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2 days ago

My awesome Australorp ladies - Maya and Charlotte 👯‍♀️ Maya had a rough molt but is all fluffed out and back to her beautiful self. ♥️ I love this picture as you can really see the similarities and differences between them. Very similar feather coloring and body size but Charlotte’s comb and wattles are brighter and bigger. They have pretty similar personalities too except Maya “talks” a lot more. She might be the most vocal of all our girls 😁 #australorp #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #ilovemychickens #chickens #chickensaspets

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1 month ago

Adriana and Gisele - my cream legbar ladies ❤️❤️ They were such a good addition to the flock this year. Their personalities couldn’t be more different but they’re fun to watch. Adriana wants basically nothing to do with us unless we’re feeding her 😂 while Gisele is a little baby who loves her humans and follows them everywhere. I think she’d even prefer to be a house chicken 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe some day 😁 #creamlegbar #chickensofinstagram #backyardchickens #ilovemychickens #chickens #chickensaspets

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