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#Repost of very well said blunt remarks by fellow shark researcher #RileyElliot @thelifeofrileynz ・・・ Australia government you need to pull your head in when it comes to sharks. It is not okay to go out and kill innocent wild animals after a shark attack/s. These events are yes, of course, so tragic and traumatic, not only for those directly involved but also the peripheral communities. But wtf, you cannot justify catching and killing random sharks the following days. The image above is a screen grab from @juansharks with underwater cameraman and film maker Mike Bhana, in back, and myself and @oceanramsey doing our bit, to stand up for innocent sharks being killed in such a way last time, during the WA shark cull. The public stood up against it also, so did the scientists, as much as the local ones could, while being politically gagged due to funding. Even the mother of one of the victims in WA stood up and said this isn't what her son would have wanted. We swam this baby tiger left for dead,back to life, to make sufficient noise to get our point across. My question is, what are you doing to make yours heard? If you are an Aussie, you need to stand the F up. If you are a famous Aussie, you more than anyone need to use your voice. If you're not an Aussie, then tell an Aussie to stand the F up. Shitty and stupid decisions by your government won’t stop by themselves. Clearly this is wrong. Stand up against wrong. Speak up against the ignorant, cruel, and wasteful reactions. I am NOT saying we should not acknowledge the tragedy of attacks. I sympethise hugely for the family and victims. What I say above is because I know that science has proven, that random killing of sharks doesn't work. We need to encourage actual risk mitigating policy. We need to learn more about these animals in order to reduce our personal risk when we play in their yard. We cannot, as I always say, "kill lions so we can play tennis in the Savannah" at Australia

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#LOVE ❤️ #❤️ #Gratitude So grateful and forever in love ❤️ with #Sharks #TheOcean and my “Juan and only” @juansharks I took this photo today of the engagement ring 💍 he designed with @mauidiversjewelry Maui Divers Jewelry supports over 200 non profit organizations including #waterinspiredconservation @waterinspired and @oneoceanconservation and @hawaiifoodbank I love working with organizations that give back to the community above and below sea level 💙 Grateful for this precious time with my team @oneoceandiving and special Happy Birthday shout out to my seaster @mermaid_kayleigh I think #sharkidnikki was looking for you 😉🦈🎉 #sharkidsparkles is an old grandma shark now and it makes my heart burst with excitement to see her alive every time 😍 Sharks swim a gauntlet of human dangers: gill nets, drift nets, ghost nets, longline fisheries, and even single line fishermen who have an opportunity and choice to cut the line and let them go or kill them out of fear or ignorance. Thank you to the respectable responsible fishermen that cut the line and let sharks go 💙 Sharks are responsible for regulating the health of fisheries and are scientifically proven to positively impact the health and abundance of fish, corals, and other marine ecosystems and organisms similar to the way terrestrial predators influence and balance the health of their prey populations. #shark #sharks #sharkID Learn more @oneoceansharks @oneoceandiving @oneoceanresearch @oneoceanconservation @oneoceanhawaii @oneoceanglobal @oneoceaneducation Stay tuned for more photos and @gopro from my fellow incredible team of biologists and naturalists @blakethompsonphoto @ge_keoni @nani.moana and @forrest.in.focus all working in the water on shark surveys today. #Hawaii #Oahu #northshore #fablednorthshore #learnaboutsharks #haleiwa #oneoceanresearch #oneoceandiving #oneoceanteam #oneoceanambassador #mauidiversjewelry #alamoana vid GoPro. Photo shot on @axisgo #shotoniphone #helpsavesharks #savetheocean at Maui Divers Jewelry

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Back to work 💙😊 It’s #TigerShark season in Hawaii 💙 While we technically have tiger sharks year round in Hawaii, they are extremely rare to see. However, at the end of August until the #HumpbackWhales arrive in late November we tend to see an increase in the number of sightings possibly due to large (possibly pregnant) females migrating down from the northwest Hawaiian islands into the main Hawaiian islands possibly to pup (give birth.) In my decade plus I find these large females to be actually extremely non confrontational. Dr. Carl Meyers at #HIMB has been attaching satellite tags to the dorsal fins of Tiger Sharks around Hawaii and has published recordings showing this seasonal movement of female tiger sharks. Satellite and acoustic tag data allow us to prove that Tiger sharks swim past surfers, swimmers, divers, etc everyday and incidents such as bites are extremely rare. The chances of dying from a bite are even lower, astronomically lower than your chances of dying from a jellyfish sting, drowning, or death from a car accident on your way to the beach. However, if approached place your hand firmly on the top of the head of the shark, lock your elbow out and push yourself up and over and/or off to the side. Follow through with your 2nd hand to redirect the shark or yourself. Remember your best #1 way to avoid being approached it to look around and turn around constantly. Also try to minimize splashing and do not just sit there and float like a dead 🧐. Want to learn more about what to do and not to do join me and my team of shark biologists in the water @oneoceandiving or stay tuned for more info. Photo sequence by @juansharks showing me gently redirecting a large female and following through with timed careful 2nd hand placement. #HelpSaveSharks #SaveTheOcean A healthy ocean needs sharks, we need a healthy ocean for 70% of the air we breathe...To be continued... #shotoniphone Special shout out to the guys @flynn_novak @_jesseking_ And who Else? Who helped save #JuliunPerkins who was unfortunately bit off pounders beach east Oahu. Applying a tourniquet immediately and alerting EMS is literally the most significant first responder life saving move at Oneoceandiving.com

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Photo by my “Juan and only” @Juansharks. These majestic giants slowly circled back to a small group of us diving off a boat with @mooreaoceanadventures last week while visiting the island of Moorea again.  Whales are protected in French Polynesia and in Hawaii and many countries around the world but not all.  Yesterday Japan hinted at leaving the IWC (international whaling commission) because their proposal to resume commercial whaling was denied.  Japan still kills whales for theoretical “research” purposes and kills many other cetaceans in Taiji, please the film “The Cove,” if you’re not familiar with what’s going on over there. International pressure is important in protecting what many governments refer to as “marine resources.” Humpback whales are seasonal in the tropics and make long annual migrations back to the polar regions crossing international waters where they are more vulnerable to being killed. See @keiko_conservation and @oneoceanconservation and @waterinspired and @sea_legacy and @bluespherefoundation and @mission_blue for more ways to get involved and help these beautiful gentle giants. #SaveTheWhales benefit T-shirt by @oneoceandesigns and @madi_makoff available at oneoceandesign.com all proceeds for that design this month go to @moorea.coral.gardeners #travel #sharksandtravel #whales #freediving #freediver #swimwithwhales #iwc #japan #whaling #research #whaleresearch #whalesong #whales #swimmerwithwhales #freedivingwithwhales #savetheocean #tahiti #lovetahiti #internationalwhalingcommission #japanwhaling #tigersharkwetsuit by @xcelwetsuits @xcelwomens

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#sharks and #coffee #cafe #tea #guayaki The best way to start the day after swimming with them 💙🦈. Appreciating that my life year round consists of a lot of sharks and caffeine and #diving and, at least for a couple more days, a lot less paperwork 🙏🏼💙💙💙😊😊😊 till I am back home in #Hawaii and back to work in cell reception. Grateful for these remote locations where sharks are protected, respected, and appreciated by locals and the people visiting just to come see them from all around the world. #helpsavesharks #savetheocean #healthyreefsneedsharks #sharksandcoffee #sharkcafe #sharklife #oneocean #oneoceanglobal Traveling with my ❤️🦈 Juan and only @juansharks and some @guayaki #guayakitea too ❤️💙😍☕️ #travel #sharks #discoversharks #ocean #beautifuldestinations #travelideas #best #picoftheday #instagood #fun #oceanramsey #sharkstyle #lovetahiti #lovehawaii @oneoceanconservation @oneoceanglobal Water print pareo in 2nd photo by @oneoceandesigns x @thessalonikecollection available on OneOceanDiving.com click Shop for conservation benefit #SaveTheOcean @waterinspired

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#HappyPlace #SharkBeach where you can layout with the sharks 💙☀️👙🌴👒🕶😊 Fascinating thing about this area is the consistent behavior of shark pups (baby and juvenile sharks) to use shallow near shore areas for protection from larger predators. The adults are on the outside of this shallow lagoon. This area is remote and protected but in areas where shark nursery grounds aka shark pupping grounds are near shore where humans are also utilizing coastal or shoreline areas there is sometimes a conflict for use of the same space between the original inhabitants (the sharks) and the ever growing human population. For example, mangroves and some shallow reefs are essential habitats for some species of shark pups, as human development occurs sometimes dredging and destruction of these pupping grounds occur or there is a slow destructive process from pollution or run off of the nearby development. Sometimes pregnant females entering or existing these nearshore areas to give birth can have adverse interactions with surfers, swimmers, divers, or fishermen. I’ve seen successful coexistence through environmental assessments and careful planing of infrastructure and control of pollutants. Sharks are often forgotten during environmental assessments and because pupping is often seasonal they may not be present during an assessment. The more we learn about sharks and different areas of the ocean the better we can adapt to coexist in a peaceful and even fun way. Human impacts are inevitable but what kind of impact and interaction and how sustainable it is is ultimately up to the awareness of the local communities. #Tahiti #loveTahiti A live #shark is more valuable to local economies and ecosystems than #sharkfishing for sport or #sharkfinning for #sharkfinsoup A #sharkattack is very rare but looking around when you go in the #ocean can help to avoid an adverse interaction. #HelpsaveSharks #savetheocean #polynesia #travel #beautifuldestinations #birthdayideas #lifestyle #love Photo by my ❤️1️⃣🦈 @juansharks 💋❤️💙 Swimsuit by @xcelwetsuits @waterinspired at French Polynesia

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#Paradise Photo by my ❤️ @juansharks #SaveTheOcean pareo by @oneoceandesigns #ForACause So grateful for the experiences over my lifetime, exploring this area (the Tuamotu archipelago) as a teen and coming back to enjoy this shark filled paradise almost every year 💙🦈💙 It feels like the edge of the world 🗺 far away from everything but so much like home. It’s weird to have some wi-fi here and to see it grow a little, just a little, it’s nice the area hasn’t changed much, the dolphins still jump in the pass, the corals are still healthy, and there are still lots of sharks cruising the shoreline. Perhaps part of the reason it’s still healthy and alive is because the sharks are protected here. A healthy ocean ecosystem needs healthy predators. Traditionally, similar to #Hawaii, for #Tahitians sharks are just a normal part of daily life. I wish more places were like this 💙 Suggestions for Responsible travel (please add your suggestions in comments below): 1.Research and support responsible ecotourism. 2. Pack your own water bottle, reusable bag, straw, utensils, thermos & #reefsafesunscreen 3. Pack your own products so you don’t use the single use small toiletries. 4. Reduce water use(many areas experience droughts and have to burn fossil fuels to produce water,etc.) 5. Support local initiatives to protect and respect the natural world. Check out @oneoceandesigns #SaveTheWhales benefit t-shirt to support @moorea.coral.gardeners #coralrestoration program (benefit by designer @madi_makoff and @pepkid) #foracause #travel #explore #gobeyond #gobeyondplastic #exploreorg #oneocean #oneoceanglobal #coral #reef #beautifuldestinations #scubadive #freedive #palmtree #coconuttree #lovetahiti @tahititourisme @oneoceanglobal Special thanks to the @oneoceanconservation and @keiko_conservation team for running the reef and beach clean up today back in home paradise & everyone who joined and supported 💙

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The beautiful but sadly increasingly rare Oceanic Whitetip Shark. One of my favorites to interact with. These gorgeous sharks have paddle like fins with a splash of white at their tips. They can be very inquisitive (just keep turning around and use fins or a @gopro or @axisgo to block them off) because they often go months without seeing much as their ecological niche has them roaming the open ocean desert where food and interaction is few and far between. Once the most abundant shark in the ocean it’s now listed on Cites appendix 2 as a threatened species. Almost all of the Oceanics I see have hooks or some sign of negative human interaction even in these beautiful remote areas like off of the island of #Moorea out with @mooreaoceanadventures and @mooreamoanatours @kokocouvier and my love @juansharks ❤️ Departing the #SocietyIslands for a more remote part of #Frenchpolynesia in search of more sharks 😉💙🦈 #pacificsharks #sharksofthepacific #oceanic #oceanicramsey #oceanicwhitetip #oceanicwhitetipshark #shark #sharks Photo BY #JUANSHARKS ❤️ @juansharks #lovetahiti #ocean #Axisgo #travel #gobeyond @northsails #xcelwetsuits @xcelwetsuits #Tigersharkwetsuit coming soon at Fa'a'ā International Airport

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Whale Dance @mooreaoceanadventures & all day in the water around #Frenchpolynesia doesn’t disappoint. #Humpbacks dance #pilot whales spy hop #oceanicwhitetipsharks play Loving time with my @juansharks (Photo by ❤️ #JuanSharks) & the team at #mooreaoceanadventures The owner is a marine biologist and extremely respectful of the whales and other marine life 💙🐋🦈🐬🌊 So happy to get to end the day catching up with good friends and incredible work class free divers and filmmaker amazing couple @guillaumenery and @juliegautier.nery @onedayonepicturenery Follow them for some exciting projects coming up 💙 Freedive #SaveTheWhales #SaveTheOcean #WhaleDance #UnderwaterDance #freediving #tahiti #lovetahiti @tahititourisme @sofitelmoorea @moorea.coral.gardeners fins by @cressi1946 at Moorea Ocean Adventures

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Amazing photo by @clarklittle from last year. Hoping to experience more incredible moments like this in the upcoming week with these beautiful gentle giants. #HumpbackWhales were once hunted to the brink of extinction but are a beautiful example of the effectiveness of conservation. Once enough people cared to speak up for them they were given protection and now their numbers are slowly coming back and only recently were ecologists able to describe their ecological importance for the heath of the ocean moving nutrients from polar regions towards the equator. There’s nothing like watching a 40 ton haunpback mother swim her calf to the surface to breathe right in front of your eyes, their song and presence is humbling and takes my breath away. I hope people can come together to gain the same desperately needed protection for sharks before it’s too late for them. #forthefuture @savingjawsmovie #at #savingjawsmovie #savingjaws #savethewhales #humpbackwhales #conservation #research #education #freediving #diving #travel #explore #inspiring #humbling #grateful #gorgeous Wetsuit by @xcelwetsuits @xcelwomens for a cause conservation line @waterinspired #WaterInspiredConservation #ClarkLittle #Clarklittlegallery #clarklittleclothing #shoots at Tonga

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Photo by #sharkresearcher #michelbegue Taken as I very gently guided a large #TahitianTigerShark away from an unknown photographer who kept getting pushed into the reef because he was unaware of his proximity to the chum crate at this artificial feeding site off #Tahiti Michel’s study is one of the most comprehensive #photoID research analysis of #TigerSharks at a baited shark site. His full dissertation paper can be read by searching for Michel Bègue. “Photo-identification and evaluation of the tiger shark’s (Galeocerdo cuvier) loyalty to an artificial feeding site in Tahiti, French Polynesia”. As published in Biodiversity and Ecology. 2017. Last year @juansharks and I dove with Michel and helped another local researcher while deploying acoustic tags which is also referenced in this paper in association with HAL, CNRS, CROIBE, PSL, EPHE, orp.pf, @fluidtahiti & tahitisharkexpeditions.com #frenchpolynesia is the #sharkcapital of the South Pacific and the #traditionalTahitian respect for sharks including the care and feeding and natural interactions is not yet fully changed from the western influence which generally lacks a connection to nature and has forced its own ignorant beliefs of sharks and own ideas of acceptable interactions on so many remote areas of the world where humans and sharks have coexisted peacefully for generations without the western idea of “Jaws.” I love to visit this 2nd home since I was a kid and hope that it continues to retain its traditional respect for sharks and the ocean and continue to interact without the fear and negativity of sharks that is so pervasive throughout western cultures. #manu #shark #tahitian Wetsuit by @xcelwetsuits print #WhaleShark Whale sharks are an endangered species, tigers are a near threatened species. #helpsavesharks #savetheocean #tahitihawaii #sharkresearch check out @oneoceanresearch for a link to another #marinescience paper and @oneoceansharks for our #hawaiiSharkID program #sharkid #photoidentification #sharkphotoidentification at Tahiti, French Polynesia

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Mahalo nui loa Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes, I’m only just getting to start on a list of scrolling text from dear friends around the world whom I am so grateful for 💙 My sweetheart fiancé surprised me at 4am by planning a private sunrise shark dive instead of what I thought was a interislnd flight out for a work-network meeting...yeah I know it’s what I can do everyday but sharks literally are that amazing that spending time with them is still all I would want to do on my birthday given the choice #sharksprinkles 🎉🦈🎉 Icing on the “what do you do for your fiancé who swims with sharks everyday anyways for an extra special b-day” surprise helicopter from @paradisehelicopters to a remote location where he gave me @mauidiversjewelry new designed for a cause #hammerheadearrings #comingsoon and we spotted #mantarays (Swipe to see photo.) Jaw dropping shocked 😳 and completely surprised since I thought we had to fly & squeeze in a day of work meetings pre my actual planned b day trip. Also a special thanks to my amazing crew @oneoceandiving @oneoceanconservation @oneoceanglobal @oneoceanresearch @oneoceandesigns @oneoceanhawaii @oneoceansharks @waterinspired @oneoceaninspired @keiko_conservation @littleoceantours @savingjawsmovie @exploreorg @saltnairstudios @xcelwetsuits @cressi1946 for all they year round lava and support for the sharks and the ocean and everyone out there trying to make a positive impact, there are so many people to thank and be grateful for, I want to give an extra shout out for @oneoceaneducation team today presenting to so many keiki (kids) inspiring and educating others @tracyann_saltygirl @rams_hokulani @nani.moana @madi_makoff @big_wave_dave808 @mermaid_kayleigh & so many more 💙 #grateful Photo by my ❤️🦈@juansharks #JuanSharks #nautilus engagement ring by @mauidiversjewelry #TigerShark Wetsuit for a cause by @xcelwetsuits @xcelwomens #helpsavesharks #savetheocean #followme #followmeto #followmetosharks #followmetosharkconservation #sharkconservation #sharkconservationist #couple #underwaterlove #sharks #shark #learnaboutsharks at Oneoceandiving.com

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