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@mrbearfamily  We offer products for HAIR, BEARD, SKIN & TATTOO made by us in Sweden Groom like you give a damn #mrbearfamily

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or as we say in Swedish ”Glad Påsk”! Here’s a joke in Swedish: Vad kallar man ett hårigt ägg? Svar: skägg!

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We would like to introduce you all to our Mr Bear Family crew, meet Sofie! Sofie has been working with us since 2016 and is our warehouse coordinator. She makes sure all products ordered from our homepage gets delivered to you in mint condition! She loves spending time with her family, and has a lovely 2year old son. By the way, she’s getting married in May, congratulations from us all, and thank you for being part of our team!❤️😍💍🐻

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Extracted from the nuts of the African Shea-Karite tree. It has intensive care and moisturizing properties which is great for both hair and skin. SHEA BUTTER is an ingredient in a range of products by us, for example the Beard Balm.

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We have our own factory where products are developed by Mr Bear and made by hand. Genuine hard work gives Genuine grooming products! at Gothenburg

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New review from @grobgebloggt ”I can recommend the shampoo as well as the pomade with the warmest conscience! Do not simply take a shower, become a part of Mr Bear Family and go on a journey through the Swedish Forests, every time you soap your hair”. Read the whole review on

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