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3 days ago

Stunning clarity from edge to edge. “With 90% focus point coverage, I was able to focus and not have to recompose and shoot – it was incredibly liberating.” Shot by #NikonAmbassador @JerryGhionis with a pre-production Z 7. #NikonZ #NikonZ7

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3 days ago

Are you ready for the first day of #fall? We're excited for colorful leaves, apple picking, and cooler nights spent with friends and family.

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4 days ago

The P1000 is equipped with the most powerful zoom lens ever put on a Nikon COOLPIX camera: an astonishing 125X Zoom-NIKKOR ED glass lens. Watch what happens when @GoGoGorosh took the COOLPIX #P1000 around Los Angeles.

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5 days ago

We're flipping out for early fall adventures! Here's an #adventure #photography tip: try pairing a fast shutter speed with a shallow depth of field in order to keep the subject sharp and the focal point of the image. Photo by #NikonAmbassador @hancockphoto.

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10 days ago

Fashion Week, Nikon style. “I was really blown away at how fast you can capture images. The 9fps allowed me to capture moments I didn’t see in person while I was shooting because it’s so incredibly fast.” Photo by #NikonAmbassador @iamDixieDixon with a pre-production Z 7. #FashionPhotography #Fashion #NikonZ7

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11 days ago

From #NikonAmbassador @CliffMautner: “Just finished downloading and backing up a huge, long, wonderful weekend of shooting an Indian Sangeet and wedding at The Rockleigh in northern NJ. It was my first experience using the new Nikon Z 7 on an assignment, so I wanted to just see where I could implement it into the workflow. It was in my bag, alongside my D5s, D850, and D750. I'm quite happy with my lineup of gear, and I won’t be changing my workhorses, but this camera will find a role. Here’s a portrait of our sensational bride, Poonam. She, her husband, Michael, and all of the families and bridal party were spectacular to work with. BIG shout out to our planner, Priya @preminievents, as well as @therockleigh who were stellar to work with. This image was shot with a preproduction Nikon Z 7, and a NIKKOR 105 F1.4E ED coupled with the FTZ adapter. 1/160th F1.4 @ ISO 1600. Also, it’s straight out of camera. I love the skin tones with this camera - reduced in file size for social.” #NikonNoFilter #NikonZ7

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11 days ago

Swipe through to check out four new NIKKOR lenses from the full-frame mirrorless #Nikon Z series – raising the benchmark in optical performance. Designed for the revolutionary Z mount, these lenses deliver phenomenal image quality and control through powerful features such as Nano Crystal Coat and the customizable control ring. From left to right: NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct, NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S, NIKKOR Z 35mm f/1.8 S, NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 S. #NIKKORZ #MirrorlessReinvented #CaptureTomorrow #NikonZ

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14 days ago

From #NikonAmbassador @debsandidge: “Before sunrise, the sky can look otherworldly and magical. This is often my favorite time to take artistic photographs capturing deep rich colors. A two second exposure creates more of an abstract in low light conditions, and it feels like I used a paint brush instead of my camera to make the shot. Photographed with a pre-production Z 7 camera.” #NikonNoFilter #NikonZ7

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