆😆 Everybody to go check out the full recap of the show we put on at The NOVO last week. Link in my bio. Thanks again to everyone who came out 🙏🏾❤️ And special shoutout to my guy @edmundtannn for catching the moments and putting this whole project together 🎥🔥🙏🏾🙏🏾 #OnlyOneEleaze at The Novo DTLA

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I have no haters. No one is out to harm me. EVERYTHING good and bad builds me up to be the unstoppable force God has intended for me to be. Only the people who don’t realize their own worth get turned off when you begin realizing yours. Now you wanna talk about POWER!?!! 💪🏾🔱 #thekingsson #onlyoneeleaze #PERSPECTIVEispower #loveispower 📸: @edmundtannn at L.A. LIVE

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