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24 days ago

It's been a year since we lost Hubert Kriegel. There are very few people who leave a mark in one's life. When they come - they come like a storm and you are watching in awe. They change perspectives, definitions of life and their courage inspire you. What's extraordinary about his life is that, it's not. In times that we live in today with lost purposes, frivolous dreams and super hero images of self, his life destroys that myth. Its a lesson in humility, resilience, and a spiritual journey that only a man can undertake. He taught us how to live well. HE is in us now. I would like to say - i have not seen a brighter shining star yet. Hubert, you will remain in our memories forever and you will bring a smile on our faces always. Thank you for coming into our lives. Watch his interview. Link in bio #mtmgrid #mtm #idonttrashmytravel #couragetopursue #bettertouringculture #grit #ural #hubertkriegel

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2 months ago

Ready for the year end Great Indian Trail run. MotoCamping and some B-roads. @abijithmrao has been tirelessly working on creating some fab GRiT tracks for us to explore. Riding some of those with couple buddies. We are hoping to launch the website in January. #grit #motocamping #mtm #mtmgrid

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3 months ago

#Repost @mak.aditya with @get_repost ・・・ Here's my toolkit for the 6 months of Travel in South America. Details in the comments! This is how i typically put a kit together. Tools for 1. Handle/controls adjustment 2. For removing body work 3. Adjusting the chain/sprocket 4. Removing the wheels. 5. Replacing tires Thats in order of highest to least important. Remove overlaps and you end up with a fairly small kit.. I keep the @motionpro MP Tool, adjustable spanner and @leathermantools Charge TTi in my tankbag for easy access. I can change and remove most things with just those. Including clutch and cable changes. The bigger tools are in my bag. Mainly for punctures and services.. Keep in mind, when i put this kit together i did not know which bike i was going to buy. So i read up on the 3 bikes most likely i would buy and put tools to cover the basics for all of them.

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4 months ago

Learning is yours for life. #Repost @mak.aditya with @get_repost ・・・ Running out of skill, talent and upper body strength at 4200m.. That was one tough trail. Had to turn back because it was beyond my ability with this bike.. Exhausted but in one piece :) Some footage to follow @thehudabar @bigbadbikes @mtmgrid #OverlandingtheAmericas #overlander #trails #trailbug #adventure #adv #instamoto #motorcycles #Overland #bigbadbikes #braaap #offroad #dualsport #Yamaha #xt250 #Klim #Enduristan #KLIMlife #WolfmanLuggage #GoPro #Raekken #Rammounts #TheSouthTrack #mtmindia #travel #instamoto #thehudabar #idonttrashmytravel #couragetopursue #ecuador

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4 months ago

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