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@nikitabeauxink  Shop Owner/ Tattoo Artist : Beaux Ink For appointments ONLY by email: 🚫no DM’s 🚫 My feed is a mess🤷🏻‍♀️ AMSTERDAM🌈 #beauxink

7 days ago

My dad would have been proud 🖤 📸: by the amazing wonderful talented @fracrox (Swipe for mini me and di papa)

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7 days ago

HEALED! Love this one, can’t wait to extend it. #beauxink

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8 days ago

Wild bouquet ✨ thanks Esmee for trusting me with your first tattoo! #beauxink

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10 days ago

HEALED!! Some like it more light, some like it more dark. I love both. More beautiful healed pictures! Thanks Chantal! Love this one #beauxink Always feel free to send me good healed pictures!

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12 days ago

Dark rose and itsybitsy spider for my dearest 🔥 #beauxink

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13 days ago

Florals and a butterfly for Marieke. Thanks for the trust! SWIPE for more #beauxink

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16 days ago

HEALED! (No filter) Thank you so much for this beautiful picture Zafira! #beauxink Dear clients I would love to see more healed pictures like this! It’s always good for me for and you guys to see healed tattoos. Feel free to send me some❤️

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16 days ago

My little grandpa 9 years by my side! He’s the most stubborn, most scruffy, sweetest little cuddle ball I could wish for. Happy bday Jackson ❤️ #FISSA

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17 days ago

Whang-od Oggay the ‘last’ and oldest,101yrs old, mambabatok (traditional kalinga tattooist) and Maud Wagner the first known female tattoo artist in the US. Tattooing has so much history, so much culture. They’re on my altar, they are my hero’s ❤️

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18 days ago

Healed portrait from her beautiful mom, thanks once again Maud for trusting me with this one 🌹 (And for the beautiful picture) #beauxink

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19 days ago

Gerbera for Maud. Thanks for trusting me once again! #beauxink

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20 days ago

Single needle baby whale for Fleur, thanks for the trust and the lovely session ✨ #beauxink

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21 days ago

Rose Zerina! Thanks open minded AND for sitting like a rock ;) #beauxink

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22 days ago

More of this please 😍 Thanks for trusting me once again and for this fun one! SWIPE cause it wraps (There are some scars underneath the hairs that why it’s a bit more swollen there but it’ll settle in) #beauxink

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24 days ago

😍JACKPOT😍 Healed Freehand script on this beautiful mermaid booty 🔥 #beauxink at Bali

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25 days ago

Healed ✨ (script not done by me) # #beauxink

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27 days ago

One more session of gap fillers and details on this one. Thanks sitting like a rock and for the trust Indya, I’m having so much fun with this one! Fresh snake and flowers and the rest is healed. SWIPE for more (Had to repost it, because Instagram sucks sometimes) #beauxink

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28 days ago

My happiest face. The reason why I’m that ‘crazy animal lady’ is because unlike some humans, animals are pure and loving by nature. They never disappoint, they’ll never hurt you. All they want is to be loved and give love. That’s why my little zoo is my happy place ❤️ @myhappylittlezoo 📸: @shotsofexpression

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