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14 hours ago

"Some views are just way to good" Photo credit: @dw_photo_ca

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9 days ago

"A sunset we shot a couple of months back from Golden Ears park. This park is one of our favourites, and full of new areas to explore every time we visit." Photo credit: @vanexusphotography at Golden Ears Provincial Park

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16 days ago

"Happy Canada Day! To celebrate this special occasion, I'd love to share a photograph from my ongoing Day to Night series, shot near the Tweedsmuir Park Lodge in Bella Coola, British Columbia. This scene captures native grizzly bears looking for food in their natural habitat during the salmon run. Due to climate change, however, the rivers in which the salmon travel are hotter and drier than ever before, leading to an increased number of fish deaths and a lesser number of fish for the bears to feed on. I am so fortunate to be partnering with Canadian Geographic to photograph threatened species and locations throughout Canada. This photograph was shot with the new Nikon Z 7 camera." #OurCanadaStory #sharecangeo Photo credit: @stephenwilkes at Bella Coola, British Columbia

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20 days ago

Beautiful Red Fox. Photo credit: @aaronktodd

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28 days ago

"The clouds and mist during this morning were super cool. They even parted just enough for some colour to pop up in the sky." Photo credit: @deviantoptiks at Jasper National Park

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30 days ago

"Every sunrise is an invitation to brighten someones day". Photo credit: @wjlphoto at Moraine Lake

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