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@mrsanjayr  @3100film (ultrarunning) opens in theaters this fall. See link for trailer. @gatherfilm is in prod. Won a James Beard Award-for 🎥 #foodchainsfilm

3 days ago

Highs and lows. It seems like every positive experience has some counteracting mirror opposite. With every high, there’s a low staring you in the face. The goal is equanimity and maintaining a level of satisfaction that remains unperturbed by the vagaries of life. In the Upanishads knowledge itself is a thorn used to remove the thorn of ignorance. Then both must be cast aside. It’s all easy to believe until you need that faith to be your rock. at Navy Pier

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7 days ago

I realize I have had the most boring IG feed in the world the last month … I’ve been in so many places and met so many amazing people - many tagged below. ... ... We’ve hit all the amazingly tight knit towns with 3100 Run and Become from Santa Fe (blessed by Billy Mills and Oren Lyons) and snaking our way to Boulder/Denver last weekend... .. But we’re in Chicago starting Friday. And I know almost NO ONE here. Our formula has been pure hustle (and me doing a ton of group runs). But I’m here in a cafe on the South Loop and completely out of ideas - cheerful as always but despite the caffeine coursing thru it, my mind is completely blank (ha - maybe that’s a good thing).... :.. It’s our biggest city yet with the most pressure. We’ve survived thus far with all hustle and almost no media - we’ve outperformed most films playing in the theaters we’ve been in, but it hasn’t been enough for most media to cover us (thanks tho @richroll and @trailrunnermag for saving the day!). And so, in Chicago, it feels like we’re starting from scratch... ... If any of you all have great ideas, please comment below or tag friends… Or just send me good vibes. ....: Grateful to everyone as always... #runandbecome @yassinediboun @faithevebee @wings_of_america @quinnthenavajo @kim_baca1 @leenbug @aybegay @__sekaquaptewa__ @ultrarunnermoreno @mariposaapache @coachbenrosario1 @naz_elite @fastkate @bromka @pinkfeathers @richroll @trilokanath @gretchen_walla @gretacaruso @northwest_trail_runs @runwidkeel @timothyallenolson @williamleer @noah_droddy @hillygoat_climbs @runcolfax @ultrarunnerchic @justin__m__303 @caolanq @linnabahsnyder @brendanpdavis @clare_gallagher_runs @mikewardian @lennecefer @nativesoutdoors @spartan @spartanuppodcast @tanya_meillier @lsingh @itsgonnabemegan @sick2think @alfonso_montiel @stephhunt2000 @taylorfreesolo @baloointhewild (Counting on you Baloo!!! Lol). To all those I’ve forgotten consider yourself blessed that I’m not hassling you. 🙏🏽 yet!! at Bridgeport Coffee At Roosevelt Collection

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13 days ago

I was born in Nigeria 🇳🇬 in late 1974 to parents from India who met there in Africa while on their first jobs as professors at a local university. They came from entirely separate regions of India and spoke completely different native languages. They couldn’t have been more different as people and I’m not sure what exactly brought them together but it’s been 40+ years and they’re going strong. Nigeria in the 70s was a fairly unstable country. Regional animosities between ethnic groups coupled with free flowing oil and western made weaponry often mixed violently and so my folks packed and headed to Boulder in 1975 to teach at CU. It’s always a thrill to go back and even tho much has changed, I’d like to think many things haven’t. It’s a bit mind boggling thinking that an immigrant kid would one day get to screen a movie at the University which gave his parents the opportunity for a new life. Thrilled to have a legion of legends the next few days :: @hillygoat_climbs @timothyallenolson @williamleer @noah_droddy @catberad @boulderrunner @linnabahsnyder @brendanpdavis in Boulder 9/11-13 and @caolanq Chavet Breslin and @justin__m__303 in Denver 9/14-20 at Sie Film Center. #runandbecome @3100film at Muenzinger Auditorium

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18 days ago

* bad photo/ good story ...The guy to the left, Ashprihanal Aalto, who is the star of @3100film has quite possibly raced more than any other male on earth (at least one female has raced more than him - more on that below). After soloing the Appalachian and Pacific crest Trails, Ashprihanal took on multi-day running, which is exactly what it sounds like – running races that take days not hours. His first multi-day was a 700 mile race which he finished worse for the wear, but still finished. A few years later he took on the challenge of the self transcendence 3100 mile race. He has completed the race a record 14 times and in between ran a number of 10 day races (his best is 833 miles), a few 6 day races and a few thousand and 1300 mile races. Just the 3100 mile races alone amount to more than 42,000 miles of racing – not to mention the training. That 42,000 miles is the equivalent of more than 1600 marathons or nearly 7000 10 km races. Put it this way, 1600 marathons is racing a marathon a week for 30 years. A female DC-native Suprabha Beckjord finished the 3100 thirteen times but she had nearly 10 years of multiday races before that and most likely has raced around 48,000 miles. Ashprihanal is planning on doing the 3,100 in 2019 and is inching closer to her race mile total. See the film this week in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Flagstaff and Phoenix. #runandbecome @sevenhillsrunning @gretchen_walla @northwest_trail_runs @foottrafficpdx @stumprunners @bromka @pinkfeathers @runwidkeel @fastkate @quinnthenavajo @wings_of_america @eugene_running_company

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21 days ago

Being on @richroll ‘s podcast was an amazing experience especially after having been a listener for so long. See the link in our profile for the full episode. @3100film is in Flagstaff and Phoenix and Albuquerque this week - opening in Seattle, Portland and Eugene this Friday! Go to for details. I’m trying to rock a @wings_of_america jacket 🧥from @quinnthenavajo .. From @richroll :: “The act of running to transform oneself is as old as time. Ancient man and woman ran not just for survival, but to connect with Nature and the Divine. This is a conversation that explores this essential truth. Because to run is to be human. I sincerely hope you enjoy this very special exchange with a truly remarkable man. And make a point of seeing the movie.”

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22 days ago

I was absolutely thrilled to have the chance to get to know @richroll as a guest on his podcast (link in profile). He’s such a kind hearted soul and oh boy, we went deep. Of course we spoke about every aspect of spiritual running and my journey around the world to make @3100film. But we also dove into spirituality, my own path from Berkeley, CA to Queens to spend as much time as I could with #SriChinmoy. . . The years 1994-2007 (when Sri Chinmoy left the body) were an amazing, otherworldly series of ever transcending experiences of love and devotion which I’ll be unpacking for the rest of my own days. Have a listen to the pod and let me know what you think! #runandbecome

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23 days ago

This mountain has a beautiful name in Apache. I’ll butcher it if I try to spell it. Suffice to say it was/is a site of sacred rites of passage for young boys. The Apache were incredible runners and would require young men and women to be fit and able to go on 50+ mile runs. Anyone who has been to the #WesternApacheria knows that the terrain is hardly flat. Running was far more than about the physical. It was a Teacher in so many ways. As part of the sacred ceremony on this mountain, boys would fill their mouths with water, charge up the hill, break stones and the participate in ceremonies - all without losing a drop of water lest they fail. ... . We screened @3100film for 75 runners from White Mountain last Thursday night. It is always amazing to show the film to Native audiences much less Southwest Natives. The history and lore here is so ALIVE. Even tho the effects of colonization are everywhere, the running has never really stopped. . @3100film plays in Phoenix and Flagstaff and Tucson this week before pushing to Seattle, Portland and Eugene. Thanks to all those on the AZ tour: @apachefarmer @chelsey.luger @thosh.collins @coachbenrosario1 @stephrothstein @wings_of_america @__sekaquaptewa__ @aybegay @yazziem @tj_arizona @chili071 @kenisha.rowe @jay_r_frank @taylorbegoody @cheezbee @john_v_ @naz_elite @lennecefer @llcooljennings @francisco_af @1_ccurley @ladyvoirclair @nativesoutdoors @nephi_craig @shyalchesay @twila_cassadore_ #stevenovah @ultrarunnermoreno at Cedar Creek, Arizona

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1 month ago

“Hard Times” by Gob Iron and #JayFarrar. We open @3100film in PHX and Flagstaff 8/31-9/6. We have grants for Native organizations to get free tix to PHX and Flagstaff shows. Pls DM me for details. We will be doing a panel in Scottsdale with @chelsey.luger on 8/31. And in Flagstaff on 8/31 with @aybegay and Shaun Martin. Also 9/1 panel in Flag with @coachbenrosario1 and @naz_elite. We have a one night only screening 9/5 in Tucson @theloftcinema with @llcooljennings @lennecefer @moirahough @1_ccurley @francisco_af @bentleyaz and @nativesoutdoors. We also have a special screening on White Mountain 8/30 for WM and San Carlos Apache runners. Pls DM @apachefarmer for complimentary tix to that community screening. @nephi_craig @twila_cassadore_ @thosh.collins @shyalchesay @wings_of_america @__sekaquaptewa__ @chili071 @kenisha.rowe @taylorbegoody @cheezbee @jay_r_frank

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1 month ago

(From right to left). An incredible opening in Santa Fe that featured a panel of legends and legends to be. Billy Mills, Oglala Lakota 10,000 meter gold medallist from 1964 faced a lifetime of discrimination in boarding school and the military before shocking everyone but himself at the 1964 Tokyo Games. Oren Lyons, Onondaga Nation Faithkeeper and Lacrosse legend, recounted his people’s reliance on runners as messengers. They’d send 3 out at a time if a message was critical just in case 2 perished on journeys that could span hundreds of miles and pass thru hostile regions. Kenyan Henry Rono at one point held records from the 3,000 meters to 10k - an unreal achievement. Shaun Martin is a Champion ultra runner and rural educator of the year (2011) and a co-star of @3100film. Dustin Martin is Exec Director of @wings_of_america and a force in the cultural preservation of Native running in North America. Day 1 - done! A few hundred more to go. Come out and see us in SFe thru the 23rd then ABQ 8/24-8/30 ! See @3100film for our week by week roll out. #runandbecome #ultramarathon #runnershigh @fitwild #marathontraining #nevergiveup 📷: @stephhunt2000 at Center for Contemporary Arts

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1 month ago

There’s so much pain in this country. Whatever the cause, the pain is a reality. I’ve seen people heal thru running - in profound ways. And on trails there is no red there is no blue ... we have our two feet and our breath. That forms the core of our identity in that moment. We have nowhere to hide from ourselves. And somehow running itself is the medicine to all that ails our minds.

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1 month ago

What do my film and @Spartan and @Spartanraces have in common? When we were starting our Kickstarter campaign, our AP @snehac_94 randomly reached out to Spartan only to get a call back from them immediately. As it happens, their founder Joe De Sena grew up in Queens with a mom who was super into Eastern practices. She took him to an early edition of the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Run. Years later when he was contemplating starting races that truly challenged the core of who were think we are, he recalled the 3100. Joe ended up becoming an EP on @3100film. Joe and I talked about this coincidence as well as his utter fascination with the Marathon Monks on the @spartanuppodcast . I had fun and I think listeners will too. #spartanstrong #aroo

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1 month ago

What does it take to run 3100 miles? Kaneenika Janakova (left) revels in her 2016 finish as Surasa Mairer congratulated her on a first place finish. This year the tables were turned. A few days back, now 59-year old Surasa of Austria hit the tape before 48-year old Kaneenika of Slovakia. Kaneenika holds the women’s course record but this year had to summon all of her will power. She literally squeaked across the finish line with less than an hour to spare. Imagine that- this isn’t a 24-hour cutoff but rather a 52-day long cutoff. The last few days were one of sheer determination as she had to hit precise lap splits over and over and over.

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1 month ago

It’s a bit nerve-racking when 4 years of work boils down to how well you do over a few weekends. But that’s the grind of independent cinema - can’t expand til you show you can..... We have done a number of test screenings of @3100film for audiences ranging from industry execs to Olympic medalists and the feedback has been overwhelmingly effusive- something I didn’t expect. But still, our film is quirky: no celebrities, no famous races or famous runners. It’s grassroots thru and thru. But that’s what always appealed to me about making this film. Is running really about the $200 shoes, the $150 water vests, the endless collection of GPS watches and rehab and recovery toys? Or is it about stepping outside of normalcy and into a realm where air and consciousness flow together to penetrate and transform our desires and aspirations? In the fight against all forms of inertia who needs anything more than will and momentum? We are bipedal creatures with our feet on Mother Earth and our heads in Father Sky .... nothing more and nothing less. We open in one week in Santa Fe and rollout steadily across the Southwest (ABQ then PHX and Flag) before hitting the PNW and Colorado. As disciplined as our release is, I’ll be a basket of nerves til it’s over. Hope to see you all out on the road. DM me if you can make a screening. Would love to say hi.... . @tanya_meillier @wings_of_america @forestwoodward @omarmullick @seankirbydp @lsingh @stephhunt2000 @alfonso_montiel @nickwolcott @mountainreds @kim_baca1 @jenny.lawhorn @albisheridan @elisaestrada @jonesformes

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I’m sure everyone’s feeds are being jammed by this today. But if you haven’t seen this new film by @outsidemagazine and @forestwoodward @annacalla @marie.sully @aidanhaley, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Watch it even if your only motivation is peer pressure or FOMO....cause it’s not fear, you really are missing out. 🤪 go to the link in @annacalla ‘s bio. #sacredstridesforhealing @quinnthenavajo @canyonwoodward @cseka____ @cheezbee @kenisha.rowe @nativeroots_net @jonathon_x @katieeeeeeeee.s @gumpy255 @angelicaalma @wintun777 @lil_brown_boii @wings_of_america @protectbearsears @fndi303 @ladyvoirclair @a.littlebear @renan_ozturk @taylorbegoody @taylorfreesolo @baloointhewild @iamjoneses @joseytewa @faithevebee @chili071 @laurakottlowski @laurentaylorsteele (forgive me cause I know I can’t remember some peoples tags...)

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@gatherfilm::.. ... “Twila is why we do what we do at the People’s Farm,” says @apachefarmer. “She is what it means to be Apache. She follows the cycle of Nature in expressing Apache wisdom and teachings.” . “Capitalism is hard for the food system,” says @twila_cassadore_ .”It forces us to time our lives around our jobs and Nature doesn’t work that way. The Apache lifeway is to follow the rhythms of Nature and to let Nature guide your movements. I always say plants are your friends. You can introduce yourself to them and learn their ways. That’s how the Apache thrived for so many years.” . We were privileged to spend time on the White Mountain Apache Reservation with expert forager and food systems leader Twila Cassadore (San Carlos Apache) along with young farmer and organizer Clayton Harvey (White Mountain Apache) as they visited familiar bushes in the mountains to selectively harvest berries to dry. . @renan_ozturk @tanya_meillier @frau_mit_katze @chzamag @nephi_craig @jenbuffett @fndi303 @the11thhourproject @medwinboberts @kiowaqtee @sterlinharjo @daharbfilm at Whiteriver, Arizona

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2 months ago

As most of you know, a few years back I began a film project on Ancestral running coupled with what I believed was a modern example of ancient fitness practices - the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race (@3100film). It takes place around a 1/2 mile loop in Queens. As it happens @spartan CEO Joe De Sena was himself inspired by that race and, of course, was inspired by ancestral fitness practices in creating Spartan. Joe and Spartan helped with the completion of the film. As we plan our fall theatrical release I find more and more the urge to express my spiritual aspirations thru physicality and to find as many running courses that both push my fitness and connect me to the elements at the same time. This was one such workout in one such place. @spartan @peak_races @spartanuppodcast @spartanendure at Minnewaska State Park

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2 months ago

I absolutely love hand-drawn movie posters like the classics from the 70s (the blaxploitation films, Star Wars, etc). But more modern efforts like @strangerthingstv @babydrivermovie and #Super8 all had incredible vintage looks. I think these types of approaches work really well if a film has a mythic (Star Wars), uber stylish (Baby Driver), or wildly fantastic (Stranger Things) premise. Often, those types of projects have an indescribable quality that’s hard to capture using a single photograph for a poster. We felt the same way about @3100film. Clockwise: we have a Navajo runner (who runs a 110 mile ceremonial journey), a Bushman (who hunts by foot), a Japanese Monk (on a 7 year running quest), a cellist (running the 3100 mile run) and a paperboy in the center (who has done the 3100 Mile Run 14 Times!). They’re ALL central characters to the film and their stories interweave weirdly well. But we needed a way to capture the feeling of the film in a way that single frame couldn’t. Even a collage couldn’t do it justice. Enter Derek Gabryszak @derekprints who created one of the most spectacular single frame manifestations of our narrative that I could ever imagine. The film hits theaters in August @rocofilms #runandbecome @spartan @wings_of_america

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