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5 months ago

Not a bad high school grounds, definitely greener than the one I used to go in Castellon. at Marlborough Science Academy

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5 months ago

London you look nice today 👌

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6 months ago

🤔 Last time I changed a graphic card it was like half the size or less. Don’t know where these monster come from!

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7 months ago

Checking old backups I’ve found some photos from our honeymoon in Tenerife. Just 9 years later here are some edits. Maybe by the time we celebrate 25 years together I’ll get the full album 😂. Love you @olgalillo ❤️ at Masca, Canarias, Spain

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8 months ago

Got a graphics tablet the other day so it was time to put rusty drawing skills to test. Clearly a lot learn 😂. But it’s quite relaxing to draw a. It every night.

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10 months ago

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10 months ago

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11 months ago

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11 months ago

Looks who’s mowing the garden today 😂 I may just sit down on that deck chair and enjoy the sun

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1 year ago

Little beast is upon us, yet another snowy day today. ❄️

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1 year ago

Quite a chilly night to go out / Also works as the cover of your new metal band / at The Alban Way

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1 year ago

The dreaded word.

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