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@naturegirlangie  Nature inspired. Adventurer, artist, writer, joy seeker. ✨2019 goal: hike 444 miles. ✨Current miles: 152.5

3 days ago

Skunk cabbage. Lovely yet stinky. 😬 I still remember coming across patches of this undeniable stench in the forest around my house growing up. I can usually smell it long before I spot it. Ahhh memories. 🥴 Are there plants out in nature that spark a memory of childhood for you with their smell?

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4 days ago

Let go of self doubt. Surrender to self love. Anyone else love spotting hearts in nature?

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5 days ago

When was the last time you surrounded yourself with the magic of trees?

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9 days ago

What are you grateful for today? . . Alpine lake last weekend with Tolmie Peak in the distance. Looking like it’s still covered in snow....

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10 days ago

You know I love you when I pack a spread of delicious foods on my back to prepare for you out in the wilderness. On Mother’s Day, I prepared a lunch of meatball sandwiches, fresh cut strawberries, sugar snap peas, black olives and a bottle of blood orange Italian soda. 44 years ago today, I came into this world with a heart of unlimited capacity to love and to bring light and joy. I am thankful for both of my parents for giving me the gifts of love, encouragement, compassion and encouragement to live my best life. I think level 44 will be good to me. Focusing on more adventures, more love, more connections, more belly laughs. #levelup #happybirthday #44 #naturegirlangie at Planet Earth

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11 days ago

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice. 📍 Reflection lake at Rainier on Sunday. Stevens Canyon road was open up to the Bench lake trailhead (which was snowed over) ... might need to get out on that trail soon. at Mount Rainier National Park

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15 days ago

I try not to wish my weeks away by focusing on the weekends ... this week has been exhausting and I am so very thankful it’s Friday at last and there are adventures ahead that can help me reboot. I’m especially thankful that Sunday is Mother’s Day and I will be taking my mom and sister and niece into the mountains for a Mother’s Day lunch hike. Sharing the outdoors with my people is one of my favorite things in the world. Have a great day and weekend and happy Mother’s Day to all & celebrate in whatever way that nurtures your heart and soul. 💕✨ #mothersday #rechargeyoursoul #weekendvibes #tgif #love #gratitude #thankful #pnwonderland #cascadiaexplored #wanderlust #explorepnw #washingtonstate #natureaddict at Washington

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16 days ago

Research has shown that after repeating a new pattern for 40 days, you can change the neural pathways in your brain to create long lasting change. Seems like a commitment worth investing in if you truly want change. I’ve used the 40 days periodically in my adult life to bring about changes in my life. The first radical change I made was to spend 40 days experiencing adventures to get myself off the couch and through grief - experiencing joy again. I worked myself through fear and created some amazing memories and met new people and started living my life again. I spent another 40 days practicing intentional gratitude. Listing my gratitudes daily for 40 consecutive days to help overcome an overwhelming negative space I felt trapped in. To get to a space where every day I inventory all the things I am thankful for without even thinking about it - it’s just part of everything I do. I spent 40 days meditating to learn to create space for myself and to pause. To find balance and focus on my breath. I took 40 + days of intentional work and journaling to overcome past experiences, practice forgiveness and visualize my hopes and dreams. Today I start day 1 with a new book I found of 40 days of subtle shifts for radical change and unlimited happiness - I feel like I’ve lost my happy. Time to refocus and create long lasting change. You can create your own 40-day plan if there is something you want to shift in your life. I’m going to follow daily lessons in a book by @gabbybernstein titled May Cause Miracles and see how that goes. Have you tried doing something (or changing something) for 40 consecutive days and experienced lasting change? Cheers to unlimited happiness and making those shifts in your life that move you in whatever direction your heart desires. #gratitude #change #maycausemiracles #happiness #40days #newperspective #witnessyourfear #love #chooselove

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17 days ago

There is something so healing about nature. For as long as I can remember, I have used the outdoors as my place to heal from the challenges of life - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. As my knees start to make more noise and my shoulders scream from the tension of sitting at a desk writing, I keep moving. Friday I got to hike with some lovely friends - one of which is healing from ACL surgery and we slowed our pace. We took time to enjoy the shapes in trees, watch the long tree mosses wave in the breeze. We enjoyed pauses to inspect beaver chewed trees, spot fiddleheads and maidenhair ferns and notice cat scratches on a tree. We stood in silence watching and listening at this small lake as fish jumped and splashed collecting a buglishious dinner. The weather forecast is calling for more lovely sunshine. If you are a fair-weather hiker it might be a great time to schedule some time outdoors for your own healing. Maybe a pull out overlook or a full on backpacking trip - choose your own healing adventure and breathe the fresh air deep in your lungs.

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22 days ago

The lighthouse. Resilience and strength. Comfort and hope. A steady and grounded structure that guides people to safety. With a goal of guidance, it illuminates the darkest of times, bringing you love and hope. Be the lighthouse. Be the light. Have a great weekend. ✨❤️✨ at New Dungeness Lighthouse

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23 days ago

Last Saturday I headed out for an 11 mile hike with my mom. This was the longest hike I’ve done since my concussion although there was practically no elevation gain so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. Five lessons learned for the day: 1. As diligent as I am in planning and gathering data for my hikes - I somehow missed the info about 40 mph winds. We got out to the beach and a ranger says to us - do me a favor and when you get out there, turn around and see what kind of wind you will be facing on your way back. .... I guess mom and I are both stubborn because we hiked it anyway. 2. I am thankful for my mom bringing an extra puffy with a hood in her pack. I was prepared as usual minus my winter hat and my usual pack puffy with hood was back in my adventure zone and instead had one without hood. The wind was beating at my ears making them hurt and I could have actually used a winter hat and ski goggles ha ha. 3. Hiking in sand is work - even when there is minimal elevation gain. Rocks, pebbles, fine sand, deep sand, compact sand. The terrain changes and the legs were feeling it. 4. Mom and I were keeping a 3 mph pace on the way out to the lighthouse. No wonder I had to stop half way there and take a break. I’ve been sitting on my rear a lot recovering. 5. Always take a trash bag with you. Especially on a beach hike. On the way back, I filled my trash bag with all kinds of trash - either washed up or left behind by beach visitors. #leavenotrace It was a beautiful day spent with my mom and I am thankful that she dropped her Saturday to do list to come Hike with me. The to do lists can usually wait ... there will always be things to do. I also gathered some great ideas for a new painting. Live your best life. Happy day to you. at Dungeness Spit Lighthouse

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24 days ago

Good morning and happy May! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself for those who don’t know me. I am a nature loving adventurer, writer, artist living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Born and raised in Washington state, I spent many of my weekends and summers hiking, backpacking and doing other outdoor centered adventures with my family. Our Sunday adventures will always stay with me - from riding bikes in the snow on logging roads to exploring the forest that met our property to climbing mountains where my dad would pull out a watermelon at the summit - sharing the reward with all. Week long backpacking trips with my parents and sister, my grandparents and aunts and uncles and family friends - fishing for our dinners and blueberry cobblers for dessert. I feel grateful for this start in life and that all these years later I still find joy in adventuring and spending time in nature. I spend a great deal of my time in nature, although I also spend much time writing and painting. By day - I write textbooks on exciting topics to educate on providing care to individuals who experience dementia, mental disorders and traumatic brain injury. I authored a local guide book on the Olympia area titled Explore Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey - publishing the second edition back in 2013. (Available on Amazon). I paint just about anywhere - I pack my watercolors around on trails: to mountain summits, beaches, to the shores of alpine lakes. And I paint. This gives me an opportunity to really sit and see. To notice every crevice, every blade of grass, every wildflower, every sparkle on the water, every branch on every tree. I also paint with acrylics on large canvases - mostly in my home studio. (not sure a 30x40 canvas will fit my pack) I get to create charming and whimsical pieces that reflect the joy of nature when I can’t be outside experiencing it in that moment. You can find some of my art on my website Have a happy May Day. I remember delivering flowers to people’s door step when I was a kid & knock and run. Then watch from a bush the joy it gave the person. Enjoy today. Spread light today. The world can always use more light and joy.

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25 days ago

One of my favorite hikes. I wonder if I will ever tire of it. My first time this year and we took hammocks and relaxed for a bit with cookies and tea before leaving. I’m pretty sure if it hadn’t been a Sunday we would have tried to stay the night. Isn’t nature lovely? I am excited for more backpacking. at Olympic National Forest

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29 days ago

Keep your chin up and head held high today. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Let your mind find at least one thing to be grateful for today. It is Friday and it will all be ok. at Burfoot Park

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1 month ago

I have spent a lot of time outside in nature in my life. I love to discover little details as well as savor the big things. I love stepping out and allowing myself to feel wonder and joy for the experiences. I also love capturing moments and details in photographs and sometimes the inspiration overflows onto a canvas. Currently, many of my canvases are hanging at the Olympia Little Theater in the lobby for their current production of Driving Miss Daisy. It is exciting that my nature inspired art is getting to experience so many visitors! If you’re in Olympia - check out the performance and take a peek at the art! Oh and a side note - one of my octopus paintings will be installed as a vinyl wrap on a traffic box downtown Olympia this spring/summer. Stay tuned for more on that! . . #decidedlydifferent #olympiagram #thurstontalk #visitolympia #artistsoninstagram #art #artshowcase #natureinspiredart #supportthearts at Olympia Little Theatre

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1 month ago

I love that the day light is sticking around longer and longer and that each day seems to have more time. How are you planning to enjoy your day to its fullest? Happy Wednesday.

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