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@nomadzdreme  I can't stop thinking about ; our next Adventure !

2 days ago

Scout and Fern enjoying their new home

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14 days ago

Fern and Scout. New additions to our family. Greta will be a great Momma goose (hen).

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20 days ago

Greta has some new companionship now after losing her sisters to an unruly dog In the neighborhood. Fiddlehead (bantam) and Fern (austrolope). Welcome home girls!

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21 days ago

I always expect the final snow in early April. But a few days from May! I hope all the Morels are going to survive this cold snap. at New Troy, Michigan

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25 days ago

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25 days ago

There are to many great pictures and memories that go along with them. Charlie and Stella are the glue to our family. We gave them ,equally as they gave us the greatest life possible. From backpacking scenic trails, canoeing lakes and rivers, all season day hikes every where, camp fires, endulging on junk food together, cuddling for movie time and just when ever time, fart wars, beach days.....ect. The list continues on and on... They went where ever we went. R.I.P. Charlie and Stella. You will always be with us forever as we will be with you! We love you very much!

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25 days ago

Backstage as a guest performer at Cirque De Soleil. It wasn't my choice. I guess I'm now a performer! at Mystère by Cirque du Soleil

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26 days ago

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26 days ago

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26 days ago

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26 days ago

Tashi's introduced me to a sweet new location I have yet explored. Absolutely stunning views. at Valley of Fire State Park

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27 days ago

I had a feeling, I was going to be on stage tonight. I was chosen to be a guest performer. Good times!

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1 month ago

I guess they want to go for a hike

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2 months ago

Charlie bear

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2 months ago

Testing out a 20° warbonnet Yeti underquilt tonight in the backyard. The low will be 25° tonight. Morning: I stayed warm all night. Now I'm not limited to above 40° at night. Time to hit the trail!

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3 months ago

I love my Fluxcore 212 wire, without gas that is. Everyone else wants the 7018, so the buzz box is always just waiting for me. at Savannah International Paper Mill

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