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16 days ago

That’s a wrap! Thank you to @gqtaiwan and everyone in Condé Nast International for making these two beautiful double March covers of super model Mr. David Gandy and the annual Suit Walk Event in Taipei Taiwan happen for us! Its truly a great honor and an unforgettable experience for us, really appreciate the opportunity to work with everyone for this historic epic project, more soon I hope! Big shout out to @davidgandy_official @jimmooregq @peggysirota @codyebbeler @johnny_le @clementandclement @memeamour @elyseconnolly @fordmodels @selectmodelmgmt @therkenhoff87 @blues021 @stephenccp1011 @violashiau @selvachen @clumsykyan @plus__j @thelittlethingtaiwan @regenttaipei @eslite.hotel @brooksbrothers @commonprojects @dior @cartier @zegnaofficial @condenastinternational @condenastworldwidenews @shouyayaya @yuanshihphotography #gqtaiwan #davidgandy #jimmoore #vvip #walkwithdavidgandy #jimmooreintaiwan #suitwalk2019 #grateful #mensfashion #gqstyle #asiadomination #ckscreativemanagement 🔥 at Beverly Hills, California

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17 days ago

Part Four: The forum - @jimmooregq x @blues021 and @davidgandy_official x Brian Shih, including a beautiful introduction of @kiton, full house, great interviews! And now to all the die-heart Gandy fans here from Asia: shout out to China, Japan, Korea and off course Taiwan, you all did not disappoint that’s for sure, wow! Personally flew in just to meet Mr. Gandy in person, impressive, I’m speechless, a few very lucky fans I must say! Then all the faithful GQ readers in Asia x Jim Moore die-heart fans forming up for a personal autographs and photo op session too, men’s fashion do exist in Asia, it’s on fire that’s for sure! I want to personally thank @gqtaiwan here for this amazing opportunity to bring us all to Taipei and properly introduced #walkwithdavidgandy and #jimmooreintaiwan to all the fans and readers, we are all very grateful and appreciate the hospitality (@eslite.hotel) and the full experience of #suitwalk2019, a trip of the life time for all of us that’s for sure. As you all can see the energy in all of these beautiful pictures photographed by @shouyayaya & @yuanshihphotography from all my post of the 3 days event, full of joy, plus all the planning for months with everyone from GQ & @thelittlethingtaiwan & @samdoerfler74 & @selectmodelmgmt @fordmodels all the hard work has paid off in a big way with smiles on everyone’s face, all worth it, big success! I know that I will never forget this experience with you all and will treasure these sweet memories forever in my heart, stay tuned for more, thank you again for everyone involved! #dreamsdocometrue #davidgandy #jimmoore #gqtaiwan #condenastinternational #taiwan #mensfashion #gqstyle x #ckscreativemanagement #grateful #goodtimes #bravo #asiadomination 🎉 at 誠品電影院 eslite art house

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18 days ago

Part Three: Exciting day continues right after a beautiful walk with 700 plus fashionable men & women in Taipei City! Mr. @davidgandy_official & Mr. @jimmooregq then face the press media, followed by judging a big group fashion show, there is about 250 plus models from the #suitwalk2019 signed up to walk the show, judges are founder of Suit Walk Mr. Brian Shih & EIC of @gqtaiwan Mr. @blues021 & Mr. David Gandy & Mr. Jim Moore, the show was spectacular, thank you everyone for making our experience in Taiwan so special! Big shout out to the most incredible PR team @thelittlethingtaiwan and our glam squad, also our superman @plus__j & @samdoerfler74 @fordmodels @selectmodelmgmt, the day was definitely long but super eventful, unforgettable that’s for sure! #walkwithdavidgandy #jimmooreintaiwan #taiwan #mensfashion #fashionicon #davidgandy #jimmoore #gqtaiwan #condenasttaiwan #gqstyle #asiadomination #dreamsdocometrue #ckscreativemanagement at Taipei Xinyi ,信義區

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19 days ago

Part two: “Every year in Taipei, around 700 male and females of all ages take to the streets clad in suits in a wide variety of colours, styles, patterns and length for Suit Walk, a celebration of the beauty of masculinity. Some Taiwanese see the event, which started in 2014, as the island’s version of Pitti Uomo, the men’s fashion fair in Italy.” South China Morning Post. Here is a quick glance at this year’s Suit Walk Taipei x @gqtaiwan with #vvip guest @davidgandy_official & @jimmooregq it’s really all about the people and how they wear their suits, everyone step up to their A game for the big day, it’s unbelievable! Even the rain can’t stop Taiwanese’s passion for fashion, I can’t believe how many people really came through for us, it’s just amazing to see ... Wow! 😱 #suitwalk2019 #davidgandy #jimmoore #mensfashion #walkwithdavidgandy #jimmooreintaiwan #vvip #gqstyle x @ckscreativemanagement 📸 @shouyayaya x @yuanshihphotography #asiadomination at Xinyi District

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19 days ago

Part one: Such a great honor to host two of the biggest names in the world of mens fashion in Taiwan - Mr. @davidgandy_official & Mr. @jimmooregq x @gqtaiwan for the Suit Walk 2019 in Taipei City, exclusive VVIP welcome dinner night in @regenttaipei x #gqstyle that I’ll never forget, dreams do come true, my heart is full, I want to thank everyone in Condé Nast Taiwan and @blues021 x CM x Jeff x David x Miko #teamgqtaiwan & @samdoerfler74 x @fordmodels x @selectmodelmgmt x @thelittlethingtaiwan for the ultimate fashion experience in Taiwan, my home town! #soproud #thankyoueveryone #suitwalk2019 #walkwithdavidgandy #jimmooreintaiwan #goodtimes #gqtaiwan #davidgandy #jimmoore #vvip #asiadomination #brandmanagement #ckscreativemanagement #greatadventure #i❤️tw 📸 @shouyayaya at Regent Taipei 晶華酒店

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1 month ago

#Repost @stevenkolb (WOW! Incredible news! Congratulations to #cfda🔥) ・・・ Big news day today at @cfda. @tomford was elected our new chairman starting June 1. I’m excited to work with Tom to further strengthen the organization and support American designers with new creative and business opportunities. And so happy that @therealdvf will stay on the board. She’s an incredible partner and friend. 🇺🇸. Congratulations Tom and thank you Diane. at Shibuya, Tokyo

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2 months ago

A very special evening with these handsome gentlemen and a few very special lucky ladies. Thank you @gqtaiwan & @blues021 for hosting this private VVIP welcome dinner for @jimmooregq x @davidgandy_official x @samdoerfler74 and myself, it was amazing! So looking forward for today’s big #suitwalk2019 in Taipei city #walkwithdavidgandy #jimmooreintaiwan #gqtaiwan #dreamsdocometrue #styleicon #davidgandy #styleguru #jimmoore #superagent #samdoerfler x special thanks to our super PR team @thelittlethingtaiwan and @eslite.hotel, & off course here also to all the fans of David Gandy around the world for all the love & supports, we do feel it & thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, please stay close, we are just about to get started here! Rain or shine, come with us, let’s walk! 🇹🇼x🇬🇧 at Regent Taipei 晶華酒店

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2 months ago

Guess who is bringing sexy back to @gqtaiwan for this year’s March cover? A name that don’t need any further introduction and when you hear his name your heartbeat will start to race! It’s the one and only Mr. @davidgandy_official, well, trust me getting these sexy images of this man is not so easy! “Security! Why is Chunky in the dressing room!?” I’m just doing these pics for the fans only ok! Photographer@peggysirota & Creative Director @jimmooregq & David had a blast creating all these fun and exciting images, can’t wait to share more with you all soon, so proud of our creative team, thank you everyone, magazine will hit the stand soon, secure your very own copy and I’ve heard there is a limited edition poster too, run don’t walk! Breaking News: David is now 100% confirmed coming to the Taiwan’s Suit Walk event on March 9th, can’t believe we are going to have him in Taiwan, my hometown, so, if you are in Taiwan, get your best suit on and come meet us then let’s walk in style with David Gandy in Taipei city, hope to see you all soon, so excited! #suitwalk2019 #gqtaiwan #davidgandy #bringingsexyback #losangeles #california #supermodel #mensfashion #dreamsdocometrue Big thanks to @samdoerfler74 @fordmodels x production @ckscreativemanagement #WalkWithDavidGandy #JimMooreinTaiwan 🔥 at Quixote Studios

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2 months ago

Gotta love these ramdom “general meetings” in #losangeles, met this super cool and talented young Israeli actor and film maker last night Mr. @michaelaloni in our artist @danielduganart‘s art studio, sometimes these strong “synergy” just naturally sparks between people, can’t explain why, then the rest is history! Follow your path my friend, I will remember our conversation! Hope to see everyone in that beautiful space again soon. #generalmeeting #coolconversation #actor #writer #goodenergy #passionate #awakening #risingstar #handsome #beautifulaura #wme 👌🏻 at Los Angeles, California

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2 months ago

Dreams do come true! Wow, thank you Mr. @iamsteveharveytv for the VIP invitation for Clément, Daniel and I to be on your set and watch your final episode taping of #celebrityfamilyfeud many family was there fighting for their favorite charity, I happen to know one family very well, so excited to see my old friend Mr. @terrycrews & Rebecca and I get to finally meet his two beautiful daughters and mother in law, the whole 2 shows was so entertaining, Steve, you are one true comedian and will still remain as one of my favorite TV game show host of all times for sure, and the MC @iamrubinervin he is so entertaining! Can’t thank you enough for the amazing experience again .... #teamsteveharvey #steveharvey #terrycrews #celebrityfamilyfeud #abc #privatetour #losangeles #california #gameshow #conversations #chinaproject #ckscreativemanagement #ontime 🔥 at West Hollywood, California

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