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There's nothing better than learning how not to be stupid AND getting a chance to win an all expenses paid NG expedition! Just tune into #ScienceOfStupid, Mon-Fri at 7:30 PM to find out how to win! #ContestAlert @manieshpaul T&C:

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Photograph by Terra Mater/ @cdimitrius⠀ During nights, termite mounds may be the perfect place to watch a glowing spectacle: when young glow worms use it as a stage and show off their yellow-green lights. #EverydayScience⠀ This image is from Nature's Greatest Talents: The Art of Seduction

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#repost @khankhane.himanshu "When I consider how, after sunset, the stars come out gradually in troops from behind the hills and woods, I confess that I could not have contrived a more curious and inspiring sight." Well putting light on these, witnessing Star trails was on my wishlist and it came true. I was with a photography group called Zeromile group ...we all stepped into Tadoba at night. We had a safari the next day but were all the planning for astrophotography was done . With the help of astro experts I started to shoot these star trails. After waiting for an hour ...I was ready to capture them in my camera and it was just WOW to watch!" #natgeoscience at Tadoba Tiger Reserve

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6 days ago

#Yourshot by Veronika K Ko⠀ Meteoroids? A flight through a galaxy? No, I just love to experiment and to create "art" in my kitchen! I took this image, using my imagination, a dragonfly (found dead in the park), oil, water and a colorful crystal vase, lit behind. The oil drops float above, because oil has a lower density than water. The "rainbow" is caused by reflection, refraction, dispersion of light in water/oil droplets resulting in a spectrum of light. Also, thank the sciences for the magnifying glass and the macro lens! #EverydayScience. Send us your pictures by tagging us and using #natgeoscience for a chance to be featured!

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7 days ago

A botanical Illustrator and National Geographic explorer, @niruparao brings the world of art and science to life with with her precise brushstrokes. This #WomenScienceDay, take a look at some of her work. . In her own words, "while I loved Biology in school, in college I majored in the Social Sciences, and have gone on to work as an illustrator. I like to think of myself as a bridge connecting these different worlds, working with botanists and naturalists to bring science to the public, through the medium of art." #womeninscience

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This #WomenScienceDay featuring one of our amazing National Geographic explorers, @malaikavaz . Here's more about her work in her own words! . . "I started off my career as a wildlife researcher at a production house and over the last few years, I’ve been working at the intersection of adventure sport, wildlife film and science communication. . . As a wildlife presenter, I’m really passionate about bridging the gap between scientists and audiences - to synthesise research about the natural world in a way that is both nuanced and accessible. And as with my most recent television series, I absolutely love working on films that highlight lesser-known, less-exotic and endangered species! . . With science, collaboration is key and I’m currently working on a multi-year project along with WildAid and the Wildlife Trust of India to research and push for the policy level protection of Manta and Mobula Rays against the transnational illegal trafficking pipeline. . . As part of my Nat Geo Explorer grant, I’ve been documenting stories of Asiatic Lions, Leopards and Tigers. Working with scientists to understand the drivers of conflict and coexistence with people and big cats in India has undoubtedly been one of the best learning experiences for me personally. It’s a super exciting time right now, as our tribe of women working in the wild is definitely growing!" #womeninscience #explorer #wildlifephotography

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From having a dream that seemed so far away, to creating an indelible mark in the world of science & conservation, Jane is a true inspiration for the many women & girls in science today. Let’s continue her legacy #Further. #WomeninScienceDay #JaneGoodall @janegoodallinst

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