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@nano_thedog  4 years young rescued mix breed pup & a 4 years young chinchilla. ❤️From Barcelona. 📍Currently living in Panama. #adoptdontbuy 👇

27 days ago

My humans may not be huge fans of this event taking place in our city, but I’M LOVING IT. Yesterday they stayed home to avoid traffic and today we ran out of food but when we went to the store we where surprised to see it was closed (it has never been closed on a weekday), there is one more store that sells my food but the street to get there was closed 😂. So they made me a special and super delicious dinner: a “risotto” with egg and asparagus. Tomorrow I’ll be having a special breakfast as well. I’m thrilled! 😁 . #Nano #mixbreed #spoileddog #homemadefood #risotto #PanamaCity #Panama #jmjpanama2019 at Panama City, Panama

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2 months ago

Happy New Years!! There’s a tradition in which you receive the new year in a certain color underwear according to what you want. I don’t use underwear so I’m doing it with a tie. ☺️ I choose blue because it means health and wellness, an that is my wish for me, Chinchi, my family and all of you. May 2019 bring you health, to enjoy life! 💙 . #Nano #mixbreed #NewYearsEve #NewYear #2019 #PanamaCity #Panama at Panama City, Panama

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2 months ago

Can you believe that my Christmas presents haven’t arrive? My human orderedthen so long ago but there are still on their way. So they gave me this ball on Christmas Day, so I had a little gift at least. The same for Chinchi, she’s still waiting.😭 . #Nano #mixbreed #ChristmasGifts #waitingfordelivery #PanamaCity #Panama

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2 months ago

It may not exactly looks like it but this is my “what is this thing?, why do you hate me human? Why do I look like an antenna?” face. . I have some problems with my “behind” and I have to use some special cream for a few days and of course I can’t lick it.This is my first time wearing the cone and I’m terrified. . #Nano #mixbreed #ConeofShame #DogCone #IHateThis #PanamaCity #Panama at Panama City, Panama

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