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@myheartwasmadetotraveltheworld  A Cypriot who has been bitten by the travel bug. Ended up with fever aka "wanderlust". Where to next? 🗺🛫🚈🚍🚅⛴🚡🚶

23 days ago

"The beach is where our souls realign with the universe. The horizon answers questions. The surroundings give peace." at Entebbe

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1 month ago

Reflecting back on my 6 months in South Sudan (another 3 to go) and thinking of the goodbyes (past and upcoming ones), I can only be grateful for the people I met. I am grateful for all the beautiful people that I met since the beginning of this journey and especially for my family in South Sudan. Finding a family like this is a blessing. Thank you for all great moments and crazy days. For playing games, cooking, eating, singing, watching movies, dancing, sky-watching, chatting, discussing. For the teamwork and the support. For being myself around you, for being ourselves around each other. For copying my expressions. For being silly and for being smart. For making me laugh every single day...

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2 months ago

Happy women's day to all women out there 😊

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5 months ago have been so generous with me! Thank you! Probably the most relaxed, stress free year of my life, maybe even the happiest year so far... Last year I wished for more adventures and new friends, I can definitely say that has been the most social year. I traveled to Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. I met lovely people from all over the world (in different occasions) who are kind, caring, and love travelling and volunteering and helped me gained my faith about the future of the world. I got my dream job and it is more than I expected, in my favourite continent- mama Africa. I was so blessed to find people that I could easily make friends, share food, jokes, play games and of course dance. I confirmed again that it is the people around you who make a difference on how you perceive your life. I am grateful for my family and friends who still talk to me and support my "crazy decisions"😋. Love you all and miss you a lot. 'd better be as good as 2018! With lots of travels and events! With love, peace and health for everyone and remember that we only live once 😉 at Juba, Sudan

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