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1 month ago

Sometimes you gotta remind her that she beautiful and you will do whatever to make her happpy as long as she gon make u some noodles after bowff kinds W/@blameitonkway 🔥🔥🔥 #Love #Trust #Dog at Los Angeles, California

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2 months ago

Im in my own world..no matter if im wearing my dinosaur costume, this outfit, or just filmin im doin me a lot of ppl might not like you when you doin you but guesss what heres a secret no one matters but you..at the end of the day everyone can go away but your stuck with yourself keep positive ppl around you and smile at the negative cuz if your doing something right soemone isnt gunna like it dont believe me say hi to a random person and see for yourself i do what i want in life because i dont allow ppl to judge me to the point i feel like im doing something wrong and need to change i dont care if i was 60 years old wearing my dinosuar costume making Instagram videos if you dont like it coo but you dont matter to me ppl need to stop thinkin ppl care about their opinion go make a reaction video and let the artist make money of your reaction lol you aint gettin nothin this way but a smile and a wave at the end of the day "I can do whatever i want to make myself happy but ill never put in effort to see what makes you mad" - Typo #Love #Life

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4 months ago

Please tag @fortnite & @epicgames_official #BoogieDown Lets get the Typo Dance on a video game FOREVER!!!! I mean even an Avenger ( #SpiderMan) did the dance if you see this post just tag @Fortnite for ya boiii 1 time i would seriously appreciate it Dancers: @dejacarter @zendaya @tomholland2013 @seanlew @officialjoshprice @maddieziegler @tahani_anderson @tatimcquay @aidanprinceofficial Gage @missjaydenb @sheaden_gabriel @baileysok1 @bigwillsimmons @peytoncortezofficial aniston @kinjaz #Fortnite at Los Angeles, California

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