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3 days ago

Hey guys sorry for the inactivity recently I’ve been going through a lot and haven’t been motivated to post but I’m back!! ✨❤️🐁 #yolandi #yolandivisser #ninja #ninji #zef

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1 month ago

Love Ninja and Yolandi so so much. Have had this fan page for about 5 years and have grown to love DA more and more each year. I stopped using my fan account about a year ago due to some shit going on in my life, but remembered how amazing it was to be active on this account. Making friends with fellow zef lovers is incredible. Modeling for some sick zef shiz back in the day was my fav... only old followers will remember haha. Anyways, this account makes me so happy. I love posting about DA and meeting other fans just like me. If any other DA lovers wanna chat just DM me :-) Ninji and Landi will always be my favorite artists. Zef to death 🖤🖤🖤 #yolandi #yolandivisser #ninja #ninji #zef #dieantwoord

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