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12 days ago

On the rare occasions when I manage to perfectly brown my toast on the thin steel of the barrel stove, I earn so much XP that I gain two levels at the same time. If anybody needs a freshly-level-17 queer dirtbag wizard dragon, I'm here to defeat your monsters, save your world, toast your bread, and then ghostwrite a blog about corporate intelligence software. #offgridliving #levelup #perfecttoast #freelancewriter at Alaska

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19 days ago

A few nights ago I went camping and took this picture of my warm feet and cozy nest right before I zipped up the sleeping bag and fell asleep. Sometimes a comfy evening means sitting next to the woodstove and sipping hot chocolate in a warm cabin. Other times a cozy evening involves taking a little dog team into the woods, setting up camp, and sleeping out under the stars and the aurora and the waning moon. #wintercamping #lifeupnorth #sleepingcozy at Alaska

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1 month ago

Took a goofy little 4-dog team to the top of a big hill so we could get a better look at the sunset. #sleddogsofinstagram

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1 month ago

Fried Spam, GF Mac n Cheese, Ham Egg Bake, French Toast, and more! I just finished a marathon of meal-making for my musher friends to eat during their upcoming dogsled races. I cooked the meals, popped them into vacuum sealed bags, squished them as flat as possible so they'll thaw faster, labeled them for easy identification after days of extreme sleep-deprivation, and put them outside to freeze. During the race, the mushers can put these bags of frozen food into the hot water pot while they feed their dog teams, then once the meal is hot they cut the vacuum bags open and eat out of the bag. Theoretically they could use a spoon, but squishing the glop straight from the bag like homemade baby food is also a solid option. #sleddogracing #copperbasin300 #yukonquest #foodishelpful at Alaska

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1 month ago

Today's cold weather living hack: Use scrap fabric to make a coozie for the French press so it stays warm, even when the cabin is cold. Gotta love hot coffee on a cold day! #lifeofluxury #offgridliving #freelancerlife at Alaska

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2 months ago

Part of being outdoorsy with less money is making my own gear when possible. Currently I'm sewing some wool liners for my leather work mitts (also called choppers). In colder weather, I will wear the choppers with both wool liner mitts and wool liner gloves inside. Because they're all separate items, the system is easy to dry when camping and adaptable for different temperatures. #diygear #sewingprojects #coldweatherstyle #lifeupnorth at Alaska

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2 months ago

Sure, using an outhouse in -30 F is a little invigorating. And sometimes I decide not to buy even cheap coffee, just to save a few bucks. I scoop lots of dog poop, and if it's frozen a certain way I accidentally spray icy flecks of poop onto my face. Washing dishes takes longer without running water. I have to start a generator to charge my computer. My cabin is between 40-45 F most mornings. I don't have a refrigerator, or a microwave, or a blender, or even a whisk. But... then again, when I need a break, I walk out my front door, put on my skis, borrow some huskies, and go sliding through a stunningly beautiful wilderness while adorable puppies romp around my feet. Thanks to @barkingraven for taking the photos! #soworthit #lifeupnorth #offgridliving #diversifyoutdoors #sleddogpuppies

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2 months ago

Sweet, sweet sunshine dusted the top of the trees and was even directly visible for a few minutes while we were traveling across a field. It's hard to explain how exciting that was for us, but I will say it was a glorious day for a dog run. Also, it was a balmy -5° F. #aftersolstice #nofilter #realsleddogs #lifeupnorth at Alaska

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2 months ago

Recently I've been learning all about how to use an ax from The Ax Book, by Dudley Cook, first published in 1981. It's super interesting and also a surprisingly fun read. I highly recommend it for anyone who regularly uses an ax. #learnsomethingneweveryday #newskills #safetyisaskill at Alaska

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