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8 days ago

✨💕🏝️💕✨ ° ° ° Ahh I feel like I haven't posted in forever! I've been busy prepping for vacation and I'm at the airport now 😭🇮🇸 @minister_of_waffles and I have some mad Icelandic adventures planned! I even fit two casual cosplays in my suitcase because I was a little bummed about missing Mega and Momo. This is my first time cosplaying abroad so hopefully it goes okay! Everyone have fun at the cons this year!!! But yee here is some Calypso from universal shenanigans 💕 this infinity dress might make another appearance soon 😜 also I'm hoping I brought enough PJO books for all the flying wowee 🤞✈️📚 ° 📸@kurosaki_cosplays🙏❤️ ° #percyjackson #pjo #pjocosplay #hoocosplay #calypso #calypsocosplay

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12 days ago

Gotta catch 'em all 💋🦋✨ ° ° ° Ahhh I just got out of Detective Pikachu and it was such a good time 💕 I've had fabric and a pattern to make my PoGo trainer outfit forever and now I've got the motivation! Time to wreck the craft room I just cleaned RIP 😜 ° ⚡🐭DO YOU KNOW THIS COSPLAYER??? They were amazing and their suit even played Pikachu audios I was screaming 👏 🎨Suit design @brandonogilberto 👗Suit printing and construction @zentaizone 🗼Yoyo 3D model @keahcreations 💇 Wig @ardawigs Chibi Long in Dark Blue 📸@akaana.ika I think💕 ° #miraculousladybug #ladybugcosplay #miraculousladybugcosplay #marinettedupaincheng #detectivepikachu #pokemon #pikachu #cosplay #cosplayer #womenofcosplay #cosplayersofinstagram

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14 days ago

✨🎨EDITING INFO POST🎨✨ ° ° ° Yoo I'm definitely not a professional (I'd even say I lean a little garish 😂) but I haven't given an editing example/breakdown in a while so hewwo! ° For a few of the Phos photos we were either losing light or I look oompa loompa orange next to such a white background. For these conditions I like to go nuts lowering the temperature and increasing brightness slightly to get a little more ethereal and little less who turned out the lights. This also helps my collar and shirt look like they're not different materials 🙃 after a contrast bump I rectified the image to pull my top half forward a bit. Leaning on my back leg made my head look a little smol, plus tilting my head forward gives a bit more emphasis to the wig which is my pride and joy 😭 if I do I usually rectify in the opposite direction, pulling the legs forward to give an angle that makes me look a bit taller as though the photo was taken from a lower perspective. ° I mostly use Meitu because I like their UI and it is a good one stop shop. I'll re-download PicsArt for stickers and FaceTune for those fun grey backgrounds (people also use it to easily shop in body paint wink wonk). InShot is what I use to get the blurred backgrounds because I hate cropping and having awkwardly zoomed previews, but that is a personal peoblem. It's also solid for simple video editing. The instagram sharpen feature is also pretty good for adding clarity without getting too grainy and I did that last on here. ° So yeah this is how I spend a solid chunk of my lunch hour when I can avoid coworkers😅 Hope this helps on your phone photo editing adventures! Feel free to ask if you have any questions 💕 ° 📸✨@kurosaki_cosplays ° Wig @ardawigs Vivien in Emerald Green + TranspArt 🍃 Bodysuit pattern @heycutsew in Moonstone 🌙 ° #flpolycon #flpolycon2019 #housekinokuni #hnk #hnkcosplay #landofthelustrous #landofthelustrouscosplay #phos #phoscosplay #phosphophyllite #phosphophyllitecosplay

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16 days ago

We can be heroes, forever and ever 🎶✨💕 ° ° ° This weekend was such a great time I still cannot believe it! So many people recognized our group (even though I haven't reached half of these characters yet RIP), Annabeth from New York™ got to carry the trident on Poseidon's Fury, we snuck on the Hulk just before getting caught in a massive downpour, bwahhh so many adventures 💕 I'm super duper excited to keep reading with all my pals as headcanons now 😂 ° Jason @kurosaki_cosplays ⚡ Piper @french_friar 💅 Frank @dandygore_cosplay 🏹 Nico @padfootrose ☠️ Calypso dat me 💔 Leo @xxjustaghost ⚒️ Percy @cornerghost.cosplay 🌊 Annabeth @lunar.cosplay 🏛️ Not pictured @big_oof_cosplay as Will☀️, @desudelite as tropical Nico🌴, and @tamakatx as makeup wizard 💄 ° 📸@deviousminds🙏 ° #percyjackson #pjo #pjocosplay #hoocosplay

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17 days ago

🌹😻🌊🐞🍬🐻🐰🎁🎀 ° ° ° Wow it is actual angel @akaana.ika's birthday today 🎂💕🎉 thanks for always being a great pal! I hope you have an awesome day my dude and I can't wait for metro but we gotta make plans to hang out before then 😘😘😘

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20 days ago

Even superheros need a vacation 🏝️ ° ° ° Ahhh I'm heading down to Orlando for the weekend soon! I'm so excited to get up to shenanigans with some great pals 💕 (haha I'm here and I'm up too early with hype, but I wrote this before I left and didn't get a chance to paste the credits in before I was swept away 😂 have a great day my dudes!) ° 📸@caylamart 🎨Suit design @brandonogilberto 👗Suit printing and construction @zentaizone 🗼Yoyo 3D model @keahcreations 💇 Wig @ardawigs Chibi Long in Dark Blue ° #ladybugcosplay #miraculousladybug #miraculousladybugcosplay #marinettedupaincheng #marinettecosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #womenofcosplay #cosplayersofinstagram

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24 days ago

She cried a river and drowned the whole world...probably 🌊✨ ° ° ° This year has been the year of single wear cosplays 😭 there are so many I want to bring back, but I keep jumping to new projects. It has been a bit of a Problem™ so if anyone wants to hit me up for con plans and hangouts for groups I've already got a cosplay for it would be much appreciated 😂💕 and if I say I'm going to reline/add lace/remake it feel free to punch me in the fREAKING face. My wallet and my sanity will thank you 😘 ° 📸@lightning.skye💙 ° #cosplay #cosplayer #womenofcosplay #cosplayersofinstagram #floridacosplayer #lapislazuli #lapiscosplay #stevenuniverse #stevenuniversecosplay #lapis #sucosplay

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25 days ago

T̴̢͈̼͇̝̖̼͚̲̻́̽̽̄͆̓̽͝r̶̼͇̠͖̱̙̬̼̅͜ű̷̡̯̤̞̝̉̽̌̿͗͂͝s̷̨̲͇̈́ţ̴̤͔͛̊͝ ̶̫͚̹̫͉͍̱͔̫̌̌̉͋̓̈́Ņ̸̧̱͍̘͓͍̉̈̇̄̓͆́̌̏͜ŏ̶̧͇̞̳̱̭̖̯͚̝̆̌̾̓̊͘͝ ̵̬̘͖͉͈̈̌̀̾̔̊̐͑͜͝ͅƠ̸̺͎͌̀̊͗͌̚ṋ̵͉̥̠̝͍̮̮̩̈́̇̈́̉͜͝e̶̡̩͓̥̖̥͇̅͊̌͊̽͐̚ͅ ° ° ° I've still hardly gone through the shoot photos but I love them and these good beans 😭💕 ° 🌲@xxjustaghost 🌠@cornerghost ⚠️ dat me 📸@padfootrose ° #cosplay #cosplayer #gravityfalls #gravityfallscosplay #dipperpines #dippercosplay #mabelpines #mabelcosplay #billcipher #billciphercosplay

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26 days ago

✨💎PHOSPHOPHYLLITE WIG INFO💎✨ ° ° ° I didn't take enough photos for a full blown tutorial, but I've gotten several questions about this wig so I tried my best to explain the process! 💕 ° 📸@padfootrose🐶🌹 ° 💇‍♀️WIG💇‍♀️ The wig base is an @ardawigs Vivien in Emerald Green. The color was the hardest choice, but I'm happy with the greener base and incorporating blues on top! I cut my wigs with thinning shears and style with got2b hairspray and a hairdryer. This was finished before mapping out the fancy stuff. ° ✨SUPPLIES✨ The holographic pieces are Worbla TranspArt. Some were first tinted with iDyePoly in Blue (I saw that they also have turquoise-that might be a better option!) All of the pieces have light blue headlight film for the shine. I got the idea from @schmemy who used it for a kickass foam Cinnabar wig 💕 Teal glitter vinyl was added in a few spots for another texture and color. ° ⚗️PROCESS⚗️ I planned everything out by holding pieces of paper next to the wig, tracing the rough shape of the style, and cutting it out, adjusting until I was happy with the pattern. Then I taped the pattern to the worbla and cut it out. The tricky part was the headlight vinyl (the ratings were poor for this brand, but it had the best color I could find with fast shipping). Cut a piece slightly bigger than what you need, peel the cover film as you go in small sections and press down the sticky side starting at the center and moving towards the edges. It isn't completely sticky at first, so you can peel it back up and press to remove large bubbles. It's hard to see the imperfections when attached to the wig so don't sweat it too much. Just another fun texture! Trim the excess film when your happy with the placement. The pieces were then shaped with a heat gun, holding them gently near the wig head as they cooled and set. I just hot glued everything on and it held better than expected, I didn't end up reinforcing with E6000 and nothing fell off. Woo! I suggest adding pieces from bottom to top and hiding the glued areas under hair sections or opaque glitter vinyl. Again, it's hard to see glue blobs in the light so don't stress 💕 ° 👇CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS👇

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29 days ago

I'm a wooooot?😱⚡✨ ° ° ° Ooof I got up hella early to get into this makeup for Lab Week movie character day, but it was so fun!! I had @alysontabbitha videos on to give tips as I went and blessss the queen she helped so much 💕 Some coworkers didn't recognize me, people from different departments stopped by my office to say hi, and one lady said I looked like the real Harry Potter so I guess it worked pretty okay 😭😭😭 I'll have to take him out for better photos sometime, but here is a sneaky work selfie for now 🤫 ° #harrypotter #harrypottercosplay #gryffindor #cosplay #cosplayer

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1 month ago

Did somebody say Illuminati, reptoids, and crippling, all-consuming paranoia? 👁️ ° ° ° I'd given up on getting my phone to cooperate for the night but yoo @caylamart just told me the news about Inside Job and I'm screaming. That's all 😱💕

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