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9 hours ago

Photo by @lucalocatelliphoto | Three telescopes of the Deimos Sky Survey, based in Spain, watch for close asteroids and man-made space debris that could damage satellites, as an airplane streaks across the sky. Noelia Sánchez Ortiz, an aerospace engineer, and Jaime Nomen, an astronomer and the head of the observatory, monitor the instruments. Please follow me @lucalocatelliphoto to know more about my stories. #space #spain #observatory #environment

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14 hours ago

Photo by @kevinfaingnaert // The future is bright for the city of light. Eindhoven is the #Netherlands fifth largest city, a modern metropolis built up around a famous light bulb and lamp manufacturer. Eindhoven is a vibrant centre for creative design and post-industrial reinvention. There's a highly thought-provoking modern-art gallery and a UFO-shaped quirk of 1960s architecture. It's also notable for its connection to Vincent Van Gogh, who lived and painted in the nearby village of Nuenen.

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17 hours ago

Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // Travelling by skis across the Alps is the best way to see this wonderful mountain landscape. We took advantage of the fine weather we’re experiencing at the moment and made a ski tour up to Wörgegratspitze in Kühtai. at Kühtai, Tirol, Austria

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1 day ago

Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // From Yellowstone to Hawaii. This month’s travel schedule is a study in contrasts for me. From full on winter to shorts and T-Shirts. While waiting for waves here on the north shore of Oahu I visited the incredible Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden near Kaneohe, Hawaii. Even though I have been to Hawaii a dozen times or more somehow I have never been to Ho’omaluhia before - it is absolutely stunning. #hoomaluhia #hawaii #oahu

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2 days ago

Photo by @PaulNicklen // This view through a melting iceberg is a window to the changing land and seascape in Svalbard, Norway. When the landscape is covered in snow and ice, a significant portion of the sun’s energy reflects off these light-coloured surfaces. However, as ice melts and the dark-coloured ground, or ocean, become exposed, warming is amplified as these surfaces are unable to reflect the energy and will instead absorb it. This once icy realm has succumbed to the consequences of global warming, and like most other Arctic areas, sees less and less ice every year. #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen for more photos of #Arctic landscapes. #iceberg #Norway #climatechange #nature #photography at Norway

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2 days ago

Photo @stephen_matera // Morning fog along the Big Sur coastline, Garrapata State Park, California. Big Sur is a rugged section of the Central Coast of California between Carmel Highlands in the North and San Simeon in the South. Highway 1, now called the Cabrillo Highway, was opened in 1937, works it's way along the entire 70 mile route but is often closed due to slides. Follow me @stephen_matera for more images like this from California and around the world. #bigsur #coast #California at Garrapata State Park

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2 days ago

Photo by @BabakTafreshi Swipe left to see the entire view One of the world’s most stunning archeological sites I have visited is this complex of 2500-year old tombs of ancient Persian kings (Achaemenid empire) near Persepolis and Shiraz in southern Iran. This time-exposure image has captured the rotation of sky in form of star trails around the north celestial pole, marked by the north star Polaris right above the cliff, during the course of one hour. The cross shaped tombs in Naqsh-e Rustam are each about 20 meters long and are built into a cliff 60 meters high. Explore more of The World at Night photography @babaktafreshi#twanight #longexposure #nightphotography #achaemenid #shiraz @natgeoimagecollection

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2 days ago

Photo by @max.lowe I There’s a reason some things are legendary, and the train ride from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka is one of those. Winding through tea plantations and jungle ridden mountain slopes, the old tracks lead back to a different time and place in the countries story.

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2 days ago

Photo by @chrisburkard  The textures of Utah’s desert-scapes have a surreal, almost otherworldly quality. Rising hundreds of feet straight off the ground seemingly out of nowhere, it is no surprise that Diné people feel such a deep connection to the vast sandstone buttes scattered throughout this desert. While the rest of the world was just being introduced to this region in the 20th century through western films, the first nations people have known far longer just how special this place is.

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2 days ago

photo by @andrea_frazzetta | Maldives’ seabed. The Maldive Islands are a blue horizon; dotted by the single groups of islands created throughout the millennia by tiny organisms that found enough light and nutrients to support their growth. If it were possible to look at it over the ages we’d see it appear and disappear over a few hundred thousand years: from the first sandbanks to the first palm trees, it is truly a nation of appearance and disappearance. To see more photos from my travels, follow me @andrea_frazzetta #Maldives #natgeotravel #sea #ocean

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