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@noel_fielding  I’m Old Gregg Mother Licker x For comedy contact PBJ For art contact @dontwalkwalkgallery or @hooliganartdealer x

23 minutes ago

The genius of Skip Spence x

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19 hours ago

Acid mouse had taken an heroic dose of L.S.D his arms felt unusual and the floor seemed to be made from the lipstick cake holes of crying priests. He trundled through the forest looking for Nanny Porpoise A bird made from paradise and talc globules. Didn’t exactly find the bird as much as absorb it through the dreams of an Imagined version of himself a second younger. Elongated Bat monger x

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20 hours ago

A C I D M o u S E Heading to the Soft machine x

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21 hours ago

A. C. I. D 🐭 ( in day to day Julie mode ) x

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2 days ago

ACID Mouse rides again ! This time he’s furious x ( he also smells of omelette )

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2 days ago

Saw this person in Gails getting an oat latte ! What a dick x

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2 days ago

I fucking hate drawing ! Here’s me carrying the crayons I did this atrocity with to an incinerator ! Drew quite a crowd x

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2 days ago

Jungle creature x

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2 days ago

Old French couple x

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2 days ago

M o R n I N G x

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2 days ago

The soft parade x

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2 days ago

International fiasco x

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