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2 hours ago

The rough sketch for @cateabascal 's Odinn, a borderline beautiful young man in search of the knowledge of the ages. Was the perfect time to reference some of the photos of @lithunium.snow I had stashed.

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10 days ago

First pass on this coverup for @emeraldcitygypsy off to a great start! We'll probably hit the red and some of the highlights for more coverage when it's all healed up but I'm above photoshopping fresh pictures to show the "intended result" fresh tattoos bleed, deal with it πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

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11 days ago

Oh yeah we out here. Patio bed, fire pit, bistro lights, even some flowers for the deck. You know where to find us 😎❀

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18 days ago

Jae's fox leaving it's human disguise behind. Had a fun departure from my usual style on this one, lines and gray are healing, color is fresh. at Capitol Hill (Seattle)

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20 days ago

Got to start some awesome Dino-nouveau on Josh today, can't wait for color!

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24 days ago

One second for every day of April. Sakura Con, cosplay, my 29th birthday, and a whole lotta doggos. Still haven't missed a day, though having something I post monthly has brought to light that I only make 8-9 Instagram posts a month 😬

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28 days ago

Pretty fresh and swollen but too cute not to share this little wraparound Fox & the Hound ankle jammer I did for Rachel today 🦊🐢 at Artful Dodger Tattoo & Comics

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29 days ago

This Neith tattoo I did for Nathan popped up on my instagran memories today and I had to revisit the line work it was just so satisfying to tattoo 🀩

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1 month ago

If you keep up with my stories you got to see me running around at Sakura Con dressed as Future Trunks for my 29th birthday on Sunday. I haven't been to Sakura con since I was about 14/15, just making sure to stay young out here βœŒπŸ’œ calling this "Trunks 1.0" because I want to dye the jacket again just a bit darker and make the pants a smidge more accurate, and of course add the sword, but for a quick project and having not sewn anything in YEARS I am pretty pleased! at Sakura-Con

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1 month ago

FULLY HEALED lil bee butt on the always lovely @lexi.in.the.forrest who has trusted me with so many of her tattoos πŸ™ thank you!

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1 month ago

Remington, World's Greatest Dogtective.

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2 months ago

Stumbled across the pictures of this huge dappled mare I did as a thigh piece for Carina almost a year ago πŸ’• gimme all the animal cameos. at Seattle, Washington

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