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Underrated beauty 🦓 . . . . . After the morning safari, all the rangers, trackers and guests (apart from me) were resting at the lodge, I convinced one of the rangers to get back in the jeep with me, go out for few hours and photograph zebras or giraffes. I told him, I know most animals wants to stay away from the heat during the day but maybe we’ll get lucky and see a baby #zebra hugging his/her mom for few seconds. (He probably thought that I’m an idiot) We hit the road and no more than 15 minutes later we bumped into these beautiful mother and her #calf . I don’t know if the calf was scared of us or he read my mind but he did exactly what I wanted him to do. Photographers who shoot #wildlife would know, when you see a shot, when there’s an opportunity like this, most of the time you have less than 5 seconds to take the shot. These beauties posed like this for about a good 3-4 minutes wagging their tails. 😍 . . . Anyway, moral of the story: you create your own luck & zebras are freaking beautiful 👍🏻 #happymothersday at Sabi Sands Game Reserve

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7 days ago

King in the making 🦁 . . . Fascinating to see the difference in confidence of a #lioncub and a young #lion just under nine months old. I guess by that time he knows, he is a king! #lionking at Sabi Sands Game Reserve

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2 months ago

‘Beauty is a fading flower’ at Havana, Cuba

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3 months ago

One frame, many stories 🇨🇺 at Havana, Cuba

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