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@myfriendgabby  Aries Makeup Artist Living in Los Angeles 🌍 Made in Colombia

4 months ago

PPPPPussy for breakfast... that’s how I start my day 🐯 #Halloween #leopard

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4 months ago

Words cannot explain how much my heart is aching right now. You’re definitely The friend that I experienced my young adulthood life with straight after high school we went through a lot of first time things together, we had so much fun... sometimes I would say a little too much “fun”. I will never forget our every weekend beach trips back when I lived in Florida, being tan all the time, eating the best food cause we literally went out to eat almost everyday (most of them were chipotle dates) or the times we both had to sleep in one of our cars parked at some publix bc we both told our moms we were sleeping over each others houses bc we wanted to be out at the club till 2am at 18 with our fake IDs 😂. After I moved to LA every time I came back to visit to Florida you would make it a PRIORITY to hangout with me and I can’t tell you how special that made me feel. You would always do me favors without a complaint Ofcourse it was never unnoticed. I never felt like a second option to you, You were literally my best friend and now that you’re gone it’s very heartbreaking to know you won’t be picking up my FaceTimes, sending gross snaps of your bogeys or waiting for me at the airport when I come back to Florida. I never knew what’s was like to loose someone I love until now. Next time I visit it will not be the same.... I won’t have one of my best friends there waiting for me to get into trouble together. Rest In Peace angel 👼 #RIP

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4 months ago

Bout to call your ass an Uber I got somewhere to be...

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5 months ago

Here’s a selfie cause the lighting was great at the top of the church, then some views from the top of the church, then the actual top of the church... didn’t get what was so special about this place but everyone said “you must go” at the top it’s just a hole in the wall where you can see the city. I would understand if it was a balcony but no it was just a hole... in a wall with bars like they have in jail lmao ⛪ #iceland #motd #makeupartist at Hallgrímskirkja

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5 months ago

Iceland is a place I never thought I would visit the name itself turns me off lol. But a year ago I was going through it and said, fuck it I’m gonna get away, At first I thought Italy or Greece then I was like japan or Thailand. But I wanted to put myself out of my comfort zone (extremely cold weather for a Colombian/ Floridian/ LA living type gal) and not to mention I knew it was gonna be the priciest place. But anyways I’m so happy I came here to a very different island with so many different landscapes and nature and deff an outdoorsy type place. Anyways Thankyou Iceland for your beauty but please fix your terrible hospitality. My only complain besides the cold ❄️ 🇮🇸 . . . . #iceland #summer2018 #naturephotography #nature #bluelagoon #travelblog #travel #novababe #rekjavik #vik #goldencircle #bucketlist at Blue Lagoon Iceland

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